Today, I'm writing at GraceTable about Jesus' first bed and how the realization of it kind of wrecked me: "Maybe it’s a little far-fetched. Maybe I’ve had too many gingerbread cookies.

Or maybe it’s just another reminder that he came ready, born as a servant, his body to be broken for us to be consumed for our salvation. Maybe it matters after all."

Sunday night was the night for Christmas cookies. Gingerbread rolled out and royal icing whipped, dark and white chocolate chips poured and butter creamed with sugar in the most beautiful sort of way. All of these concoctions resulted in our table being a floury mess and my clothes covered with what

This is how we teach hospitality sometimes — living a life willingly interrupted. // Today you can find me rambling about tea parties and teaching hospitality over at GraceTable.


Apple pies, Carta Marina, and the Sea of Darkness filled with creatures. Writing again over here:

So there I am, salsa chicken in the crockpot and I’m dumping a pile of cinnamon-and-sugared apples into a pie crust and I feel lighter. I do. I feel like God has given me a simple joy in seeing a bunch of random ingredients come together into a pie dish just for the joy of enjoying this battered wor…

In case you missed it, I wrote over at For the Church about my struggle and wrestle with the anxiety monster, and how I still need the Gospel:

How long will I keep anxiety on a leash pretending I’m not on the end of his?

The hardest parenting moments sometimes reveal more to me about God than anything else.

“I DOUBT THAT YOU LOVE ME!” She screams this in my face. Her face, scrunched. Eyes clamped shut. We learn a lot things in the stumbling act of parenting. How high the sky is, what happens when you pour salt on ice cubes and the magic of gooblick. And we learn what it means to show love. To give lov…

When The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" played at a funeral and I realized maybe she was on to something. "We are mermaids. We don't have our feet yet."

My great-aunt passed away last weekend. She lived a long, full life. 96 years of friendship, camping adventures, walking, gardens, story-telling, farm tales and more. We sat on the front row at her service, the casket open displaying the body of a woman I once knew. This is death. The flickering can…

Come see the new digs (and new post!) ... soon my new last name will be reflected on this page as well! Don't be alarmed. It's still me.

I made pancakes and he scrambled eggs. Not a very momentous occasion outright, until maybe years go by and I'll reflect back and say "Remember the Saturdays when we had no place to be, no event to cart little people off to, no children off and out on their own, and we stood side by side at the stove…

A quick update on the status of my site/blog/biz:
1. Some malware awful ugly thing found my site. (Ew, gross.)
2. The site was scrubbed. (Don’t you love clean things?!)
3. I lost all my posts from this past year. (Deep, panicky breath.)
4. They’re all saved somewhere, but its going to take some time to get them back up. (Annoyed groan)...
5. I’m relaunching after the wedding with a new brand, new prints for sale, a new design strategy and the like. I hope to kick the whole thing off with giveaways! (HALLELUJAH! WHO WANTS PRETTY THINGS!?)
6. So I’m chalking all of this up to transition. With transition comes the loss of something. Today it happens to be the clarity and cohesiveness of my website + design brand. This too shall pass! (Cue Elsa: LET IT GOOOOO LET IT GOOOOO)
6. If you just want to see what I’m making and marketing these days, check back in the spring of 2015! (I can’t wait to come back with all the new shiny things!)

A new post about all the fun life changes is going up later today... stay tuned!

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I'm over at A Deeper Story today: Maybe this was the hardest part of those weeks of Advent — knowing that everyone knew where I was at while we all pretended I didn’t know that everyone knew. If you’re looking for a way to bless a single mom this Holiday season (or a single father! I’m only saying mother because I have been one), here are a few super-practical ideas.... {link in first comment}

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Six Ways Life is More Adventurous with Kids // "Everyone seems to bring out the warning and woes when talking about children these days. “This is your last Christmas without a baby!” someone said to me once. “Enjoy your freedom while it lasts!” The ominous tones and suggestive, foreboding words seem to hover around new parents. These things are said with a knowing grin and an ominous sense of fear. It’s the general gist that holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weekends — everything gets much worse when a child comes a long."

It?s the general gist that holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weekends ? Because in my opinion, every single holiday, birthday and general life has been made better because of a child.

Cold and gray. Golden and brisk. Ducks dipping their heads in the still ponds and tall evergreens that keep color while every other tree stands bare. November is poetry.

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Yesterday, a post I wrote about cynicism + instagram + real life went up at Deeper Story. Here's a snippet (and the link is in the first comment.):::

I tell everyone they should post their beautiful moments on instagram. If we as believers in the greatest story of all time don’t fill this world with whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is true, and so on … who will? I don’t want to look away from the pain. I don’t want to be silent on the things that matter. And I a...lso don’t want to forget that we are eagerly waiting for the redemption to be complete. We stand with eyes fixated on love and can see how it is poured out generously in quiet ways. We made it out of the corn maze, as we all do with most things in life. We make it out of the muck and slime, and here or Heaven, we exit with a sigh of relief that the clouds are parting and a feast awaits us. We made it home, happy hearted and collapsed onto the couch to look again at the moments we collected. We relived them again. We gave thanks for the rich harvest of a day captured on a small screen in our hands, multiplying itself with joy in our hearts. We left cynicism behind and believed again.

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Oh hello over here. Here's a new post on the ole blog!

"If poetry is the food of love, then a loaded meat sauce with fresh bread is the food of community. Opening up the home and my kitchen, the fridge and my table is becoming a more and more common thing again. It always beats inside me like a steady drum, and were I to listen, I’d always be dishing out one more bowl or plate until someone had to tell me to sit down. I can’t always understand or know what everyone is wrestling with or why I can’t seem to get beyond the casual greeting, but I can offer another round of dinner and say, “Please…eat it all!”

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If you missed the radio show earlier today, here is a podcast!

In this hour, we bring in our writers panel to discuss how good writers seek to become better writers. Our panel, is led by NY Times writer and Newhouse

If you're near the radio or the computer at 12pm EST today, I'll be joining a panel on a local NPR show with Evan Dawson to talk about writing! You can listen online ( or on WXXI-AM 1370 or WRUR-FM 88.5 in Rochester.

“Love is always best, mom,” she says, and this time, it doesn’t feel trite. It doesn’t feel like a child’s wish. It feels like her secret. {Today at A Deeper Story.)

I know it’s going to happen the moment I see this woman. It’s a narrow grocery aisle and there is only one way out. My daughter gasps when she sees her. An audible “WOW” flies out of her mouth in her typical one volume, five-year-old, everyone can hear her voice, and I lock my eyes on my daughter. C…
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