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Cheyenne made the news!!

Hi everyone!!!

I have been going to do an update on Cheyenne Michelle and decided to wait until today because today Cheyenne turned 17 today!!!! She is a junior this year & doing really good, we took her for her yearly follow ups & all lab work & xrays looked good Cheyenne is a romping stomping teenager she is 5"7 with her bionic hip, she doesn't play sports anymore, she does do archery now and has started skeet shooting some for fun she's pretty good!

I always knew Cheyenne... was tuff and hardheaded
I know why God made her strong willed because she needed to be.
Looking at her today it's hard to believe that 4 years ago on this day she was fighting for her life & doctors gave little to no hope, Prayers are magic! Friends, family, people we never met prayed and never gave up hope and Cheyenne is a miracle...
We never heard of MRSA & still don't know how she got it or why it attacked every organ in her little body, but it did and it was a roller coaster ride.

We remind her sometime that God has a special plan for her & how blessed we are to have so many amazing family,friends,community and Team Cheyenne

I will update again hopefully with another milestone and a healthy report


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Just wanted to do a little update on Miss Cheyenne, I get asked all the time how Cheyenne is doing, I feel bad it's took me so long to update
She has alot of appointments at Children's Medical over the next 2 weeks so they will do all lab work to make sure all levels are where they need to be & see her orthopedic surgeon
Cheyenne is have a minor ear surgery today... So other than getting through that and getting through follow ups with with no bumps in the road.......
Cheye...nne is thriving she doesn't let anything slow her down at all & she did play basketball last year, but she told us before school started she wasn't going to play this year, that she just felt like she slowed her team down & it was causing her a little discomfort, I asked her was she sure she was okay with that, she said momma, that athletic
Cheyenne is gone & she needed to look forward & not back, she knew in her heart God gave her this for a reason & she excepted that, she said she knows its not worth the risk & she thought she just had to prove to herself she could do it, she wants to be a child life counselor & work at Children's someday to help children that's been through trauma or thats having learn to live & adapt to a disability, Cheyenne said, momma basketball isn't going to help me achieve mygoal, but more than anything she was going to miss being apart of the team, her high school offers FCCLA, & she loves the class & her teacher, Mrs.Mills, they took care bags to Children's Medical in Dallas & she's a officer this year & they do so many amazing things she's also into Archery,
I got married last week & he's awesome & her step dad Mike introduced her into archery & seems to love it, I will post some pictures along with this update, Cheyenne's dad is doing well, she enjoys the time she gets at the lake with him, she always been a waterbaby t's been a long almost 3 yrs & we all count our blessing everyday that, Cheyenne is with us & has the heart and the strength that she has
I'm still amazed at how many amazing people have prayed for Cheyenne & followed her story... Our Family arr all so thankful,
Praying this minor surgery goes well today & the next 3 weeks for the follow-ups are all positive
I will let everyone know
God Bless

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Two years ago today Cheyenne was put on life-support and in a MRI for 4 hours with friends and family waiting to see how bad MRSA had taken over her body & if it had attacked her brain...,,,
It was not good and it was certainly devastating how 5 days prior made the basketball team & planning her 13th birthday was now fighting for her life all because she fell & fluid was in her hip socket, well we learned real quick what septic & a blood clot can... do but I didn't even know what MRSA was or how it got into my healthy happy active child but it happened, and it attacked her vital organs & tried to take her life, but 14 surgery's later with Gods hand on her, Cheyenne's will to live & more prayers from all of you friends & family, and I can never thank everyone of the doctors, nurses or anyone that cared for my child enough, there just isn't enough thank you's, there's just not enough ways to express appreciation my family and I feel........
She was very sick and ended up losing her hip due to the infection, but Lawson Copley fought the MRSA & Nathan Gilbert gave her a hip. Today, 2 years later she is healthy and almost 15 years old and a romping stomping teenager
we went to children's and Dr.Gilbert released her to play basketball,,,,she is one happy girl.......
I'm going to be a wreck but I wouldn't dare hold her back. She is a fighter and she loves basketball and loves being apart of a team & she has fought what was said to be a un-fightable battle.........So again, thank you all for your prayers and support. We feel so blessed to be living proof that prayer do work!

