As many of you have seen my paintings was about co-creating divine artwork to help people get through the grief process and find their joy again. I started them shortly after my dad passed away last January. It helped me tremendously go through my own grief and connect with his spirit. To tell the truth, I loved the time I put it and the sales I made + I had all these great testimonials. I was loving it so much so that I started feeling trapped in the "grief" nich...e.

The work already healed the wounds I had...but the story of grief made me feel trapped.

I wanted to explore and expand my scope. But I was afraid people would criticize me for changing. How crazy is that, right?


I AM AN ARTIST. I need freedom. My soul is craving for me to expand.

As we all should...

I realized in all of these, what I am is not just GRIEF but in the GRACEFUL EVOLUTION of BEAUTY & FEMINITY.

I am a genetically Asian woman that was born and has been living in Canada and speaks French & English. I used to make more money than my husband and since the time I started making babies (I have 4, had one miscarriage and one abortion), my husband has brought home the bacon - the BACON that I sometimes feel I couldn't eat.

...and because of this, I feel ashamed a lot as though I don't have a voice anymore...

Today I woke up -recomitting to the LIFE I have. I did so by reconnecting to my femininity, sensuality and sexuality.

This morning, I went to buy new lingeries - SEXY lingeries. And I started remembering the EVOLUTION in me.

From my soul to yours, I am offering you to embark on this journey of deep self-love and self-wisdom with me!

I am offering to channel your Soul Portrait - a Portrait of the Purest Beauty You Are!

By having it in your sacred home, you will feel rejuvenated, energized, powerful, sexy, sensual, beautiful, intune with your body and your desires, aligned. You will feel unconditonal love, joy, peace again within yourself. It will raise your vibration and the ones around you.

Feel like a goddess and radiate more!
Feel worthy and feel enough. YES, you are!

This is the best gift you can gift to yourself. Comment "I'm a Goddess" for details

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I was really inspired to paint all day yesterday. I painted 4 artworks in a row. They are so powerful! By now, some of you know that painting is my favorite thing to do hehe.

When I paint, I set an intention. For clients, I always ask them how they want to feel when looking at the painting. For this one, it was to help me let go of fears, limiting beliefs that are holding me back and not serving me anymore. So tell me, what do you see/feel and what are you letting go? Xo

P.S.... Loving the energy of my artwork and want to find joy, expansion, transformation? I am offering all my prints at $47 USD (free shipping worldwide).

'' Number 47 is a message that the work you are doing towards your personal spiritual development and enlightenment are being encouraged and supported by the angels, Ascended Masters and Archangels. They applaud you on your progress and urge you to keep up the good work.

Angel Number 47 may also be telling you that if you are considering expanding or beginning a spiritually-based career, practice or profession or heart-based venture, the angels will support and encourage you towards achieving success. You will need to put in some hard work and effort, but you will find long-term rewards and benefits for yourself and for those whom you serve. Ask for angelic guidance when feeling any doubts or fears as to your path..'' (Extract from Joanne Sacred Scribes website)

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I love teaming up with my dad’s spirit to co-create divine artwork to help people get through the grief process and find their inner joy.

I grew up in a family where expressing our emotions was not allowed. My dad didn’t know what to do when I was crying. I don’t blame him as he didn’t allow himself to express his own feelings. Still to this day, I have a hard time saying I am feeling. No wonder why I love painting so much! Art transcend words. Art allow ...deep emotions to surface in ways that can be unexpected and very healing. Expressing emotions through art access different parts of the brain and help with the recovery process. Art is a sacred place where you can explore the vast array of your emotions and not feel judged about it. Art is an expression of the human experience.

You can receive healing when looking at my artwork because I infused them with energy healing. When I was painting it, I was wondering what it was representing. I was doubting...but I heard my dad said to TRUST. That the painting was completed. No need to add anything else. I asked him : «are you sure?» Guess what? Now, I love it so much. The colors are so vibrant. It makes me wanna dance and enjoy life. After all, that’s what our loved one want for us: FIND JOY AGAIN! They don’t want us to stay in that pain forever. So tell me - what do you see/feel when looking at this one?

P.S. If you would like to gift yourself an everlasting memory of your loved one, PM me for a custom painting. I am offering a special package for only $447 USD. It includes:
--> one painting (size 8’x10’)
--> one video showing the progress of the painting
--> a channeled message in a PDF.
--> Free shipping worldwide and payment plan available.
BONUS: one session of ancestral karmic clearing.
Available until August 5th, 23:59pm EST. Can’t wait to co-create a masterpiece with the spirit of your loved one and help you find joy, comfort, love and healing! xo

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First, my story…

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Divine Connexion Painting :
My heart melted when I saw this cute teddy bear appearing on the painting I co-created with my dad's spirit.

