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Michele Bell
· March 29, 2017
I never leave without a smile on my face after I see all the great work being done for this community by so many wonderful selfless people.

The gift of Love and Caring is apparent!
Bob Foster
· March 29, 2016
Just a tremendous organization with so many dedicated people making a difference to the lives of the people in Tepehua, Chapala, Mexico.

Please note the Donate button is on this page in the upper right side. Just hit Continue after the first menu page

The Tepehua Community Center is looking for a person to run their Education Program. Duties will be:
* To be able to communicate with the sponsors (English) for special children. This usually needs to be done at the beginning of every semester.
* Send reports every year of that special students progress.
* To have enough Spanish to be able to know the peoples needs for help with books, and uniforms and registration fees.


The job description needs a knowledge of basic book-keeping.

There are two Locals helping in the office that know the system and can help. Neither of these young women have English, so a by-lingual person would be needed.

This is a non-paying job, the reward you get is changing a generation because you care and because you can.

Thank you!
Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this young man's farewell. The humble good-bye to Adrian was at 6 pm today at the house of his Grandmother in Chapala.
The Tepehua Center sends condolences to Big Al and his family.
Sleep well Adrian.

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Moonie would like to thank those who have stepped up immediately to help Big Al with costs for the funeral of his son Adrian. To help a stranger is an incredible act of mercy for a fellow man... but we are not there yet.
I am grateful we have reached the halfway mark of 9,400 pesos, the full cost is 20,000 pesos. May I lean a little more on your generosity and try and make Al's debt a little lighter? Thank you!
Some of Big Al's family live in Tepe...hua, and Al helped the Center prepare the wall for the mural we proudly had. The Mural has suffered the wear of time and grafitti and gradually we are having to paint it out. Like so many other things in life... there is change. Let us make the drastic change in Big Al's life a little easier.

Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua.

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Many have used the Sunrise Restaurant in Riberas for a jovial lunch or breakfast, and have been served by Big Al, the singing waiter. Adrian, his son, also worked there. Adrian died a few days ago. He was in his early thirties. Adrian was diagnosed with Testicular cancer at 15, and used blood thinners for years. He recently developed a stomach ulcer that burst...he bled out before help could get to him.
Losing a child is the hardest burden to bear, bu...t not being able to bury him because of lack of money is a burden no working man should face. It will take 20,000 pesos to bury young Adrian.
Please help Moonie raise some money to help this family, Moonie has known them for 17 years, and they took her under their wing when she moved here alone 17 years ago.

You can make a donation using the DONATE button on the upper right of this page. Once you do that, hit CONTINUE and you will be at the donation page, and you can put For Big Al. Or, if you are local, take it to him yourself at the Sunrise Restaurant, or take to Tepehua Treasures Bazar in Riberas on the carretera, and mark it FOR MOONIE/BIG AL, or call Moonie at 376-763-5126.

Thank you.

Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua.

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Hope you all checked out the upcoming April Fools party, where we will honor our volunteers. The strength and success of the Tepehua Community Center rests heavily on their shoulders, they seemed to do it effortlessly and painlessly...even when times seems hard. This includes our facebook pager Anne Drake who works behind the scenes...thank you Anne for a job well done.
We are offering sponsorship's for the support of our project, the sponsor...s will be declared in the Guadalajara Reporter and the Mexican paper Laguna, they will be recognized at the April Fools party on the 3rd.
Platinum.....10,000 p.
Gold............ 6,000 p.
Silver........... 3,000 p.
Bronze......... 1,000 p.
Donor.......... . 100 p.
Neither could the Community Center happen without our supporters and donors, may their generosity come back to them as they leave their foot prints in the sand of life.
Join in the fun, this party is one of gratitude to all those out there that make a difference.

Muchas Gracias!
(PS: The picture is from a past April Fools FunRaiser. )

Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua.

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by Harvey Bernier

The June 17, 2017 issue of the Guadalajara Reporter contained an article outlining the chronic kidney failure, especially among children, in some of the villages on or near Lake Chapala. Since then there have been more studies conducted as to the causes.
Without going into a great deal of detail, it is the general consensus among people that have conducted tests and interviews in these areas that the primary causes of thes...e kidney failures may be linked to water, diet, genetics and lack of education.
With this in mind, there has developed a partnership between Dr. Todd Stong who has been working on water issues around the lake for several years, The Lakeside Presbyterian Church who is presently providing nutritious meals for several villages around the Lake and Tepehua Centro Comunitario AC who presently has a proven track record of educating people in some of the poorer areas about such things as maternity and dental care and the value of education.
Within the last month work has begun to establish a community center in la Zapotera which is one of the villages mentioned in the June 17, 2017 Guadalajara Reporter article.
A water filtration system, community kitchen and education opportunities are presently in the planning stages for la Zapotera and it is hoped that this will just be the beginning of a longer term solution to solving this very difficult problem.
Dr. Todd Stong will be touching on some of these issues as well as other important issues concerning Lake Chapala and the surrounding villages at the Lake Chapala Society Open Circle talk on Sunday, March 4 at 10:30 AM.
A private donor has generously offered to match up to 100,000 pesos in donations from the community for help in these depressed areas.
Donations can be made in cash,check or paypal
Cash or check made out to Tepehua Centro Comunitario AC (specify "outreach program") can be dropped off at The Tepehua Treasures Store on the carretera in Riberas.
You can also donate by Paypal account:DHSBC4052323789
A fund raiser to benefit Tepehua and the outreach programs will be held on April 3 at the Sunrise Restaurant.
For further info​ call or email Harvey​ or call 603-923-8893 (US Cell)

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Hey gang! .... It is that time of the year again ......our annual April Fools Fun-Raiser is right around the corner. This year it will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 3 ( Easter Sunday is on April 1) from 4 to 8 PM at the Sunrise Restaurant, Carretera #149 C, San Antonio Tlayacapan.

