Why You Need To Understand Google's Obsession With Time To Long Click via @ajkohn #SEO #Google #InternetMarketing

Time to long click puts many search changes into perspective and gives sites renewed reason to link out and think of search as a multi-site experience.

#Squidoo NoFollows All Outbound Links via @rustybrick #SEO #Linkbuilding

Squidoo, a huge user generated content web site founded by Seth Godin...

#Republicans Led by #RandPaul #Filibuster #drones almost 13 hours w/o using the bathroom! What are your thoughts??

The senator from Kentucky staged a filibuster over the government’s use of lethal drone strikes, forcing the Senate to delay the expected confirmation of John O. Brennan to lead the C.I.A.

Is #SocialMedia the new #punkrock? #social #seo #marketing #internetmarketing #business #youcandosocial @jeffbullas

Social Media is more Hip Hop than punk, because it has evolved from its early rap roots it is changing but still harks back to older forms of communication or 'samples'. Either way comparing Social Media to punk, Hip Hop or any other musical genre just sounds a bit wanky to me and for the sake of v…

Find out how the average American thinks wealth is distributed in the US, what they think is the ideal distribution, and what it ACTUALLY is... Must See, Great 6 min video.

How to make a really boring subject go viral.

Make any website do the Harlem Shake: theWEBtheory doin the Harlem Shake: #HarlemShake #Lol

theWEBtheory is a Miami SEO + Internet Marketing Company.

A different way of looking at today's global economy...

Image may contain: night

This image is a visualization of who controls the global economy. Here's the key to understanding it:…/who-controls-the-world-resources-for…/

Anonymous Declares: ‘There Will Be No State Of The Union Address On The Web Tonight’ #Anonymous #Obama

Anonymous has declared that “there will be no state of the union address on the web tonight.” In a “call to action” post, the group has announced their intention to impede the broadcast of President Obama’s State of the Union address scheduled for this evening. The group of hackers, referring to the…

5 Reasons To Focus on Search, Not Social for Customer Acquisition by @LeverageDigital via @sewatch #seo #socialmedia

SMBs are placing more and more emphasis on social media marketing as a customer acquisition tool. Here are five reasons why this is a mistake, and why SMBs should focus on search, not social when it comes to acquiring new customers.
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Billich Gallery is at Billich Gallery.

"Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing." Do you know who's this quote from?

33 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Dancing Abilities via #funny #dancing

You're not as bad at dancing as you think! Here are some examples of things you would never be caught doing on the floor.

Work with us so we can help your BUSINESS evolve! Also, don't turn into a barcode! … #Miami #seo

rainbowvines: “ silent-michael: “ deficientofhope: “ “ We evolve into a product of society. ” Best picture. Ever. ” Omg ” …Woah Work with us so we can help your BUSINESS evolve! Also, don’t turn into...

LLC vs Sole Proprietorship: Which is Better #business #entrepreneur #llc @needanincorllc

As an entrepreneur, you'll find there are many types of companies to choose from. Of course, each type of business has its own advantages and disadvantages and the best choice of company depends on your business and its unique situation. LLCs and sole prop...

The Evolution of Apple Products... 1976 - Apple I - iPhone 5 Pictures #apple #iphone #evolution #stevejobs #macintosh

View The evolution of Apple products photos in CBS News' The evolution of Apple products photo gallery

Undrip's "Lucky Ones" -- Official Music Video: @undrip #entrepreneur #sandy

Watch more videos and help small businesses effected by Hurricane Sandy: (you'll also get complete list of cameos and more info there...

Coffee! The Most Important Meal of the Day! - pug + coffee = can’t go wrong

pug + coffee = can't go wrong

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