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Thought I would let everyone know how Cheyenne is doing, health wise she is awesome, she is having some problems with her knee locking up & they think it's a torn meniscus she is has started having some pain in her hip and a lot of swelling in her right leg
I'm not sure what the pain in her hip,
I talk Nancy at Children's and they are going to do a MRI September 11th. So maybe it will all work out, she is growing so much she is 5.5 and wears a size 11 in women's shoes, people... just about don't recognize her
Cheyenne started high school on Monday she is having a hard time excepting the fact that she can't play sports in my opinion ever again & she loves basket ball the most & she just loves her team mates it's been a hard adjustment watching her friend get to do It & she can't, but she is happy for them knows that God had a plan....I think she's just on a emotional roller coaster & everyone has been amazing with her, sadly she's had to learn that there's a few that show no comparison..... I told her how very sad for them,
I am so proud of her it's overwhelming to when I think about this journey and we thank God everyday the Cheyenne is alive, I will be sure and update when we find out what the MRI shows on September 11th.
I get so many messages about people that's family members that got MRSA & didn't make it, Cheyenne is still the worse that we know of that survived, it's unbelievable but it happen so fast and attacked so many organs..,,,, my heart just breaks when I hear people stories, Children's medical center in Dallas did a story of Cheyenne, I just shared the link in a separate post maybe it can help some one some where,
Thank you all for your prayers,

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Children's Medical
Did a story on Cheyenne there is alot of information about MRSA maybe if its Shared it can save a life
Cheyenne was blessed MRSA didnt take her life
I'm doing a update below this.....

Chyenne's Story

Sorry its been a while, I have got so many sweet & caring messages asking for a update on Cheyenne.... We see people out places & they will say how's your little girl 😊and Cheyenne is stand right beside me
She's changed so much people don't even recognize her
Cheyenne wanted to post a video of her running so its up..
After being on home schooled Cheyenne got released from the doctors & started back to school and graduated with her 8th class & got to be a normal teenager ........ So proud of her she is growing like a weed she's 5'5 tall & size 10 women's shoes😊 and you talk about strong as a bull.......
It's still so hard for me to wrap my mind around all that child went through, everything changed in the blind of a eye, but you wouldn't never know anything happened to her MRSA was a monster but everyone's prayers, amazing doctors and Cheyenne's strength God let us keep her, its crazy that this time last year she didn't have a hip at all & almost all her her had fell out she was so fragile
This is a much better summer 🌞
I thank God every day & night because she is a miracle she's healthy was a long hard year and a half , I'm having to learn to let go & not be a worry wart & teenager should come with instructions.......Here's a few pictures from recently
PS. Cheyenne goes to Childrens the end of July so we will see what the doctors think & I'm going to let they argue with her over what sports she can and can't play 😭that is a touchy topic
God Bless and thank you all from the bottom our hearts

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Improving every day!

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Posted by Team Cheyenne

Cheyenne is doing awesome..... She couldn't walk this time last year at her morp school dance... Heres some pictures of her tonight...she is growing so fast & continues to amaze us everyday.... My eyes filled with tears but my heart was happy watching her walk in tonight..... I can't wait to see what the future holds for her......

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After doctors told her she may never walk or even live, an East Texas eighth grader defied the odds.
Team Cheyenne is feeling silly.

Today was a bittersweet day & closing the door on a nightmare, on 11/01/2012 the words momma my hip hurt ended up turning into a fight for her life all because MRSA tried to take her life 11 surgeries total hip replacement, pic lines, bloods clots, lost her hair, more pain than any child should have to endure, missed turning 13, missed her friends, but by Gods will millions of prayer, dedicated doctors family and friends, teacher's Lone Oak Isd, Team Cheyenne support from aro...und the world,
1 year and 2 months later Cheyenne is healthy again with a new hip a gets to be a now 14 year old teenager, she's learning to except her life has to change some but I told her life is all about change, she passed her reentry test last week & went back to school as a 8th. Grader today YAAAA!!!..... She was beside herself happy she loves life & loves everyone, she's a fighter..... We r all so proud of her, its been a long hard road healthwise mentally & physically
I haven't stopped crying it was so hard walking away today I can't explain it...... Its just all so un- believable, guess its a momma thing, I have been with her & ever step, now I have to let her spread her wings and fly....just so scary
We couldn't have got through any of this without all the amazing people in our lives thank you all for your prayers and everything everyone has done. Thank you again from our family..... God Bless
Sincerely, Candace
PS!!! Idk where this emoji came from but I can't get it off

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Team Cheyenne is with Cheyenne Knapp.

Thank God for miracles we just left Children's Medical Center and followed up with all Cheyenne's doctors and got a good report everything showed total improvement and her new hip looked great...... Nurses and doctors that have cared for her from the minute we hit Childrens Hospital was excited to see her and see the life back in her, they remind her she is a miricle with and a amazing fight for life.... Here is a picture from 1 year ago today & from today..... Doesn't even l...ook like the same child....... She still has to give herself time and be careful with the new hip, no high impact activity..... No running which she's already done.. Haha she got in trouble for that lol..... I'm so proud of her it has been the longest hardest years of my life, but with Gods hand on her, millions of prayers from all of you, and her fight and determination we made it, shes got a huge purpose on this earth and Im so grateful that I get to watch what comes next..... She goes back to children's in 6 months, and I take her to Scottish Rite sometime next month, a team of doctors are putting together a huge study on her.... One thing's for sure she is going to be apart of saving lives with this study they r conducting, she the only one that lived so far that MRSA attacked so many of her vital organs and that they can research and save lives.... I signed the paper months ago & Cheyenne told them anything to save someone's life or help another child not have to be out through all this... If truly has been a wild ride........ I can't look back at pictures or even stand walking through parts of the hospital, it just gives me anxiety & breaks my heart when I think of how bad things was..... We are blessed that Cheyenne made it, I'm looking forward to our future.... God bless y'all .... Oh Cheyenne said Go Cowboys

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Cheyenne's 13th & 14th Birthday Party combo.....

