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Elliott Hannum
· January 31, 2018
It a great thing that this restoration is being done. We need more ‘living’ history in this country as so little is being taught in the schools. This was also the first aircraft type that I flew in in the 50’s and this brings back a lot of good memories. Being so enamoured with the C47, I would have preferred to hear the engine run up sans music. That engine makes its own wonderful music and should be heard solo. Thanks to all those making this possible. See More
Bob Stephanak
· January 30, 2018
My Dad flew in the version equipped as med evac planes. He was an enlisted man in the back of the plane taking care of the seriously wounded being sent back for treatment at his unit's main hospital Oxford, England. He started to make the cross Channel trip within the first week after D-Day and was even involved in a crash landing when the landing gear collapsed on touchdown at a newly liberated airfield (just that morning I think was what he said) in Normandy!

I'm very happy to be one of the original Kickstarter donors and I look forward to seeing "That's All, Brother" take to the air again and also seeing my Dad's name engraved on one of the seats in her.
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Lawrence Townsend
· January 31, 2018
My first flight ever was September 1960 in a Commercial version of the C47 from Seattle to Oakland CA going to Coast Guard Island boot camp in Alameda. What an amazing feat, this restoration. I can h...ardly wait to see it's launch in it's original coat. Semper Peratus See More
Alan Newton
· January 29, 2018
Although I wasn’t born yet when it flew, I feel I am connected to That’s all Brother. I had the privilege of serving 4 years at RAF Greenham Common from 1986 until 1990. Base historical pictures showe...d Gen. Eisenhower talking to the Airborne troops prior to take off from the same base I was at. See More
David Sopko
· January 30, 2018
Honored to be one of the original 3000 Kickstarter backers to help get this project off the ground and get "That's All, Brother" back in the air.
Seth Lake
· January 20, 2018
This is an amazing peice of history with an incredible story to tell! So thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who have made it happen through tireless efforts. Can't wait to see TAB back in the air!
Ray Rhodes
· January 29, 2018
This is a big event for our family. My dad was a member of the original 506th PRCT (AKA Band of Brothers) from their formation until Berchtesgaden. My two sons bought an interest in the aircraft for m...e for Father's Day two years ago in honor of their grandfather. What a super present! See More
Tom Travis
· February 3, 2018
It was a huge honor to be able to fly the first three flights after the restoration. The airplane flies really well and almost no write ups
Geo Meek
· January 31, 2018
Wonderful way to share a flying history of the Fathers Mothers Sisters and Brothers that flew this and many other plains that did away with Nazis...
Donald Olander
· December 15, 2017
Amazing transformation from the boneyard to 22,000 man hours later, back on the flight line in Oshkosh Wisconsin!
Samuel Molton
· February 1, 2018
Great to see such a historic war bird take to the skies again! Keep up the great work, I love what you guys are doing here!
Doug Deardorf
· January 30, 2018
Great effort for a great purpose! My Dad flew "the Hump" out of Kunming, China in C-47s. Best wishes for a successful "1st Flight"!
Brenda Cline
· February 11, 2018
Honored to be part of this historical restoration and those who are working diligently toward a once in a life time 75th Anniversary event!
Terry A Burgess
· January 31, 2018
A very special "Thank you" to Alex Hilburn for donating his seat to my son SSG Bryan A Burgess, KIA March 29, 2011!
Greg Hampton
· January 29, 2018
People grow old, they pass to meet their maker, but memories persist...the deeds of a heroic generation must not, and will not be forgotten. Take air Brother!
Doc Hecker
· February 2, 2018
Flew as Crew Chief on post-restoration flight #2 ... great experience 👍!!
Don Marinelli
· January 29, 2018
The Commemorative Air Force does it again. Bringing World War II history back to life with "That's All, Brother!" taking wing again. Fly high CAF!
David Shepard
· January 26, 2018
My father flew as a Flt Engr in C-47's during Korea. Always loved these planes. This one is beautiful. Thank You!
Terry Barton
· January 31, 2018
A dedicated bunch... doing what thousands wish they could.
Keep up the good work.
Randy Gilmore
· February 3, 2018
One for the history books. Can't wait to take my grand children.
Matt Scales discusses the name of That's All, Brother
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16 hrs

The music of World War II is iconic, and the Andrew Sisters were a major part of the unique music of that remarkable time.


