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Justin Waggoner
· September 26, 2016
The Bakery..... it seems like family. The community of people comes together with all of their differences. Does not matter if you own your business, if your an artist, if your a non profit, still to find your place in life. The Bakery is place where friendships are formed, business is done, projects are seen and everyone is welcomed. Learning from others is one of the best ways to grow. Just have one Conversation with Clint Brown or take a class of his, you will be inspired to join. See More
Thadeus Giedd
· December 14, 2016
The Bakery is alright. Cool 100+ year old building that was saved from deconstruction and is now a unique place of inspiration. But the people that belong to it and that use it as a work hub, collabor...ation center, meeting space, networking environment, and a plethora of more activities are what make it uncommonly great. See More
Craig Jurczewsky
· July 13, 2015
What can I say? I was interested in this place since its inception. The Bakery has changed my life! The people I have met the last 8 months since I joined are incredible! The classes, speakers, potluc...ks, members, staff, and visitors have all been an unbelievable part of my personal and business growth. I've always known I should surround myself with people smarter and more successful than myself and this is definitely an answer to how and where to do this!!! The answers to any questions that I might have are in this building. Proud to be member #1 - since January. See More
Jason Feldman
· November 17, 2016
The Bakery is led by people who refuse to let their community fall to the way side. It's a place where change happens and they understand the importance of not only local cross pollination of networks... but regional as well.

As an Omahan with the same vision for my community, I look forward to continued collaboration.
See More
Amy Gehling
· August 29, 2015
The Bakery does not sell bread or cakes but we will forgive them anyways and you can probably find a member who actually owns a bakery if you need one. I have had the pleasure of being involved with T...he Bakery since it was little more than an idea and it's humbling to see what this new community is accomplishing in such a short time. The Bakery is more than a space or a name. It is a community that is fulfilling a basic human need, connection. People need people, and The Bakery has a lot of great people to connect with. See More
Rebecca McKeever
· August 28, 2015
I'm one of those people that works at The Bakery almost every day. In fact, Brian and Clint might start telling me to go home soon, but it's hard to go home when every class and activity going on here... is just so great. I've gotten freelance work and great employment through meeting people here. The Bakery is creating a community where, the more you're yourself, the more you belong. See More
Dan Pickering
· January 29, 2017
I am amazed by how great the people involved in the Bakery, the staff and members are wonderful. Smart, creative and generous people are what makes this place a must join for anyone involved in business.
Adam Huber
· February 17, 2016
I absolutely love this place. The energy is always so high and it is awesome as a small (SMALL) business owner to be able to go in and learn from so many other very successful people in many different... areas of business. See More
Rob Nelson
· December 1, 2014
This is an interesting and rapidly developing project begun as part of the vision of Jeff and Sheila Hazard and accelerated with some commitment and execution from FLUXXR (Brian Rand and Clint Brown, al.). It could develop into a very significant recipe for entrepreneurism in Sioux Falls brought about by an #uncommon fusion of art and business discussions. See More
Marcella Prokop McFarland
· October 29, 2016
I always enjoy my time at the Bakery. Whether I am working on a project, networking or kicking back with friends, work and play come together seamlessly here. This is exactly what a creative, collabor...ative space should be. See More
Andy Jorgensen
· August 28, 2015
The Bakery is a collaborative take on an innovative concept that exists in most big cities in America. It brings an energy to the community that I have yet seen in any Sioux Falls business. I am excit...ed to see what is in store! See More
Kara Meisinger
· December 9, 2016
Attended my first class at The Bakery last night - great information, presenters, and people! Everyone there is an inspiration and it seems like a wonderful place to spark, develop, and execute ideas.
Sara Bainter
· February 9, 2017
The bakery staff will go above and beyond to make sure it is wasier for you to make a living doing what you love! I can't say enough good things. I'm so glad there is a community like this here in Sioux Falls
Ben Lemer
· May 15, 2015
Awesome place....great atmosphere!!! Ryan O. brought me to The Bakery and gave me a tour. It was great to meet Clint. I then went back today for food truck friday to have was great!!!!
Veronica Shukla
· May 22, 2015
I went to a speed networking event last night, and it was beyond amazing! The energy in this building is through the roof. I left there with a smile and great vibes. Keep up the great work, guys; you ...are making a huge impact on our community. See More
Mariah L. Brunz
· August 28, 2015
The Bakery is the perfect fit for any artist or entrepreneur that needs a place to call "home" and be part of a family whose members empower each other towards their visions and goals. Every day, I b...ecome more and more aware of this! See More
Clement Smith
· December 5, 2014
Late this summer, we had an opportunity to tour this beautiful old space as well. Amazingly, they are planning to open exactly what we envisioned (minus a Gluten Free Bakery & Bistro, of course!). W...hat an amazing opportunity for Sioux Falls! See More
Sarah Markovetz Wambach
· July 1, 2015
The Bakery is like nothing I've ever seen before. It's a great business opportunity to network, get to now people. Collaborate and share with others. It also feels like home. :) come check it out!!!!!!!!
Sam Lopez
· January 21, 2017
Thank you so much to everyone at The Bakery for all the support I have received over the last year. All the classes and networking have helped me grow personally and professionally. I have met so many... wonderful people, and been so inspired by you all! I am so looking forward to what the next year holds! See More
Jillian Gunlicks
· May 15, 2015
I love the energy of The Bakery! You can feel the passion from everyone involved. Wanting to help each other and the community grow is an amazing thing to be a part if!
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