"I have trained top models and celebrities, worked in the high fashion industry, and achieved status among my peers in health, nutrition and fitness, yet I don't consider myself any different than any of my clients. I am a teacher, and I am here to share the knowledge I have acquired through formal education and life experience. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn, the ability to understand, and the availability of a network of peers who are experts in their are...a of practice. Therefore, I believe that it is my responsibility to share; to help others be the best they can be. To not only look good, but feel good and be able to maintain a quality of health and fitness that I believe everyone deserves no matter who they are. My approach to fitness and good health just makes common sense. I give clarity to the often contradictory, confusing information that makes the road to successful weight loss and fitness more like an obstacle course."
- Teresa Tapp, creator of the T-Tapp Workout

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Lais McCartney via T-Tapp Workout

I just finished the Awesome Legs 7 day challenge yesterday (did this exercise 2x's a day with 8 reps through each time, except for two days only doing it once that day) and measured this morning and have lost 2.25 inches off my legs in 7 days. Just wanted to share with anyone who would like to try this challenge and reap some fun results fast Teresa Tapp , I love your workouts, thanks!…/variety-w…/products/target-pop-3…

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Marie Haury Israel
· February 25, 2018
I think that Teresa is an awesome person and her exercises are wonderful! I can't say enough good about them.

Yes You Can rebuild abdominal separation! Congratulations Shelley! And now one of our Master Level T-Tapp Trainers offers a special DR program - workout program ever!
After 3 children & 3 c-sections, my abdominal muscle separation(diastasis recti) was pretty bad, bad enough the doctor said I'd need surgery after we are done having children to repair it. That was pre child #3. Yesterday I had my one year checkup after having #3 and he was surprised and impressed with how much the muscles had closed was I lol. He was like, "you must be exercising!". Indeed I am...but truly, I never expected to get results for the muscle separation. I can't say enough good things about T-Tapp! ----- Shelley Mosburg

Defeating Diastasis - Close your stomach gap!

Congratulations Dana Michelle on losing 19.25" + 8.6 lbs in 30 days!

I started T- TAPP exactly one month ago, after feeling very inspired by my friend Margaret Barry. Today I want to share my 1 month results for the 60-day challenge because I AM SO EXCITED!!! 19.25 inches lost and 8.6 pounds lost!!!!! In one month!!!!! I want to shout from the rooftops how much I love T - Tapp!!! I have improved my "chronic" pain issues (they are GONE!), my mood is FABULOUS, my happiness is not measurable because it's off the charts!! I can't wait to see what this next month brings! My 35th birthday is March 30th, and I've never been this excited to get older because I feel so young right now! Thank you Teresa Tapp and Margaret for helping me get my life back!!! 🙌

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Teresa Tapp

Had such a blast at Expo West. Now, for a full day of skiing! Movement Monday? KLT with a tucked butt REALLY helps to improve your balance on the slopes.

Be sure to keep your knees out in alignment with your ankles while pressing your feet into the floor for optimal full body results. The combination of isometrics with full fiber activation of multiple muscles during movement delivers much faster results. Want more? Add jazz toes!…/grea…/ttapp-firms-those-arms/422417780

No jiggle or wiggle was the goal for today’s T-Tapp exercise. V-W’s helped us tone the arms to look our best when we hit the beach. We have heard and seen so many amazing testimonies of how Teresa Tapp has helped people of all ages get their life back without setting a foot in a gym or touching ...

Check out Berei Brandenstein 's favorite warm up stretch she does daily to improve her posture and balance. At 90 years young she's PROOF that it's never too late to get fit ... Ageless + Vibrant ...Yes You Can .. like Berei says "Just Do It!"

Our resident fitness queen Teresa Tapp introduces us to her oldest fascia fitness star, 90-year-old Berei Brandenstein. T-Tapp exercises helped Berei gain an inch in height and lose 31 inches all over her body. Berei also reduced her medications and increased her bone density by 18 percent. Teresa a...

Are you interested in attending our 2018 4 day/3 night fitness retreat at the Safety Harbor Resort Hotel and Spa on Nov 1-4? Don't delay ... in addition to price being at discount right now, the event is already a little over 50% booked. Then enter the 60 day challenge on April 15th because if you win you get to go the retreat for FREE.…/2018-safety-harbor-retreat-novem…

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T-Tapp Workout

"Yes You Can help your body help yourself with the T-Tapp Workout! No matter what age or fitness level!" - Teresa Tapp #ttappretreat2016 #ttappworkout #ttapp #yesyoucan

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T-Tapp Workout

One of the reasons Teresa has been so successful as a rehabilitative trainer is because she knows and understand how bad back pain feels due to her own spinal c...ondition. As you can see from the photo, Teresa suffers from a slight curvature of the spine called scoliosis along with fusion of three lumbar vertebrae as a result from a high school sports injury.

Additionally, her psoas muscles often lock into spasms and pull on these three vertebrae. Due to these issues, if she don't keep her spinal muscles strong and flexible with proper exercise her back HURTS!

