Our vocalist, Cain Cressall, is now available to spill all his secrets in personal vocal coaching sessions for any singers looking to expand or refine their technique. Cain's home studio is available for West Australian clients, while there is a Skype option for interstate or international vocalists.


Wanja "Nechtan" Gröger annihilates "Rape", the final track of our 2008 album n0n.

Incredible work.

Long promised and here it finally is: My first YouTube Drum Cover!
The Song is called Rape from The Amenta!
#nechtan #drumcover #theamenta #doublebass #blastbeat #blast


Our vocalist, Cain Cressall, is featured in Heavy Music Magazine & Website's top ten Aussie Vocalists of the Decade.

Cain is featured alongside vocalists from Truth Corroded, Darkc3ll, Caligula's Horse, High Tension, Twelve Foot Ninja, King Parrot, Make Them Suffer and Parkway Drive.

Cheers to Heavy and Callum for the kind words.
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Aborym‘s forthcomer is turning out to be like a sky full of stars. Among the high-profile cameos announced for the band’s seventh official record “SHIFTING.nega...tive”, alongside Ministry and Revolting Cocks's Sin Quirin, THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB's Ricktor and Dope Stars Inc.'s Victor Love, there’s Mr Cain Cressall from the crushing Australian outfit, The Amenta, bringing his unique style of vocal terror to a few tracks.

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We'd like to announce that our vocalist, Cain Cressall, has been invited to present at the annual EMP Conference in Seattle on April 15th.

This year's instalment is titled 'From A Whisper To A Scream: The Voice In Music', where Cain and, co-presenter, Laura Glitsos (lecturer, academic writer and vocalist) will be discussing extreme vocal techniques and their significance in both mainstream and marginal musics.

Click below for more details.

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Launched in 2002, an annual conference joining academics, critics, performers, and fans in a collective discussion about the role that music plays in the human experience.

Many thanks to DGR and NO CLEAN SINGING for tending the embers.

I’ve been waffling a bit with the idea of contributing more often to the series of Rearview Mirror posts that we’ve been doing here at NCS. I genuinely love the idea of being able to deep-dive on a song at random, but I’ve also wanted to let other folks share their hidden gems out there without me v…

Sad news last week.

On August 12th Chronicles of Chaos, the long running webzine, ceased publishing.

In 2004, The Amenta released the "Mictlan" EP. We were, maybe still are, complete unknowns. So we did what you did in those times and spammed magazines and webzines with our EP hoping for a review. We wanted to build a buzz in the hope that a record label might take an interest.


Enter Chronicles of Chaos. A writer, David Rocher, heard and reviewed our EP and gave it an excellent review. Even better he contacted the head of Listenable records to give him a heads up about our band. This started a conversation that resulted in us signing to Listenable Records and releasing 3 albums (so far) with them.Later another writer, Jackie Smit, began writing about us. He gave us great reviews and interviewed us a couple of times and was always a pleasure to speak with.

Our first three releases were reviewed by Chronicles of Chaos and given perfect scores each time. It felt like they were in some ways aligned with how we wrote and how we thought. As writers changed we lost that connection and there were no more reviews but the quality of the writing never dipped and Chronicles of Chaos continued to write interesting reviews and articles as the face of extreme music continued to shift.

We feel we owe Chronicles of Chaos a huge amount of respect.

The Amenta would like to thank Chronicles of Chaos for the support over the years and for being one of the last bastions of old school webzine writing.

The Amenta

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CoC : The Amenta - Mictlan : Review
Officially released as part of the VO1D multimedia, here is an upscaled HD version. Filmed at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on April 16th 2010. Edited by Shane...

A blast from the past.

The Amenta Mictlan 2002 Coming from Australia, The Amenta deliver the goods on what I like to call Death Metal for the new millennium - or in other words, a concoction of Ambient sounds, Industrial...

Interesting take on an often misunderstood/maligned track from our 2008 album 'n0n', courtesy of CyberneticOrganism and Toilet ov Hell.

In good company with the incredible Triptykon (Official) and Semargl.

Good to see that interest in atmosphere is still alive in some form.

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In the last segment, we looked at three ambient/noise artists who wielded their unique sound as a haunting, primal tool of dread and fear. This time, we’ll take a look at three more artists who have successfully mastered a common, but never unwelcome, method for injecting a bit of unease and atmosph…

Host, the noise/ambient project of a former member of The Amenta has just released an incredible FREE download through Wood & Wire.

Get it at the link. It's incredible.

More free music:...

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Host 'Star & System' - four ordeals of noise, dark ambience and experimentation.

Our good friend Host will be taking over the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sydney on September 27th with Abre Ojos and Transcendental Warlords.

A night of extreme sound. Be there.

Sat 7:00 PM UTC+10Kaleidoscope GallerySydney, NSW, Australia
150 people went
The Amenta live at Crowbar, Brisbane on January 16th 2014. This was part of their final live shows. Filmed & Edited by Shane "Swanee" Thomson.

A review (in Dutch) of Flesh is Heir courtesy of

"In Australia, I do not immediately think of a pitch-black, diseased air, endless rows derailed equipment and impoverished cities that are awash with nuclear waste, but that the inevitable images that present themselves when listening to Flesh Is Heir. It says everything about the extent to which the album grabs you by the throat. Intense and very strong album!"



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The latest from The Amenta (@TheAmenta). Extreme Metal From Sydney Australia. Sydney, Australia

Loud Online have posted a review of our final Sydney Show with Rotting Christ, Terra Australis and Rise of Avernus.

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Sometimes the impact of huge touring festivals means that everything else falls by the wayside and this show review is no exception. Suffice it to say, post cricket season and holiday or sanity break, middle of Summer and just as Soundwave pre-tour was in full swing, it saddens to report this review...

Cain's band, Malignant Monster, have joined the line-up for Indonesia's Hammersonic Festival this year.

They are incredible.

Malignant Monster announced for Hammersonic Jakarta International Metal Festival 2014