Casey Brown & Cam McCaul Drop Corbet's Couloir on Mountain Bikes
Happy New Year from TGR!
Ian McIntosh in Rogue Elements

McRae Williams is on the verge of realizing an Olympic dream, but he's determined not to let the pressure get to him. In the first episode of SCOTT Sports' "The Moment" McRae talks about why he's treating Olympic season as if it was just another day in the park. Video by Andrew Napier and 4BI9 Media

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Todd Richards sat down with The Inertia to talk about how his love affair with snowboarding was birthed out of his skateboarding roots, and why he now finds himself doing much more math than he ever wanted to.

The Inertia gives us a deeper look into a true snowboarding legend, Todd Richards in their latest series "creators." Todd grew up in Massachusetts as a...

#YOLO, amirite? OMG!

Only someone with the nickname like "iPod"–Iouri Podladtchikov–would invent a trick name the "yolo flip.". The yolo flip is a cab double cork 1440 in the...

Slaying pillows in BC. Greasing rails in Moscow. Crushing Superpark at Mammoth. Is there anything Laurent De Martin can't do?

With the latest ski movies featuring the classic formula of an urban segment, backcountry segment and a park shoot, it's become more and more rare to see one...

Spend your Sunday with this weird collection of board transfers and mutant waves from 2017.

Surfing saw a whole lot of innovation, creativity and progression in 2017. "The Dock" blew people's minds as a 100-foot, half-tonne plastic raft was anchored...

The TGR Stokemobile is invading Sunday River! Come hang out with us and our partners Outside TV as we rip some Northeastern corduroy and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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Not only does LJ Strenio rip, but he's also apparently a physics wizard. Observe.

Line Traveling Circus–the brainchild of upstate New Yorkers Will Wesson and Andy Parry–graced the internet over 10 years ago with the goal of showing the...

Party Time! Jeremy Jones sends a fresh line through DEEP powder (dare we say the perfect line?) // Outside TV

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Kick back and enjoy your Saturday with a little visual stimulus from the fine folks at Vans, as they preview their first full-length snowboard flick ever.

Vans has become one of the most respected action sports brands in the world. From pioneering skate culture and shoewear in the 1960's to now rocking one of the...

Yew! We're stoked to have this in our hometown. Whether you're exploring the world of ski mountaineering or taking your first steps on skins, head into the backcountry with some of the best in the biz at the Arc'teryx Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Academy in Jackson Hole, Feb 8 -11.

Clinic spaces are still available! Check out more about the clinics and free seminars here:

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The Bumion: "I can't find a boyfriend that can keep up," she told TGR, "so I don't date skiers anymore."

MTN. TOWN, USA — A woman's attempt to teach her boyfriend to ski "totally failed" Thursday when the couple started yelling at each other halfway up a local bootpack.

As the five stories published over the past week demonstrate, the mountains are always in control. No matter how strong we may think we are, the fact is: they always have the last word. Thanks for following along with us during #TGRSafetyWeek2018 – we hope we've been able to teach you something.

After a December Drought, Ullr finally came back to the Tetons!

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Some sage advice:
#1) Be humble when you’re in the mountains. It might save your life.
#2) Don’t for two milliseconds think that your equipment—or your partner—is going to save you.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that avalanches are terrifying. They are one of the purest demonstrations of Mother Nature’s immense, uncontrollable power—and unfortunately, more and more often, they are claiming the lives of people that we love. For the average person, news of a deadly av....

Running beacon drills is great, but it's not enough. Every real life situation and accident has different variables, and only practice and education will help you respond to them. In this video, watch TGR athletes practicing like it's the real thing. #TGRSafetyWeek2018

The video above is an example of a rescue scenario drill performed during TGR’s International Pro Rider Workshop. Every real life situation and accident has...

“I thought I was getting buried while it was happening,” Nick McNutt said. On a sunny, cold morning in Alaska, McNutt was caught in a large avalanche while skiing his line. Thankfully, he came out uninjured, but he was very lucky.

Read more about that day in Part V of #TGRSafetyWeek2018.

Shooting cracks, blocks breaking off beneath your skis, loud noises coming from the snowpack: these are all signs of instability and a really good reason to...