Pain is a great teacher! When developing the T-Tapp Workout, Teresa focused on creating a program that would build strong anatomical alignment, increased circulation, and open neuro-kinetic flow from the brain, through the spine, to the extremities. The Senior Fit Workout contains specific movements for pain relief, as well as movements to realign and strengthen the spinal attachments that help prevent pain.

#ttappworkout #ttapp #backpain #spinalhealth

Get started today:

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Congratulations Sonya! The fact that you did this after 48 weeks of chemo is very motivational for anyone else dealing with major health issues that it IS possible to rebuild your body with T-Tapp.

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T-Tapp Workout

"It all started in 2011 when I couldn't move my shoulder without getting a cortisone shot every 6 months in order to move my arm. My body felt to be in total di...srepair. From sciatica back pains, plantar fasciitis, detoxing from 48 weeks of chemo, walking out of alignment (duck walking) and losing 75 pounds with T-Tapp Workout and being able keep it off.

Each challenge I just get stronger and stronger physically, mentally, and spiritual. This challenge this year has been life changing in all aspects of my life. I have learned that NO matter what we go through in life that it is critical to keep our bodies physically healthy in order to get through many of the life's challenges that come our way." - Sonya G

#consistencyiskey #60daychallenge #ttappworkout #ttapp #yesyoucan #75poundslost…

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Yes You Can build better bones with T-Tapp......

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
T-Tapp Workout

Bones are not dead; they are alive and porous! The only way to get better bone health is to use muscles to tug on the bone. Continual tug and sustained tension how bone cells receive vital blood flow and necessary nutrients to stay healthy and create new bone cells. It has been said that the only way to increase bone density is to use weights while you train. T-Tapp disagrees. You can create optimal tug and tension on your bones, slow down bone loss and improve overall bone health by doing T-Tapp's Method of full fiber muscle activation.

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And she keeps getting better and better ..... did you see her success story in the First for Women Magazine last year? She wore a bikini and she looked FABULOUS! Congratulations Linda!

T-Tapp Side Lunges from Fit Magazine article....

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, shoes
T-Tapp Workout

Model Deanne uses T-Tapp to lean down after fitness competitions.

Add Lunges after your Basic Workout Plus to really stretch the muscle from origin to insertion and lengthen from hip to ankle and rebuild your core.

#yesyoucan #lunges #ttappworkout #ttapp #lunges

T-Tapp Walking Workouts WORK --- and we have 3 different ones to choose from: Step Away the Inches, Step it to the Max and Posture Power Walk

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text
T-Tapp Workout

Men use the T-Tapp Workout too with great success! YES YOU CAN with T-Tapp! Chris did it with our walking workout called "Step Away the Inches" - call 1-800-3...42-0717 for free shipping (offer good through June 10th)

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Yes You Can rebuild the arch in your foot!

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and closeup
T-Tapp Workout

"Well, I just have to tell you that with T-Tapp Workout, you can get an arch in that foot. My feet were both flat. I had casts as a baby and foot pain throughou...t life. My feet are so much better now. They don't hurt all the time and I don't use any orthotics. In fact, I found out that, for me, arch support just made the problem worse because my foot couldn't do the work it was supposed to be doing. So, after years of pain, orthotics, etc, I no longer have flat feet.

I've noticed, that just with Basic Workout Plus and following the form tips I've picked up on the forums, my feet and ankles ARE getting stronger, and now I can do 4 reps of all the moves from the Total Workout.

Also, I took probably a year to develop my new arches, so it was not a quick fix! Keep at it!"

#ttappworkout #basicworkout #ttapp #yesyoucan #arches #flatfeet #flatfeetfix #orthotics #footpain #footrehab #rehab

Click here to try the Total Workout:…/t-tap…/products/total-workout-dvd

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Why I do T-Tapp ....... what's your why?

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
T-Tapp Workout

"Why do you T-Tapp? For me, T-Tapping was something I created out of need. I needed to build muscle around my spine to hold it in place to ease the pain caused my lower lumbar being fused together. The program developed further as I learned more about the lymphatic system in cancer research and using my own body's lymphatic issues as a gauge. I T-Tapp because it makes me feel focused, refreshed and... vibrant!

Maximizing muscle activation is the secret to success for optimal results both in fitness and function! The T-Tapp Workout can help your body equally activate more muscles with full fiber tension than any other type of traditional training, but so many of us struggle with finding time for ourselves.

That is why I have joined with Kristen Kancler, host of the interviewing series Own Your Power." - Teresa Tapp

Make sure to register today - this summit begins on April 4th:

CLICK HERE:…/arch…/60daychallenge2016/SUMMIT.html

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Another 60 day success story using the T-Tapp MORE and Healthy Hormone workouts which are great workouts for anyone dealing with more health issues. Never too late....Yes You Can! Our next 60 day challenge begins April 15, 2018

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text
T-Tapp Workout

"I alternated between T-Tapp MORE and Healthy Hormones workouts. I am almost 62 years old, and I feel great. I’m diabetic and my blood test results have improve...d with T-Tapp. I am looking forward to my next doctor’s visit. After taking my measurements about 6 weeks into the challenge I was amazed at how many inches I had lost, so I was so encouraged to continue. The after pictures do not lie, I could see the difference! In the end I lost 21.5 inches and some of my clothes are falling off!"

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