Did you know that 3000 people PER YEAR die from air pollution within Australia.
That's more than double our ROADTOLL!

We need action nationally NOW to protect us all!

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Are we just going to say how awful and as always do Nothing.
Take the time to let our economic rationist Politicians know we want our reef and our country restored - not more Coal and Corruption.

As news broke that 93 per cent of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef was suffering from some level of bleaching, the ABC was preparing to broadcast the final episode of David Attenborough's ground breaking documentary on the reef.

This page has been inactive for some time for unavoidable reasons.However the political neglect of Climate Change urgencies in this country is of increasing concern. Renewables are off the agenda and outside the concern of the coalition. This region has been digging coal for decades. Theoretically, mining being Everything in the past and still present political landscape , this region should show some evidence of the huge wealth generated by the industry.

I guess they weren't around for the Hazelwood Mine Fire and the potential medium/long term health effects?
Or really care about preserving the beauty of Mirboo North?
Digging up more coal - what happened to the progressive phase out of brown coal? Thoughts?

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Ellen Sandell

Breaking: Labor has just approved new coal mining exploration in beautiful Mirboo North in Gippsland. We must keep coal in the ground - so why is the Victorian Labor Government trying to dig up more!?

How bout those wind turbines though?

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ABC has informed us that one of the Yallourn mine batters is causing smoke emission due to an internal combustion within the disused section. Yallourn North residents report odour and smoke. Just now on ABC 11am news there was a statement from EPA, in reference to readings taken last night being at levels similar to the active mine fire last year - they said equipment seems faulty.
Whatever, here in Morwell the familiar odour of coal burning smoke has been present for hours.

Spot fires burning in Hazelwood Mine.
"GDF Suez working to contain. "

Smoke may be visible, be cautious of exposure.

This mornings news, Model Robyn Lawley bares all to speak the truth!

We need to not forget and we need to speak up, how can in this day and age. Dirty, toxic brown coal still be an option?

Morally bankrupt, to potentially expose thousands upon thousands to cancer causing carcinogens.

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For those wanting to know where $25 million of their collective tax payer PUBLIC FUNDS are going.

No assistance for residents still suffering and sick, however we gift the Chinese Government $25 Mill to further brown coal production.


The fire still burns.


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19 June 2014 — While the Hazelwood coal fire still smoulders over Morwell and the incidence of serious pollution-related health issues rise the Victorian and Federal governments have handed out $75 million to coal companies to develop new brown coal projects in the Latrobe Valley, infuriating reside…

$25 Million committed to allow Shanghai Electric (Chinese Government) to further allow MORE brown coal mine production?

This is PUBLIC funding - with no contingency or plan to stop disaster again?

I've written to QandA this evening after seeing them attend Geelong to tackle the REAL issues for the town.

I feel although time has past, inquiry has began.

We still are left without answers for medium and long term exposure health impacts, as well as nothing to protect us from this happening again?


Am I alone in thinking this? Or have we all accepted the peace because currently we can breathe and have "out of sight, out of minded" the issue?

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The Latrobe Valley may be considered a"health conservation area". After the Mine Fire Inquiry rules that the long term health effect study should be extended to 20 years minimum.

GDF Suez have been found negligent in respect to safety prevention and then for the implementation of their safety plan (lack there of!).

Concerns were raised for the fire fighters on the front line long term health.


We still are yet to know wholly the medium and long term health ramifications from such toxic exposure.

How are you all feeling ?

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Chief fire officer speak out about c02 poisoning and the possibility the fire started within the mine.…/hazelwood-mine-fire-inquiry…/5489550

Victoria's fire chief says he cannot rule out the possibility the Hazelwood blaze started in the mine.

Today the Hazelwood Mine Fire Enquiry opened

Chief fire services officer Craig Lapsley was questioned for 3 hours.
He spoke of the problems they encountered with tackling the fire.
Including that the mines continual operational demands inhibited their ability to extinguish the fire. ...
He also admitted that the whole response was mismanaged.

Tomorrow GDF SUEZ must finally break their silence being forced to present their evidence and be questioned.

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With the mine still alight & no real sign of it being completely extinguished.

With this warmth it seems the air quality has diminished this evening, once again close all of your windows etc.

At minimum it's highly unpleasant.

"Dear Supporters and Friends,


Chief Officer Rosemary Lester announced a long-term health study!


Ms Lester has told us the study will look into respiratory problems, heart conditions and possible developments of cancer in the Morwell community caused by the Hazelwood Mine fire. What's more, the study will look into Morwell residents' health over the next 10 years.

And this study won't just help suffering Morwell residents. It will "fill an international knowledge gap" according to news reports*, which means the study will benefit mining communities facing similar circumstances in Australia and around the world for years to come.

It's hard to believe that this campaign started only a few weeks ago with a simple online petition and a request that you share it amongst friends. And you did so much more than that.

You embraced this cause wholeheartedly and shared it with friends and family, spreading the word via email, social media and word of mouth. Before we knew it, we had a ground swell response of nearly 25,000 signatures. In Morwell, more than 200 people without access to the internet signed a paper petition distributed around town.

But that wasn't all. On top of this, more than 1,627 people flooded Ms Lester's email inbox asking her to announce a long-term health inquiry for Morwell residents. There's no denying Ms Lester heard us alright and the success of this campaign was because of you.

Thanks to all you who stood up to be counted against injustice, Morwell residents will now get the information they deserve and need. Thank you to all our supporters and all your kind words of support throughout this campaign. We will all rest easier now.

Morwell applauds your efforts,

Tracie Lund

PS - For further information on the anounced health study you can click on the links below:…/mine-fire-health…/…


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Details on the long term health study. More details on the monitoring of the mine.

Apologies for lack of posting.

Currently inquiry is still calling for those affected to contact (details below) before any major legal proceedings begin.

There is still a noticeable stench and increased pollution some nights, however so much improved on previous months.


A number of independent agencies are in planning mode for taking Class Action - details to come.

How have people been on an individual level? Has health and wellbeing improved?

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Air quality is reading as "very good" from the EPA website...
The feeling of the quality appears to be diminishing as the night goes on.
Smell is very strong and recommend windows and doors be closed.
Symptoms from inhaling/existing outside in the smoke appear to be arising again.
Take care of yourself and others. ...
This fire has been "contained", however this does not mean that is it out.
Take precautions where you can and hopefully the air will be back to quite good and clear within the next 24 hours. TATWB,

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Air quality is important to the health and wellbeing of all Victorians. Most air pollution comes from industry, motor vehicles and domestic wood burning.