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  • Teacher, Owner-Operator Ted Guice FitnessAugust 2010 to presentPalm Springs, California
    I am a 20+ Year Independent Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor & Creator of G-Force Workout!
About Ted
  • Hey There! I'm a glass full and overflowing kinda guy with a grasp on reality. Well...my reality anyway. I think I'd be the perfect partner for someone. I mean, c'mon...just look. I have abandonment issues, I'm an enabler for my dog, LeDeaux, I'm a Gemini, extremely tall at 5'6", I wear big socks I buy at the boys department, I've never officially been diagnosed with Tourette's Disease except at dinner parties, I are a trainer, make cameo appearances as a therapist and at Mensa gatherings, I don't have ANY issues and I'm in therapy to prove it...AND, my dog thinks I'm his bitch...and I think I like it! What's not to love?! Please...no pushing. Form a single line. Should we call you for an interview....your goose is cooked. XO! T! T
Favorite Quotes
  • Whatever doesn't kill you....only makes you stronger! (??)

    If you're not making any mistakes....you're probably not doing anything. (My Dad)

    This, too...shall pass. (My Mom. She didn't write this one but she always reminded me of it when I needed it.)