Getting old but not slowing down - Rumor has it that Team Awesone House will soon be back with more AWESOME shows. Stay tuned!

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Tomorrow's show theme - Music to dance to! This means all kinds of dance - Booty shakin', Belly Dancin', Circle Pitting, Jazz shufflin', Polka freakouts! Be ready! Here's one of our hosts with some crazy hoop get-down.
Photo courtesy of Alison Honey. Sign found at mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Some have suggested Paragon Mall is in Bangkok or Singapore.

Anyone need a drummer?

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Posted by Meytal Cohen
Meytal Cohen

Well, that escalated quickly

Okay, so we kind of jumped the gun about our last show airing tonight. Due to extenuating circumstances we will not be able to air this afternoon. But stay tuned, because sometime in March we will be doing our last TAHR show with all the weirdness and awesomeness that you have come to know and love. Until we can hang again, we leave you with this:

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Hey TAHR fans! Your dreams have come true! Our reunion show/last show EVER is airing live tomorrow afternoon! We'll kick things off around 4 and hang out with you guys all afternoon! Tune in at

All four of the original TAHR djs will be present! So come check out all the hilarity and awesome music that happens when all of us are together. And let us know if there are any songs you'd like us to play on our LAST SHOW EVER! See you guys tomorrow!

The FuzzTalkRadio Playlist plays music loved by the members of FuzzTalkRadio. You'll find a very large variety of music. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

ATTENTION! TEAM AWESOME HOUSE RADIO WILL BE HAVING ONE LAST SHOW! ******** It's been great you guys but it's just not the same! All of us at T.A.H Radio Miss the good old days, and the old awesome house we all used to live in but unfortunately like everything in the universe, it too was always on a march towards it's inevitable demise. Doing the show isn't the same without everyone living together, or even in the same town/state. But we're also not big fans of leaving loose ends- so we'll be scheduling ONE LAST HOORAH! An extra long edition with the OG cast- Becca Anna and Chance, with special phone appearance by Jose who is currently living in California. Stay tuned for the date/time. We'd love for you to join us for one last evening of no boundaries/no limits genre wrecking chaos. Unscripted and full of booze. Much love! Stay tuned.

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Another edition of TAHR, live in 4 minutes!!! Let us know whatcha wanna hear. Tune in and SHAKE DAT ASS!!! FuzzTalkRadio

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Tune in tonight at 8 pm for a Clamsgiving edition of TAHR! Just click the link, it's that easy! You can also stream through the Live365 app available on any smart phone. NO EXCUSES, BITCHEZZZZZZZZ

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TAHR live RIGHT MEOW!!! Tune in at You know you aren't doing anything else while gettin ready for the epic snowstorm heading our way. Let us know what you want to hear!

The FuzzTalkRadio Playlist plays music loved by the members of FuzzTalkRadio. You'll find a very large variety of music. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

This guy is super excited for the TAHR show tomorrow! Tune in at 8 PM CST for all the awesome and weird music. Let us know what you want to hear!

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LIVE NOW!!! Tune in! We've got yer music ta make you dance and dance and dance and dance and daaaaaaaaaaaance!!!

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TAHR TONIGHT!!!! With Becca and Jose! We'll play some spooooooky songs for Dia De Los Muertos (which is todayyyyy) and some random awesome shizz. We're going live in about 5 minutes at Tune in!

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Sup guys! We're going live in about 20 minutes! Tune in for some awesome music brought to you compliments of TAHR! Let us know if there's anything you'd like to hear tonight.