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Mike Reiner
· August 29, 2017
I received a medical settlement for my back I could not walk for a while and or hold my new baby boy. The money that I received I put into my house/ most into the kitchen and here is how they treat pe...ople. I Remodeled my kitchen and decided to make the mistake of buying cabinets from Teds beds. I paid for them in full and I was told we would have them in about 45 days or so and that was ok because of our time frame. We picked out a light gray color and the wife and I specifically told them that we do not want the gray cabinets that have a blue tinge to them. We checked on the status of our cabinets several times because the due date for them to come came and gone. We were told they were checking on the status of them just to find out they had the wrong color of cabinets (But thank goodness they hadn't ordered them)they lied to us saying they had them coming !!! Urg. A couple weeks pass and still no cabinets. (I have a family of 5 and doing dishes in the bathtub sucked) We finally receive them only to find out they are the blue gray color we didn't want, it wasn't even close to the sample. (We just dealt with it)They installed them.. and we'll all I have to say is "THE REAL WOOD" doors fell off and stripped the wood out on the 3rd day having them on 4 cabinets. We got bigger screws and that helped. BUT WAIT There's more!!!!!! When the doors open they rub on each other and are taking off the paint and ruining them. I have called more than I have fingers and toes and have gone in there several times but nothing has been done. I am so frustrated at my experience that I will let everyone know that they should not go there. See More
Jesika Rickman
· January 27, 2014
Very friendly staff, wonderful beds and beautiful furniture at very reasonable pricing!! I WILL be shopping there again!

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