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Andy Marsham
· August 17, 2017
bought my first unify pro v2 a few weeks ago , not only was the pigtail faulty
which i did get another to replace it , it did not solve the problem
terrible vid...eo running from an FC with built in pdb...
so i switched to a 5v reg , and it was still bad and unable to fly with
not a very good start , not even flown the darn thing ...the only good thing i can say at the minute is i like the way it operates ....but having something that gets that hot that it can just shut off in flight, is a no no , people have normally £600 up in the skies
i'll update my review if something changes and i at least get to fly with one
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Matthew Kerby
· July 7, 2017
I bought my first TBS product a Unify Pro V2 and I'm having issues with it. I couldn't get the smart audio to work or even broadcast the mic on my cam when it... was hooked straight to it. This tells me I have a bad audio port on my VTX. When I emailed TBS customer service all I get is the run around how it can't possible be bad and some links (which are some of what I followed) for smart audio. At least the vendor that sold the VTX to me is going to make it right because TBS seems like the won't!! See More
Christopher Perry
· October 7, 2017
I had gone through a lot of Unify Pro HVs and 25ABulletproof ESCs last year due to learning how to fly quadcopters fast. I sent a care package to Hong Kong with... 10 Unify Pros and half a dozen blown up ESCs. Everything was fixed and shipped back to me at no cost, it took a while but for almost $1,000 worth of hardware to appear in my PO Box at no cost it was like Christmas morning! Thank you Raphael Trappy Pirker for making great product and running a great company. See More
Anthony Cenabite Farr
· July 3, 2017
One of the best teams in the world run by one of the best business men in the fpv world and a very strong group I'm proud of all of the work they've done as if it was my own!
Steven Sauls Jr
· September 6, 2017
Was anti black sheep for A LONG time because I wanted to be different /on a budget. Fast forward a year...when I need new gear I look here first. Vtx's I've tes...ted (dozens) these are the most consistent. Crossfire has the features I didn't know I needed. Their help along the way was great. Most quad parts have a mailbox warranty, so carries a two year and honors it? These guys. See More
Ricardo Garcia
· April 24, 2017
Hey, I maded an order the past 11th for a vtx. I paid it the same day and a urgent shipping of three days too.
Your page says you may delay shipping 48h for mat...erial in stock from paid it.

Today is 24 and still not having any notice of you, my shipping or my support ticket.
May I cancel the order? Open a dispute in PayPal? Any way to send it now??!!
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Joshua Ward
· July 1, 2017
Best customer service i have ever seen and the products that TBS make and sell are of the best quality i have on my mini quad �.
Eric Woerth
· July 12, 2017
Service is going down hill, instead of replacing defective product they are offering discounts. Many of the other pilots I have spoken with are switching to their competition, if TBS would like to remain in the VTX game, I suggest standing by your warranty.
Damiano Maeder
· July 7, 2017
Way to go, the onliest way to go, just... Go for it!
Small devices, huge power, endless fun!
Jack Clubs
· April 16, 2017
I love the marketing, appearance and packaging but had to return my Vendetta Tango combo because it was dead on arrival. I did keep a sticker for my trouble. In...side the return I threw in a free HDMI cable to make up for the sticker that I took. I was disappointed and moved onto something else.

However, my TBS triumph antennas are great. I would greatly like to give the company another try.
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Chris Harris
· September 7, 2017
The best fpv team bar none !Hail to these guys ,been keeping up for a looooong time!keep up the good work guys .
Fabien Turpaud
· February 7, 2017
Hi Guys,
Very good activity on the social media, but don't forget customer and orders.... My ordered Nbr 164945 is paid and packed since the 25th January accor...dingly to TBS website.
2 tickets and 1 email later.... no answer.
Maybe delay by the Chinese new year info on the website about annual leave!
No hotline number available.
Last but not order have to be delivered in Hong Kong where TBS is apparently should not be rocket science!
Thank in advance to push to get my order deliver or at least provide acknowledgement....
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Jonathan Talbott
· December 13, 2016
Hey guys, I got the atom v2 and it's amazing. I ran a pack last night before dark and it blew me away. It's probably the funnest quad I have. I got to run two ...more packs today just to go to stick feel right changing rates and Expo but when I plugged in the third pack I heard a loud pop like a plastic bottle being squeezed and it caught fire. When I was able to get home and take it apart I saw it with an ESC that caught fire but to make things worse it burn up the vision board beneath to a point that it will not work. I was hoping to get some guidance in this situation I can't seem to find any parts I hope everyone has a happy holidays and I look forward to hearing from you soon See More
Sylvain Nouveau
· February 9, 2017
I've ordered Cobra motors in november 2016 ..... I'm still waiting for them, it's 9th febrary 2017 today..... since then, the price has dropped down.....Ticket ...already open and multiple email sent since the last monthes...
I just want to be refund please !!!!!!
Ticket #723858 and #722816

I will never order anything directly on your TBS website except if you find a way to have a better shipping service, sorry guys
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Eric Vadeboncoeur
· August 14, 2017
great service and these are seriuos toys, not those little things that fly alone
Colin Woodworth
· February 2, 2017
TBS battery caught fire when charging and needed a new one in a hurry - paid for express shipping. That was 9 days ago and my order hasn't been updated. Contact...ed customer service 6 days ago (and again 3 days ago) and have received no response. Had to pay someone $500 to perform the professional shoot I was to do, which of course ended up being completely subpar. Really disappointed right now. Don't rely on TBS. See More
Mirko Cesena
· September 5, 2017
One of the most advanced Company in the RC connectity and VTX.
Products well designed and tested.
Robert M. Majeroni
· August 21, 2017
Best vtx period! Every single product d of highest quality even the hats and the tbs shirts are of very high quality
Nathan Vincent Manchester
· December 22, 2016
i havent been flying for long, but ive always been able to tell quality from first impression. ive bought a vendetta, and before that i had built a powercube/fp...vsion on another frame. everything is so nice and easy to deal with but can handle some power:) just started working with the crossfire system and it couldnt be easier to use See More
Laki Fotografiert
· November 24, 2016
worst possible service, we live in an age where online stores are able to carry the real delivery times. being charged as customer and getting misleading inform...ations is a very bad service.

was stupid enough to give TBS another try after my experience last time for the upgrade of some core pnp pro (which was delivered with old hardware) and had to wait ridiculsy long for the exchange.
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DR1 Racing - DHL Champions Series - TEASER
Team BlackSheep 2015 [short]

The world's best pilots battling in the most gnarly places of the world at the DR1 - DHL Champions Series fueled by Mountain Dew. Powered with TBS Crossfire and other TBS goodness, we're excited to see what content will come out of it!
#teamblacksheep #DR1racing #DR1 #DHL #Mtndew #airhogs #mountaindew #serioustoys #FPV #drone #quadcopter #droneracing #fpvracing


Johnny FPV stepping into BlackSheep Territory as he spends a weekend in the Austrian Alps with Rensen FPV. Long range with miniquads is quickly becoming a new sensation, and at the heart of this movement lies the TBS Crossfire! Thanks Johnny, hope to see more footage like this from you in the future! 👊😎
#teamblacksheep #serioustoys #TBScrossfire #longrange #FPV #drone #quadcopter #droneracing #multirotor #fpvracing

Long Range is incredible! Thank you Rensen: ► If you like what I do, please consider supporting me: https://www.patreon.c...