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Judith Ruiz
· August 4, 2017
This is a beautiful site and so different from the sites I do watch. I got hooked at watching from someone on another osprey site who talked about it
Tadeusz Kaczynski
· August 4, 2017
Dobra strona o rybołowach....
Avalon Sea Turtle Rescue
Watching the tide go out . . . .
Watch as the sun sets on another day along the Maurice River in Cumberland County New Jersey.

Earthquake felt on the Maurice River at Terrapin Cove

relax along with the eagles

Osprey Nest HD Live Streaming Camera
watch as a bald eagle makes a landing in heavy winds on the maurice river in cumberland county near bivalve, port norris and shellpile

Maurice River Reflection:

Fish Attracted to the Light . . . . .

Watch Fish Attracted to Light on the Maurice River at Terrapin Cove

Interesting Report.

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The Roasted Beat
The Roasted Beat

Trash. It's a global problem. And it’s a local problem, right here on our beautiful Seven Mile island. You’ve seen it on the beach, but you may not know it’s al...l over the back bays. Perhaps from ignorance, carelessness or a host of other reasons, including the ocean breezes we love so much. Many will say, "no way - Avalon does not has a trash problem!", but trash quickly sinks beneath the surface of the water and forever lines the bottom of our bays, suffocating the sea. What does not sink floats out to sea. Two intrepid Avalon residents are talking trash, and doing something about it. Each day they kayak the back bay around the Cedar Island bird preserve, scouring the bay to pick up all the trash they can.

Join them on Instagram as they post their daily trash finds, interesting oddities, and the occasional treasure. They will compiling a tally of the things they find for the entire 2017 season. Visit this
and follow them on Instagram
Check out for fabulous photographs of the bay. See you soon!

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Watch the Fish Live 24/7, striper are here:

Take a boat ride on the Maurice River along the Shellpile waterfront. Here it's all about crabs and oysters.

This is the waterfront in Shellpile New Jersey. Shellpile is home to the Bayshore Center, The Shellpile area is the port for com...

An albino purple martin makes a visit . . . .

An albino purple martin arrives today at Terrapin Cove.

Turtle Time at Terrapin Cove

Here a newly hatched diamondback terrapin turtles. These were placed in nests by their mother on June 9th, 2017. We protect the nests from predation by placi...

This 2017 Season there were 3 hatch-lings. The youngest went missing probably from an owl attack. The oldest chick has fledged. The middle chick has wing damage and is having trouble flying but trying hard.

watch on the osprey cam as an unfledged juvenile osprey flaps its' wings trying to test its' flight chances
The story began when Marian Taylor, who lives on Linkhorn Bay in Virginia Beach, alerted Reese Lukei about what appeared to be an injured osprey on an nesting platform offshore