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Jessica Thomas
· January 1, 2018
I love the arc I have mental illness, a physical disability walk with a walker and developmentally delayed. In 2000 I went to the arc camp sun n fun in new jersey for a week I loved it. Last year my t...herapist had the arc get me Christmas presents and this year went to the arc Halloween party in Asheville nc. My dad died in 1999 mom in 2005 moved to nc to live with sister. She put me in a group home three years ago all the workers are very nice I go to psr a mental health day program I love it I color a lot and put the pictures on my Facebook. Thank you to arc for including me in things. See More
Geri Featherby
· August 29, 2017
Amazing organization. I am a proud director to be a catalyst of tapping onto the creative minds and hearts of special stars with special needs! You can't even imagine how the performing arts can be... a life-changing experience for them. Find a theater near you and get your child/adult involved! God Bless the ARC!! See More
Soojung Kim
· June 28, 2017
My daughter has Rett Syndrome and has complex medical needs but she is doing well and is thriving because of the medical services she's receiving through Medicaid. It is terrifying and devastating to... find such cruel amount of cut in Medicaid fund in the new senate heath care bill. But I choose to remain hopeful because I will never give up the fight and we have champions fighting for my daughter and for families like us with me. I want to thank the Arc of the United States for standing with us, working so hard, day and night and sometimes all through the weekends. Your dedication to advocate for the rights of my daughter is so inspiring, encouraging and powerful. Let's keep educating the public and let our voice heard. See More
Ava Ava Vs Addisons
· January 14, 2018
Horrible experience. ARC MPT trustees are making my life miserable. I am disabled and have a trust fund with ARC. They cost me more $$. Ignore my drs reasonable accommodation, ignore my requests for d...isbursements and then pay them late, if at all.....advocational for the disabled????? Huh? See More
Cindy Franks
· June 16, 2017
ARC of the U.S. is stepping up the fight to protect Medicaid from changes to health care currently in discussion. This is a civil rights issue now, for all people with disabilities. The structure thro...ugh which vital services and supports are delivered could be completely dismantled and funding mechanisms devastated. Our Bay Area congresspeople already know this, but we need support from others in other places. Please spread the word! See More
Trudy Jacobson
· May 17, 2017
The Arc is an amazing organization, working hard on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The work on the front line and at the national, state and local level to ensure ...the the protection of their civil and human rights - advancing policy to promote and protect them and their families. Please ensure the work of The Arc can continue, consider making a gift to The Arc today. See More
Sally Gaines
· December 1, 2015
I do not know how they call themselfs The Arc of the United States when they will not help us get housing for my daughter who is in a group home in Fl and will not let us apply for services here unti...l she moves here with us and we can not care for here. So because she is disabled she is being discriminated against. They think it is better to bring her here have her live with us where she may harm herself or someone else. They real do not care about people with disabilities. See More
Linda Shadoin Grier
· May 26, 2017
The Arc keeps issues that are important to individuals and their families in the forefront of our minds. Together we must take action to make a difference. Joint with Arc and respond to their calls ...for action with your local and national representatives. See More
Karen Bachus Driver
· January 16, 2014
LOVE The Arc of The United States . . . I'm a past Arc employee! Wish local Arc's would follow the Position Statements or lose their affiliation. Just noticed another Alabama family below whose family... member has been discharged from all her Arc programs due to retaliation against the family. This seems to be happening frequently in Alabama?? My sister and son still receive GREAT services . . . my brother was discharged out of retaliation from complaints about him not being able to choose, literally, pork-n-beans vs black-eyed peas! THANKING God the new Medicaid rulings will force all service providers to enter into a lease with residents resulting in them not losing their homes and communities when services are ended out of retaliation! Too hard for people with intellectual disabilities to make friends with neighbors to have to start over because non-disabled adults, getting paid to serve them, cannot take corrective criticism . . done patiently over two years! Would LOVE to see The Arc advocate to separate housing from services . . . total conflict of interest . . as proven by Medicaid's new ruling! See More
Georgann Hall
· June 23, 2017
Thank you, ARC, for working to protect and support people who need help. Keep going strong for those of us who need the support. We have got to make our elected officials understand "real life."
Bill Baxter
· May 27, 2016
The Arc is a Great Organization throughout the United States of America. I worked as a volunteer in one of the Thrift Stores in The Arc of the Pikes Peak Region (Colorado Springs, CO.) and it was a r...ewarding experience. I was born Developmentally Disabled. See More
Jill Nelson
· June 15, 2017
I just was sent an email re: Join The Arc on a Facebook Live Stream to Say #HandsOff Medicaid. Can you please post this here so that I can share with friends? Thanks!
Serrichtoph Permiali
April 21, 2013
Dear President Nancy Webster,

I have a social networking solution that can substantially end global poverty. Go to this link to read about it:...

