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Welcome to ThatJapanGirl! I’m so excited to join you on your Japanese language learning journey. I believe that you have what it takes to be your own teacher, and to use your passion to fuel your Japanese study. My mission is to create a space where intermediate and advanced learners of Japanese c...


ヴィジュアル系のゴールデンエラーと私は思う。素晴らしいバンドが多かったし、国際的な活動も多くてすごく楽しかったころだった。ここでは、 2000年代のヴィジュアル系 のバンド、ここで10選をすすめます。
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[TRANSLATION] Today is a translation challenge! I wrote a post in English and am translating it to Japanese for the blog :) Dunno how it's gonna turn out, but I've written a few posts in Japanese and it's been pretty fun, so let's see how it goes! . . #thatjapangirl #japan #japanese #jblogger #speakjapanese #speakingjapanese #日本語 #日本語日記 #japanesepopculture #jhorror #japanesehorror

"In three words . . . uh, yeah, kinda. Foreign language learning is quickly moving into the realm of the unnecessary. So like it or not, we can all cross interpreter and translator off our list of career choices, along with elevator operator, taxi driver, doorman, cashier, bank teller, and Latin scholar."

Is foreign language learning obsolete? Should you spend time learning a language? Will computers replace interpreters? Hold on to your tinfoil hat.

"A language is a dialect with an army and navy." There are many smaller #Japanese "languages" spoken around Japanese. These dialects (like Kansai-ben and Tohoku-ben) can be a wonderful way to broaden your understanding of Japanese as a whole.

The short answer? Yes. You never know where a Japanese speaker might be from. Avoid potentially awkward situations by making sure you study Japanese dialects in advance. You’ll be prepared to converse with people no matter where they’re from.

Today, Maggie-Sensei teaches us how to combine kanji to produce compound words with contrastive meanings!

Kanji Compound words using kanji of opposite or “contrastive” meaning January 31, 2018No Comments 「白黒写真で撮ってね。」   = Shirokuro shashin de tottene.   = Take my picture in black and white, OK?     Hi everyone! Today’s guest teacher is Ushi-Sensei!   She is a black-and...

ラブ・レッスン① 作家と恋に落ちたら、あなたは必ずその人の本に登場する


"Japanese rock phenomenon BABYMETAL have announced 8 American and 5 European tour dates in late spring 2018, starting in Kansas City, Missouri on May 8th and ending at UK’s Download Festival in Derby on June 9th."

Japanese rock phenomenon BABYMETAL have announced 8 American and 5 European tour dates in late spring 2018, starting in Kansas City, Missouri on May 8th and ending at UK’s Download Festival in Derby on June 9th. BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2018 May 8 – Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theater May 10 – Aust...




主人公の訳語としての Hero にはいつも違和感があって、それはヒロイズム的な男主人公しか指さないから、かなり範囲が狭まってるんじゃないかと。Main character あたりが妥当なのかな。 日本語版 Wikipedia では、英雄 から ヒ....

Spoiler Alert: He doesn't become fluent in Japanese in 3 months. This is why you need to listen first, and find an obsession to push you through the hard times.

A few years ago, a guy named “Benny” popped up in the Japanese language learning community saying that he would be learning Japanese. He claimed he could get fluent in 3 months. He failed this mission. That’s because it’s not possible.


Have you ever heard of a monster named " slender man Look at this video! Horror Warning!!
ツイッターを開設したのでフォローよろしくお願いします! スレンダーマン・心霊映像・写真!!! ホラー注意!!! 引用; BGM;

Do you really believe you have no one to practice speaking Japanese with?

This is a “Japanese Language-Learning Myth” that you invoke to keep yourself from learning Japanese. This myth says that “I can’t learn Japanese because…I have no one to practice speaking Japanese with.”

"This is the kind of story that you want to find when you’re learning Japanese. One that you lose yourself in to the point where you’re not studying, you’re using Japan."

君の膵臓を食べたい or Let Me Eat Your Pancreas is a great novel that's worth reading in Japanese if you want to sharpen your reading, kanji and vocabulary!

"We've compiled a list of the best Japanese textbooks out there to solve this exact problem. Stop spending time searching and start studying."

When you start a Japanese textbook, it's important you stick with it. That's why it's EXTRA important that you pick the right one from the start.




"All Japanese All the Time" means to immerse yourself in Japanese media as close to 24-7 as possible. Absolutely no English is allowed. Think you can handle it?

It wasn’t until I wrote this post that I understood how deeply this person has influenced me and my Japanese language learning. I owe great thanks to Khatzumoto and his signature method, AJATT (All Japanese All the Time), for getting me to where I am today. どうもありがとうございます....