We are happy to announce the focus of our Fun Raiser will be to acknowledge and honor our very special volunteer corps. Without their enthusiasm and devotion Tepehua w...ould not exist.

Tickets will be available soon at Tepehua Community Center, Tepehua Treasures Bazar in Riberas, and the Sunrise Restaurant, or you can call Harvey at US Cell 603-923-8893 or email

For those of you that would like to help out, we could use some volunteers to serve the volunteers. In addition, we have several sponsorship opportunities. Your generosity will be acknowledged before the event in the press and on the day of the event.

Sponsor Levels
Platinum..10,000 p
Gold...........6,000 p
Silver..........3,000 p
Bronze........1,000 p
Donor...........100 to 999p

Please contact Harvey ( for any additional questions, contributions, or to volunteer to serve at the party.

Hoping you can join us for an afternoon of great fun for a great cause!

Harvey Bernier

Question: Why were the teachers eyes crossed?
Answer: She couldn't control her pupils!

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Every January there is a spat of robberies around Lake Side, every January there is an attempt to break into Tepehua Centro Comunitario.A.C.
Although the old front door took quite a beating it remained firm, like an old friend. They broke windows and left graffiti on the wall, which was quickly removed by the recovery team. Failing to open the doors they climbed over the roof and the only place they could penetrate was the kitchen...where the...

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The Tepehua Center's new roof, facelift and Water Station are almost finished, but for the cosmetics. We will be able to keep to schedule for the New Year, thanks to Carlos Arturo the Construction man - a man of his word.
Looking at the picture, to your left will be the rehabilitation for youth, the Gymnasium Center, then in the middle the Dentistry, and on the right, the Water Station...all with the intention of bringing a healthier 2018 to people in poverty.
The Tepehua Team hopes your Holidays have been in peace, and appreciate the joy you spread all year, every year. The Tepehua Community Center and Medical Clinic is a shining example of what can be accomplished when people work together.

In Rotary for peace and service.
The Tepehua Team.
Board Of Directors.
Moonie King.

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To all our donors, sponsors and volunteers:

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A special posada was held at the Tepehua Center attended by the lead women of approximately five Barrios who organize the women for treatment when the Mobile Unit rolls into town. It was a very joyous occasion as they received merits, gifts and danced to traditional music... celebrating another successful year of women coming together to take charge of their health, their choices and their future.

Also attending the party were Moonie King,... President for Tepehua Community Center, Sylvia Flores of Cedejo Maternal Health, with Registered Nurse Olga and President Antonio of H.O.W (Health Outreach for Women AC.)

Another program will be added in the coming year, 2018, - Sexual Education in the schools, if not at the schools, then in the Center. The lead on this will be Cedejo AC, in conjunction with Tepehua Community Center. Cedejo is already actively lecturing in the schools, where allowed. Too many young people's lives are destroyed because of early pregnancies through lack of sexual knowledge.

When Non-Profit organizations work together, earth shattering results can and will occur.

Feliz Navidad.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE TEPEHUA COMMUNITY CENTER. We will be closed for two weeks to give all our volunteers a rest and time to be with their families. We will see you again in 2018 Happy Holidays

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Tepehua Community Center added 10 new photos from December 17, 2017.

The Tepehua Team would like to thank the Iron Horse Group that roared up on their Harleys to the Tepehua Community Center, today at 12 pm, for the Toy Run. It was magic for the kids. The Iron Horse Group figured on 200, but approximately 400 arrived, and the bikers did a wonderful job of improvisation, especially when the heavens opened and it poured down with rain. Even the food and drinks managed to feed everyone including those standing the street watching the fun.
Every child got a toy. The faces of the children priceless when Father Christmas strode into the room amid cheers....
What a wonderful Christmas for the Tepehua Kids to remember.
Photos will be posted when they come in...I just couldnt wait to say
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua.

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WORK HAS ITS REWARDS ... Volunteers at the Tepehua Center were treated to a holiday fiesta this week to say Thank You for their hard work all year. The menu featured Subway sandwiches so no one had to cook, and a beautiful cake with Thank You written on it. Everyone received a thank you gift, and the kitchen workers were given a pan of chicken and vegetables to make a holiday meal at home.
Special thanks to Sandra Zamora who organized the fiesta and manages the kitchen program while overseeing upkeep of the building.
The Center volunteers work hard every week to ensure the Center programs are a success and their efforts are deeply appreciated!