It would be best if The Arc of the United States does this and not wait for CGI. We need to revolutionize charity now as almost a hundred thousand die every day of delay.

Best Regards

Chris Imperial
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An-drea Roza-lia Szabo
· June 9, 2017
The Arc is a wonderful company. The work they do is priceless
Leslie Hanes
· April 7, 2016
As a provider of products for those with special needs, I encounter many groups who advocate on their behalf. I appreciate all you do. Leslie, SOSecure Products
Francis Lawrence
March 18, 2013
A special book, one of it's kind for those that work with those with special needs.

Steve’s lessons on the building blocks of success such as integrity, respect, teamwork and commitment are punctuate...d not by the lessons of those whose success came easily but those who faced physical and learning disabilities and were belittled and, at times, given no hope including his own life’s story.
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Tyler Guenther
· January 16, 2015
Former client not the best some people all right Dian Dare is very rude Erin king is very nice Matt is young doesn't know what he is doing yet
Gloria SweetnCurvatious Vick
· March 2, 2014
I am currently an Arc employee and have been for the past eight years. I love belonging to an organization that goes thru great lengths to support and change lives
Cory Hall
· July 21, 2016
Hi! We are having some issues here in Spokane, Wa with proper donation pickup. As a longtime supporter of ARC, it upsets me to think how much revenue is lost due to issues with donation pickup. Fro...m the issue I had today, I was able to start to understand the issue in our area. First, it was no surprise to the donation center operator that there was an issue, and in a few words described they have been having an issue with this particular driver. Now when I find out from the Goodwill donation center person who gladly accepted our donations that they receive a ton of stuff marked ARC and hear similar stories all of the time, my guess is ARC OF SPOKANE has huge problems! Thankfully the missed revenue to ARC has been going to an equally reputable cause, yet does not distract from the fact that hired employees have continued to make choices which hurt the folks which ARC helps by losing needed revenue for continued services. The only folks that lose in this situation is the clients of ARC, and in my personal opinion, should not be allowed to happen.

Here is the unfortunate review I had to leave on their Facebook page. Sadly, they earned it.


Apparently the Arc of Spokane is no longer in need of donations. I have been a long time supporter of Arc. While I will always support their cause, I will no longer donate to them until they are able to square away their issues here in Spokane. I have noticed that it appears the more you donate, the more you are "missed". By "missed" I mean excuses like "I could not confirm the addresses house number" thus missing donation pickups. I was so concerned, because I had a large amount of boxes to pick up (Baby boy stuff *Because our little boy turned out to be a little girl last week, clothing, and an absolute ton of kitchen stuffs from pots and pans to silverware), I actually had these folks make a special notation to deliver to the driver. Because I have noticed that unless it is just one bag or so that pickups seem to be missed, I actually contacted the donation call center number a few times to verify that the driver did not "miss" the pickup. Mind you, I had everything out in boxes neatly stacked and clearly marked which took a bit of effort. I try and make things easy to go from donation to the store and into the hands of people who can use the items. When I called for the last time, I was informed that they may be having issues with the driver and left it at that. The lady on the phone was very nice, but at the end of the day was probably not too concerned. All I can say is if I have noticed what has been going on lately, my guess is others have too. People like myself who try and go out of their way to donate to good causes, may choose to donate elsewhere to equally good causes. Now I went ahead and took pictures of the unidentifiable numbers in on my house (which is in the City of Spokane on a normal city road), took pictures of the boxes marked ARC (which someone had already started to rummage thru) , took pictures of them in my van (which was full) and took pictures at the GOODWILL DONATION SITE (where they not only gladly accepted the donations, but insisted on unloading the items for me)!!! The sad thing that I learned during the process was that apparently I was not the only person bringing in bags and boxes marked ARC. When I told the gentleman about what had happened, he said they get so many items marked ARC that it has become a bit of a joke around their donation center. If that is truly the case, my guess is there is a BIG problem here locally with donation pickup. I can't imagine how much revenue has been lost because of these issues which could have been used towards continuing the services provided by ARC. While I will always be a big fan of ARC, I can no longer try to donate to folks who don't want our donations. It appears that there have been longstanding problems. Please, if you can not live up to the name, stop asking for donations in our area. Arc as a whole is an amazing organization. There are a lot of organizations in the Spokane area who can really use (and appreciate) these donations. If you dont want donations, please stop asking for them. Thanks :)
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Patricia Chandler Thomas
February 10, 2012
The ARC has done nothing in support of my daughter who was put out of all ARC programms..after 44 the Exectutive Director Of The Madison County Alabama retaliation for being question...ed about misuse of my daughter's funds and obvious dangers in my daughter's group home. See More
Time lapse video of the second line parade from the hotel to the local host event. #thearc14
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