Happy New Year Everyone!

While you wait for the second part of Text Teen's third issue [coming out mid-Jan!], here's another WTF video, talking about everyone's new halal fantasy: Paris Hilton.

For reference, here's where the news was presumably first reported: [The Daily Squib] So we're clear: the report is FAKE. Disclaimer: Th...

Your contributions... from an ode to chai to a futuristic nightmare in verse to a dark piece about racial profiling, poets and proseters have really stepped up the game this time around!

My favorite time of the day for tea is actually just past noon. I am not one to need a caffeine kick early in the morning. The beautiful solar energy, that flutters open my lids (though affixes a stubborn frown for the first ten minutes always) in the morning, gives me all the necessary ingredients ...

Our b*tchy couture queen, who crushes tired fashion trends under her Jimmy Choos, preaches the dos and don’ts of fashion this winter.

‘Cardigans… there’s been a recurrence of cardigans…’ the response of a friend when I ask her about fashion comebacks this season.

Facebook stalkers. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Read on...

I am a borderline necrophile who haunts the corridors of local hospitals – I’m practically an adult Scooby Doo episode. You don’t look half bad for someone who hasn’t been embalmed – yet. My email address is an oxymoron. I will love and asphyxiate you, and not in that order. U no wait in life I tke ...

A Pindiite's take on what makes Islamabad tick - and what doesn't.

Yeah, I love Islamabad despite all that… but the one thing I cannot stand is the unfair label the capital gives members of its twin city… that’s right: Pindi Boy.

Remember that whole PTA fiasco, re: banning a thousand or so words from texting? One of our regular contributors gives them a piece of her mind.

Hot damn! Unless you’ve been living in a hole in the ground lately, you’d have to be a bit of an idiot not to have noticed the buzz in cyberspace these past couple of weeks. Much like the owls zooming about in the skies above London on the day a certain baby boy defeated Lord Voldemort – something v...

So what does your horoscope say about you?

Time to grab the ram by the horns [pun intended, tee hee] and shake things up: you’ve seen too much of balance and too little drama. Put yourself out there; it’s time you updated that single status on Facebook [and what better drama than a relationship, as all teen-dramadies on the idiot box will te...

Over a 1000 page views in less than a day! Awesome! Keep those hits coming, people. There's a LOT to browse through.

Our lead feature, written by Wali Khawaja and our Ed.!

TEXT TEEN is NOW LIVE, people! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Text Teen's third issue launches tomorrow morning!

The final teaser for Issue 3 - coming sooner than you think!

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Check out our teaser poster for Issue 3 - It'll be worth the wait, we promise you.

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Issue 3: Shaken & Stirred - Coming your way very soon.

Disclaimer: The video contains explicit language - Please watch at your own discretion.
So THIS is what PTA wanted to ban: fake 'SMSes' presented in a dramatic reading. For more on this subject, stay tuned for our next issue of Text Teen.

The history: News broke out November 16 that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority might impose a ban on around 1500 English & Urdu words used in SMSes. W...

A great picture of our dog tags by Safee Khawaja of Shuttershooters!

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Shuttershooters by Safee Khawaja.

The crave to do something different, we urge to sit back and enjoy the first ever web-zine in Pakistan!

Here's hoping for the best O/A level results for all of you!