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Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.

One of our UX designers posted a link to Redditors designs for the worst possible volume sliders. I dunno... some look really um... useful? Enjoy!…/84443-redditors-design-worst-…

Lil meme going around on Reddit lands right now thought I'd share this meme here on DN. Hope you enjoy consuming this content as much as I did. hor...

This animation shares what you need to know about Toastmasters' ability to improve your public speaking, your leadership ability, and your life!

Not shown (but implied) is the continual quest to improve through evaluation and peer mentorship.

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Lc Welter to District 15 Toastmasters

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Taken at the #BMCEngage user conference 2016 in Las Vegas.

Photo: Jacek Dawda

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Totally surprised that Starbucks decaf blend actually tastes good.

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May 25, 2015

Technical Communication 2025 • BCIT Technical Writing Alumni Event • May 23, 2015
See Google Slides version for speaker notes:
It was great to share the stage with Ted Rutledge, Leva Lee, and Megan Lau. Thanks Dr Shannon Kelly and the BCIT Technical Writing Alumni for hosting a wonderful event.

BCIT Downtown Campus

Presented at the BCIT Technical Writing Alumni Event • May 23, 2015 By: Tony Chung Before we begin, I’d like to give special thanks to: Dr Shannon Kelly for the opportunity to speak today The...

"A camel is a horse designed by committee" comes to mind. Solves a problem well, but is it the right problem?

For kicks, replace "writer" with any creative discipline that strikes your fancy.…/things-i-can-say-about-mfa-wri…

I recently left a teaching position in a master of fine arts creative-writing program. I had a handful of students whose work changed my life. The vast majority of my students were hardworking, thoughtful people devoted to improving their craft despite having nothing interesting to express and no in…

Innovation with expectation equals innovectation.

Expectation with innovation equals expectovation.

What do you expect when you innovate?

When I was 18 years old, I realized I didn't know much. I also knew this was the nature of being 18 but I still felt I should fix it - I should know more.

Thank you Michael Hyatt for sharing this bit of info. I've been out of the regular blogging game and haven't noticed Disqus' move to include advertising. Probably only on blogs with more frequent traffic.

I’ve been an advocate for robust online conversations since I started blogging over a decade ago. But I’ve recently decided to remove the comment section from my blog. Here’s why. I’ve used the third-party Disqus commenting platform for several years now. I love its functionality and the way it faci…
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I signed up to complete surveys. Try it too?

During a study we may present you with and gather your feedback on an existing product, a new feature, or even prototypes. We may also interview you about particular daily habits or ask you to keep a log of certain activity types over a given period of time. Study sessions can happen at a Google off…