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Bill Wee 2014 Interview - What Does Archery Mean to You?

I was featured by martial arts blog author Charlie Wildish in an interview.…/colin-wee-6th-dan-tkd-master-blog…/

Amazing interview with Colin Wee, 6th Dan Taekwondo. Blogger, Youtuber, author and leader in practical applied Taekwondo.
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A lovely souvenir from Archery Association of Singapore circa 1985.

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What does External Qi Transmission have to do with Archery? For one, those 10 steps aren't going to get you very far. From when you learn those basics, and how you struggle to get a consistent form ... I am looking to visual clues and using my sensitivity to understand what you are thinking and doing. The solutions aren't written down anywhere. Not in some fancy coaching paradigm nor in a beginners' protocol.…/…/external-qi-transmission.html

External Qi Transmission
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Historical shots from yesteryear. I swear - it didn't feel like it was that long ago.

Have a specific game play in mind? Think again ...

Joong Do Kwan Western Australia

When does planning mess you up? Right when you most need it!

When I was a National Archer - we expended a lot of effort not only in training but in equipment pr...eparation, mental preparation, and additional cardio and strength exercise. We knew what we had to do at a high level, we had a schedule leading to the competition, and lots of rules to govern behaviour and performance.

Ironically, you shoot best when all the rules and planning fall by the wayside. No, I'm not referring to when the proverbial hits the fan. The first example of this for me was when I rocked up to a regional competition, and was convinced I was the poorest and worst archer on the field. I probably was, but my conviction - allowed me to focus on my performance, create a bubble around my physical person, and get into the zone.

The story continues with the temperature going up a few degrees, the wind picking up, and the humidity making the top archers wilt. But I was in my own bubble. I was performing at my best - still in denial, and not caring how anyone else was going.

In the end, I was the underdog that came in top 5 not because I was exceptionally good. It was because I didn't mess up so badly. And that is what competition is, isn't it? That is a point for another story.

The takeaway is that to get good you must bring your competition into your practice and your practice into your competition. At the competition don't be bogged down by details. By planning. By politics. You get there - take off that straitjacket from being nitpicked on in practice, focus on your performance, and as they saying goes "just do it".


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Bill Wee - Father of Archery in Singapore is interviewed in 2014 on What Archery Means to Him.

Bill Wee was for many years Association President and National Coach. He was also the top ranked men's archer for many years - bringing a consistent game to each and every shoot. Few now would have remembered him as a competitor. He was always cool. Always shot as he trained. And I've never seen him flustered at the range before.

This was the man who trained me and who gifted me w...ith the ability to 'see' beyond the Ten Steps of Archery. Here was the man who made me think about the mental game of the sport. And this was the man who single-handedly created a huge knowledge leadership in the region.

How did he do that? Why he tested everything. Every new piece of equipment. Any new technology. Any form improvement. He pursued progress and shared these insights with any archer at every step of the way. This was what made him so great.

I share this in the hope that you may find some wisdom in his words.

Video Credit and Much Appreciation: Lee Wen Hao
Honorable Mention to: Samuel Nicholas Chu

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A constant rah-rah doesn't work with all people. I'd rather work with conservative people who are self-motivated, disciplined, and have a consistent positive attitude. As a serious athlete, what drives you to excel? What burns your fire on the inside? I bet it's not a cheerleader bouncing around in a skimpy outfit.

Joong Do Kwan Western Australia

In a Rut and Can't Get Out

All this talk about happy thoughts, positive thinking, and power words - only get you so far. And they work because such scripting he...lps control self-defeating ideas and supports mental visualisation rituals. But if you think positive thinking is a guarantee of happiness, you're mistaken.

Reality will strike unannounced. The emotional situation of each athlete is different. Everyone deals with their own world. And you need to be able to understand that positive thinking only goes so far. Assuming it is a panacea is deluding yourself to think it's some magic cure all.

If you find yourself in a rut - acknowledge your issue. Try solve the issue at hand or distance yourself from the source. And be kind with yourself - negative emotions need to be let go off, not just bottled up and shunted toward a corner of the mind.

Take one step at a time with your training and your performance. All the habits that you've built up to help with visualisation, with preparation, all can help you go through the motions - and are there to ensure consistent performance. Rely on them but be honest with yourself and be measured with your expectations of what you can do.

There's a karate saying which you might like to reflect on, and it goes something like this - taking one step back is fine if the next one hundred steps take you forward.

Keep well, my friend.

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This is an intermediate archery coaching event with limited spaces. This event is not for beginners nor for those who do not own their own bow. Please ensure you have a ticket to attend (Ticket URL TBC). Proceeds go to a charity of my choice.

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Push it in. Follow through. Eyes on the Gold. by Colin Wee…

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Push it in. Follow through. Eyes on the Gold. by Colin Wee…

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Push it in. Follow through. Eyes on the Gold. by Colin Wee…

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Push it in. Follow through. Eyes on the Gold. by Colin Wee…