Follow the link below to register for the April 28 Defenders of the Innocent Event. Attendance is nearing capacity dont’t miss Jerry Buting’s compelling presentation.

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This year at the Illinois Innocence Project's annual event, they're bringing Attorney Jerry Buting of the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” to speak to th...e workings of an often flawed justice system, as seen from his view as co-counsel in the sensational Steven Avery case and other innocence cases.

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Please join us tonight to participate in a discussion with Exoneree Kristine Bunch!

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Marian J Bryant
January 17, 2013
I'm Peggy Jo Jackson's aunt I feel like she would never be someone to fear on the outside of prison walls. She is and always was a caring person who loved her children and all the people she worked Firefighter, Ent, farmers and all of us who know her feel like she should of never been in prision. She was badly abused by her husband I seen how she was abused and I seen the bruises on her body as of two days before this happened. When he hit her on back, hips and head with a two by four. She was in my mothers house and we begged her not to go with him. But she said if she didn't do what he wanted she would live to regreat it. I know she lived in fear. I was abuse spider and I stayed with mine until I was almost dead. So I know gear of abuse. You cannot explain how bad it gets and no one listen or helps a women in abusive relation ship. For fear they will be punished for speaking up. Her children seen abuse they were always afraid. I pray someone will now help this women so she doesn't have to be punished all her life. She has people that love her and want her to live with them. She has experience as a dog trainer and she has offers of work. So please help her to come home. I love her so much her Aunt Marian. See More
Michael Blake
· August 3, 2017
The IIP is a great place to work, and serves an important role in combating an unfair criminal justice system.
Lawyer Pace
· October 3, 2017
This is really a great Project Since its conception its been a blessing .
Rose Davis Adams
March 31, 2013
If you have a family member who is innocent and is incarcerated, this is the place to go. These fine people will not rest until they see justice done- they are tireless, dedicated, and will stop at n...othing to get justice served. More people like this in the world can only do it more good! Thank you to EVERY single person who worked on my cousin's (Peggy Jo Jackson) release- words are not enough! Know that when you lay your heads down at night that YOU made a difference in this world!!! See More
Charlotte Cloud
· August 16, 2017
This is such important work! Do you take cases in Florida?
Faith Danielle
· May 31, 2016
An exceptional project and even better place to work!
Mary Kaszynski Outain
· December 4, 2014
A wonderful group of caring people, who help exonerate the wrongfully imprisoned.
Obadyah Ben Yisrayl
· July 6, 2015
I think there doing a great thing
Annette E. Blankenship
· March 11, 2016
Charles Palmer, IIP's 10th exoneree, visits the Project office. Just one week ago Charles walked out of the courtroom after 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
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