Do you see it too? How do you feel?

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I love starting my day by co-creating otherwordly paintings with my dad's spirit. I am amazed each time. I feel so privileged to do this with him. Love transcends time/space. We would have never done a painting together if he were still alive...

What do you see or feel when you look at our paintings? What emotions does it bring up in you? Whatever you feel, please know it's ok. Allow to feel them ♡

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When I do Divine Connexion Painting, I never know who/what I will paint. I am being guided by my dad's spirit. I surrender and enjoy.

Look who came forth last night?
Jesus - loves us all.


Can you feel his presence?

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Another artwork I co-created with spirit this morning.

What do you see or feel?

I see an old and wise owl....
In Native American superstition, owl is a symbol of being able to navigate any darkness in our life.

So true! When you loose someone you love, it hurts extremely...but you know that you can heal and thrive ♡

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I am in love with this artwork I co-created with spirit yesterday. What do you see? How do you feel? It has a special meaning to me in my journey...

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Even though you might be a bereaved mom, my work might not be for you right now.

I am looking for moms who are ready to heal. It's ok if you are afraid. I am here to hold your hands.

I am looking for moms who are ready to do the work (there's beauty in death but we need to access the shadow side...). It's ok if you are afraid. Again, I am here to guide you.


I am looking for moms who are not waiting for time only to heal their grief. Because time alone won't help you heal unless you take action. If you do nothing for the next 20 years...chances are you will be still grieving.

I am looking for moms who are open in learning how to reconnect with themselves and their baby spirit. It's ok if you are skeptic...

I am looking for moms who always wanted to paint but don't know how (I will show you how to create your own intuitive painting in less than 30 minutes, with NO artistic skills at all).

Are you that mom? If yes, we need to meet at one of my intutive painting workshop.

If you are not ready, I still love you. I know we'll cross path in the future.

There's beauty in death. Have faith xo

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Un pur bonheur de créer de l'art dans un décor enchanteur.

Pure joy to create art in nature.

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Plusieurs d'entre nous avons déjà perdu un ou des enfants (que ce soit suite à une fausse couche, un avortement, une grossesse ectopique, une maladie infantile, un suicide, etc.). Pourtant, c'est un sujet qui demeure tabou. On célèbre les naissances...mais qu'en est-il de la mort de nos enfants?

Ayant moi-même vécu une fausse couche et un avortement il y a quelques anné comprends comment les mamans endeuillées comme toi se sentent.

J'ai maintenant comme mission d'acco...mpagner les mamans à cheminer à travers leur deuil. Souvent, la douleur est tellement intense qu'il n'y a pas de mots pour exprimer nos émotions.

J'ai découvert que l'art transcende les mots. L'art permet de guérir des blessures émotionnelles. L'art permet de se reconnecter avec notre âme. L'art permet de se connecter avec nos êtres aimés décédés. L'art permet de se commémorer et honorer nos anges envolés.

J'ai eu envie de créer un atelier de peinture intuitive pour honorer nos anges envolés. C'est aussi un espace sacré où il te sera possible de te donner la permission de guérir tes blessures, ton deuil à tous les niveaux.

Écoutes ton coeur! Viens te joindre à moi et d'autres mamans, comme toi...tu n'es pas seule! xo

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I thought I had to suffer when someone I love died. When my mom passed away 6 years ago, I almost fell into depression. I had a great position as a director of nursing. A good salary to support my family. But I decided to quit everything. I cried and cried my mom’s death. How could I live without her? Many emotions started to arise such as denial, regrets, old feeling, guilt, shame...I played again over and over some old scenarios in my head. I thought I could have done so differently. But I didn’t know better.

Two months ago, my dad died. At first, I thought I had to suffer just like it happened with my mom’s death. Surprisingly, this time, grief was softer...thanks to the connection I made with my dad’s spirit through painting.

If you are grieving someone you love, know that it will hurt like hell at first. You will want to sleep all day, cry, hide, deny, yell, not taking your shower, not eating...
You will slowly learn to live without their physical body but know that their spirit is always with you. Death will transform you for the best. Trust me!

You will want to create something bigger than yourself to honour their life but also their death.
You will choose to love more.
You will choose to live more.
You will choose to laugh more.
You will choose to hug more.
You will choose to kiss more.
You will choose to play more.
You will choose to connect more.
You will choose to worry less.
You will witness the beauty yet the fragility of life.
You will witness the magic in you and people around you.
You will become closer to who you really are.

There’s beauty in death...Have faith xo

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