The best of drinking and running from the Toronto beer mile -

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Trail runners brew new "running beer" for post-race celebrating -

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Take the #BeerFit challenge!

This time of year, you’ll hear people talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. Most will fail. But there’s a way to improve your odds: Balance fitness and fun. There’s two main issues with resolutions that cause them to last as your hangover. The first is they tend to be overly ambitious.


I can hear my breath coming in sharp gasps. My lungs feel like they’re on fire. My heart seems like it’s going to explode. My skull is…

First time peeing outside in 2018

What do you want to accomplish in the next four years?

‪“I feel like I could have gotten through the race without drinking a beer, but it was nice to stop and guzzle a beer really fast and keep going. It was probably about 80 miles into the race where I had my first beer.”

A marathon is a brutal, exhausting thing to do to your body. Running four marathons back-to-back-to-back-to-back is an exponentially more ruinous endeavor, and even the very best at one of the most physically extreme sports in the world don’t get by without destroying themselves. Ultramarathoners re...

“I drank a beer and a half. It was magic. It settled my stomach and I had mental clarity."…/camille-herron-drinks-beer-shat…/

Before Nov. 11, Camille Herron had never run a 100-mile race in her life. Now, after winning the Tunnel Hill 100-Miler in Vienna, Illinois with a time of 1...

This summer was the first time I years that I didn't do any road races. That was mostly due to injuries, but I also found it saved me a fairly considerable amount of time and money it takes to travel and enter road races. It was a nice break.

I thought this article summarized some of the reasons why (some) runners are gravitating away from road races: Higher fees, increased competition from group fitness sports, and free running and fitness clubs. Organized racing can still... be tremendously popular, as the NY Marathon showed, but there are signs the bubble is popping.

I don't think this is a bad thing and may course correct some of the excesses of the growth of running as a commercial sport.

I'll always love the social and competitive part of large scale races. But if economics force race organizers to get back in touch with running's underground roots, I think that could be healthy.

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High fees, a glut of race options and competition from other fitness activities have shrunk the fields at many races.


"We usually see competitive women, particularly athletically excellent women, only in one of two ways: either competing to defeat one another, or all about team over self. But that’s a flawed, limiting paradigm. The Shalane Effect dismantles it: She is extraordinarily competitive, but not petty; team-oriented, but not deferential. Elevating other women is actually an act of self-interest: It’s not so lonely at the top if you bring others along."

She does not just talk about elevating her fellow women runners; she elevates them. And they win.

Corey Bellemore just lowered the Beer Mile record to 4:33. I think he's still going to get sub 4:30

Interview with a beer mile champion "I think the record can get somewhere into the 4:20s." Interview with a beer mile champion Beer SHARE The Beer Runner , January 11, 2017 / 0 Photo via Kris Mychasiw Corey Bellemore always knew he had a strong stomach. Teammates say he has the Iron Stomach because…

Immediately after the marathon: Why do i do this to myself
Day after the marathon: Maybe I'll get into yoga
Two weeks later: better sign up quick before this marathon fills up

The Beer Runner was feeling hot.

This 90 degree weather is making my taper tantrums worse

20 miler in the books

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Craft beer auction! A ton of great beer to benefit Penfield Children's Center

-Ninkasi Brewing Company, Ground Control
-New Glarus Brewing Company, Berliner Weisse 2017
-New Glarus Brewing Company, Enigma ...
-Untitled Art, Coffee Stout
-Founders, Breakfast Stout
-Sierra Nevada, Celebration 2011
-Tyranena, Tapping the Sugarbush
-Central Waters, 16 (2013 Anniversary Edition) BA Score - 99 RateBeer Score -100
-Bell's, Bourbon Barrel Aged Expedition Stout (2016 Release) BA Score - 96 RateBeer Score - 100
-Three Floyd's, Dark Lord 5 Year Vertical (2013-2017) BA Score - 95 RateBeer Score - 100
-Draft & Vessel Growler and Gift Certificate to Fill It
-Enlightened Brewing Company, From the Roots (2 bottles)
-Proximity Malt and T-shirt

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Better than a medal.

Unique prizing for a low-key southern Ontario race. Some fast 5K times were thrown down to earn the grand prize

A study 45 years in the making point to a simple conclusion: Keep exercising

Jack Daniels retests Jim Ryun, Gerry Lindgren, and 20 other elites 45 years after his initial studies on them.