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Posted by Team Cheyenne

So thankful to have gotten to spend my weekend watching Cheyenne smiling with her best friend & not fighting for her life.... These smiles say all I need to know & she's getting stronger everyday, thank you Missy for getting Team Cheyenne started
I look back through here & remember how blessed we are & to not take anything or anyone for granted because we found out the hard way how life can change in a blink of a eye
My world did all because of a fall on her hip
We couldn't h...ave gotten through any of this without everyone that's reading this & most of all GOD...... I will update on how Cheyenne's Children's visit goes next month they will do xrays and full lab work and a sonogram to make sure there are still no blood clors , plus chest xrays .... She's so excited about her 14th. birthday... Her party is Friday & her Bday is Sunday the 16th.....
I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said I don't want anything other than not to be in a coma and to get a party with my frienss ..... ; ) look out Friday night

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She's just got done at physical therapy she's a little tired.... So hard to believe this is the same child that I stopped breathing & I watched fight for her life one year ago today we loaded a ambulance & rushed her to Childrens & was told her vital organs was shutting down... All because she fell and hurt her hip a week prior.....2 months in the hospital, 10 surgies total, complete hip replacement, alot of pain, zillions of Prayers she's now a walking miracle..... she's ge...tting stronger all the time....its been a long hard year... Cheyenne is doing good & going to physical therapy 3 times a week...... She's struggling at times to understand why this has happened but she is amazing because in a split second she shakes the hurt off & smiles that smile of hers & keeps pushing..... Here's a clip of her walking today ..... MRSA can't get her.... Thank y'all for praying for our girl through this nightmare..she goes back to Childrens in December for lab work and xrays.. She has touched so many lives & y'all have all touched ours......

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Posted by Team Cheyenne

Team Cheyenne
Its so hard to believe its been a year! All the prayers have worked and I'm so thankful for my friends, family , community, and all over the U.S.! Your praying has brought me so far... And without yall and the grace of God I wouldn't be here! I am so thankful for my life and I know I have a purpose and i can't wait to discover what it is. I need to thank the most important people in my life and they know who they are I'm so glad I could share every moment of my... life with yall. Y'all are my world and without y'all I couldnt be who I am or where I am! I am so sorry for this past year and I know this wasn't the way you wanted to spend it but thank you for always standing by my side through thick and thin and I know I can always count on yall. With anything! I have to think my mom because she has always been with me and was with me every second of every day when i was in the hospital and all i do is because of her and i know she is always in my mommy you my tiny dancer I am not the fighter y'all are. I also think my doctors (Lawson Copley) (Nathan Gilbert) you to were my heros through this and there is not enough money in the world to pay for what y'all have done and helped me through..... I can't believe its been a whole year and I'm still here.... With an even better hip than a year ago! I know my lord and family and friends love me! That's all I need to know. Thank y'all for all the prayers and visits to me... I'm the luckiest girl ever!!! #teamcheyenne #itsbeenayear #alongone #blessed #thankful #thankyall #cowboys #dirk #kaylee #friends #family #God #prayershelped #physicsltherapy

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Posted by Team Cheyenne

Update: Picture of Cheyenne at her 6 week follow up appointment with Dr.Gilbert@ Childrens the man that gave for her back what MRSA took from her. Dr. Gilbert was surprised to see off her crutches so soon, alot of tears in that building, but after I thought about it, they have never seen Cheyenne well and walking, he did say it would be about a year before we would be able to know how well she's going to be able to walk without a limp or see a normal stride.... Cheyenne said..., Oh Doc. I can move!!! She showed him she could twerk!!! I said oh dear baby Jesus. .... he told her no twerking, Running or jumping.... he laughed & was rubbing his head then paused and said.....
Just Dont ...Don't chance falling.... she's in physical therapy 3 days a week & she will be for a while, but wow she's came such a long ways
We are all just proud of her and she still has such a happy spirit... she's doing good but she is struggling with somethings but she's missed almost a year of her life..... i told her she's living proof that God don't give us anything we can't handle & he has a plan. ... I'm thankful everyday God allowed her to be my daughter.... she's one tuff cookie
i will post a video next week it's shocking to see her off crutches....
Hulsey Therapy team is awesome & Cheyenne loves them... Thank y'all for all your prayers ... She goes back to children's in November for blood work and a follow up on everything,
Cheyenne said she's ready to run. ... I know she will ....

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My boy did good #9 ba bam ! Good job cowboys 💖🏈 >Cheyenne<

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