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I'm doing Tarot Readings out of The Lismore community hub artspace Thursday 29th June $20 for 30 minute readings 88 Keen Street Lismore Upstairs Call me on 0447 566 328

I can relate
My very presence at times irratates people even when I say nothing..... because I am always standing or sitting in my light.... that and the fact I refuse to buy into other people's victim behavior in any conversation and unfortunately some people feel attacked initially by this.... loving people means I will align with their highest self in the 1st moment.... for I don't know if I will have another moment with them.

By Luke Miller Truth Theory Empaths are those who have a heightened sense of feelings and are energetically sensitive to people around them. For...
truththeory.com|By Truth Theory
Maria Johanna
May 25

I am light, I am light [x4]

I am not the things my family did
I am not the voices in my head...
I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside

I am light, I am light [x4]

I'm not the mistakes that I have made or any of the things that caused me pain
I am not the pieces of the dream I left behind

I am light, I am light [x4]

I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age, I am not my race, my soul inside is all light

All light, all light [x2]
I am light, I am light [x2]

I am divinity defined
I am the God on the inside
I am a star, a piece of it all
I am light

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I wrote this year ago on my personal page.

Sometimes we become scared with the thought that other people are evolving faster than ourselves, and sometimes when we voice how we see the imbalance, people get defensive and dont understand that all we want is for everybody to feel and experience love. Our vision for the family on a greater scale is for the long term ans is not always seen in the now on a smaller scale by others. Our main purpose is to Keep growing within and it will all sort itself out in the wash... hugz.... how many sides to a wheel i ask.....??

An Empath for those of you who do not know is someone who is able to completely understand and even absorb the mental state of someone other than themselves. These people are not as common as you might think but I would not consider them to be rare, in general, you cannot hide much from…