Si...nger and entertainer Patty Andrews was the youngest member of the trio the Andrews Sisters, one of America's most popular musical groups of the 1930s and '40s.
Born in Minnesota on February 16, 1918, Patty Andrews was the youngest of the three girls who grew up to achieve fame as the beloved trio the Andrews Sisters. Singing in harmony with her sisters Maxene and LaVerne, she recorded hundreds of songs in swing and boogie-woogie styles from the late 1930s through the mid-1950s.

After the trio disbanded in the late 1960s, Patty Andrews performed as a solo artist. She died in California on January 30, 2013, at age 94.

Source: The Greatest Generations Foundation

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Plane Resurrection

Delighted to be working with Commemorative Air Force That's All, Brother and Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing on the movie! Special thanks to Joe Enzminger Doug Rozendaal David Oliver and of course Queen of Our Hearts Kim Pardon


A first look at our 2019 itinerary for the Atlantic crossing: lead-up to D-Day 75th Anniversary.

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Daks over Normandy

Dear friends, it's about time to show you what it takes for the DC-3's and C-47's from the 'other side' to come to Europe... Starting from Oxford, Connecticut, ...their route to Duxford, UK is about 3.800 miles long, of which the larger part over water... It amounts to over 30 hours of flight time!

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Excellent coverage of our first flight in La Manche libre, French Newspaper!

Pour le 75e anniversaire du débarquement en Normandie en juin 2019, Le French Wing, la branche française de la C.A.F., "Commemorative Air Force", le plus grand musée volant du monde a pour projet la venue en France du Douglas C-47 baptisé "That's All Brother", accompagné de 3 autres C-47 pour p...

10,000 Aircraft, 153,000 Troops, 6,300 Ships... One Lead Airplane. #thatsallbrother

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Check out this great article about Normandy 2019!

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Daks over Normandy

Good afternoon dear friends, please enjoy reading the article about our Daks over Normandy event in this months' issue of the wonderful Flypast Magazine.. ( )

Outstanding TAB Photo - thank you Kirby Scott!

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From the upcoming 2019 Feature Documentary, 'That’s All Brother, The Plane That Led The D-Day Invasion’ A Commemorative Airforce / Nik Coleman Television USA LLC co-Production.

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D-Day Squadron

The volunteers of the D-Day Squadron will make an epic journey across the ocean with a fleet of American C-47s, each vintage aircraft meticulously restored to f...lying condition. The Squadron will join up with C-47s from Europe and Australia for Daks over Normandy ( , a flyover of more than 30 aircraft to drop 250 paratroopers over the shores of Normandy on June 6, 2019, commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The skies will be filled once again with the sight of freedom, and the citizen soldiers and aircraft that helped bring about an end to World War II will be honored in this historic tribute. This entire fleet of warbird aircraft will be on static display at public events in both the United Kingdom and France for the education and enjoyment of people of all ages. Visit for more information.

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Here is a video from Nik Coleman of “That’s All Brothers” first flight.

Great article from our friends AOPA

A solemn but joyful salute to history took place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on Jan. 31, when a Douglas C–47 Skytrain that led a formation to Normandy, France, to drop paratroopers for the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944, lifted off following a restoration project launched in 2015.

Superfan Walter Chester Todd at Thunder Over Michigan in 2017 ! Can you name the aircraft in the pic?

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Walter Chester Todd added 2 new photos.

There are MIRACLES every day, and I am one! Told in 1970 by my diabetes physician, I had 20-25 good years of life ahead of me and yet here I am 48 years later. ...Still teaching and "jumping out of perfectly good airplanes." Being around a bunch of good "Airborne people", talking about the US military and world history in various community settings- colleges, high schools, libraries, museums, and military events. Sadly, I could not be in the military due to my diabetes, but I am "living a dream" doing what I have been doing for the last 24 years now remembering my Veteran relatives and the Airborne veterans of the United States of America! I am by the Rigger in the Red ball-cap on the front row at the Detroit Thunder Over Michigan last September!

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Help us commemorate the D-day sacrifice of so many young men fighting for liberty. You can get on board with the campaign to finish That's All Brother's restoration and fly her back to Normandy in 2019:

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