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Here is a new update on current youtube situation.

Dark night of the soul Child sexual abuse trauma

Blaze Mordecai, will be making
an announcement concerning
youtube issues next Tuesday.
Thank you.

A creepy ghosts appears
out of the waters of
the raging Japan tsunami.
Very paranormal activity and very interesting.…

A crazy ghost appears up out on the Japan Tsunami.
Bashar speaks about the Illuminati.

Blaze, teaches how to play
"Been A Son'' on guitar.

Blaze Mordecai, teaches how to play ''Been A Son'' by Nirvana on guitar.

This is very interesting.
A lot is going on in this world.
A lot of truth is rising up.
Major scandals are coming indeed.
New video.

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See the 1995 illuminati card game for proof.

Blaze, teaches how to play
"Polly" on guitar.…

Blaze, teaches how to play 'Polly' by Nirvana on guitar.

Bill Clinton, says
The Pentagon was bombed
on 9/11.
New video.

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Bill Clinton, slips up with his words and admits the pentagon was bombed on 9/11.

There is some very strange activity going
on in our skies if you're paying attention to it.
Here is a UFO entering earth through
a portal in the sky.
Watch closely at 28 seconds.

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A UFO comes through what appears to be a portal from another dimension. The UFO comes through at 28 seconds. Is this a UFO or HAARP hologram? You be the judge.

This is a very
interesting UFO documentary.…

The Kecksburg Pennsylvania UFO crash is examined.

Blaze, teaches how to play
"Pennroyal Tea" by Nirvana
on the guitar.…

Blaze, teaches how to play Pennyroyal Tea by Nirvana.

Here is my newest teaching on
How the Illuminati puts
everyone into the matrix.

The system is set up to do 2 things....
Keep you in fear and keep you controlled.
This is how it all started.
Do you remember who you are?

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Blaze, teaches how the illuminati puts everyone into the matrix. Yes, the matrix is very real and its all around us. Everything we've been taught is a lie and has been corrupted at best.

The strangeness in our skies
is ongoing and there is a
dark agenda behind it.
This strange HAARP hologram
appears in the skies of Japan ...
the day after the tsunami.

Multiple sources have confirmed
the Japan Tsunami was created by man.
Later, this year I will confirm this
in a future video also.
You won't hear truth through
the main stream media.

Raise your consciousness.
Check out this strange video
footage of a floating light over
the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor site in 2011!…

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A very strange light appears in the sky over the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor the day after the Japan Tsunami. It looks almost like a person floating in the sky? What is it?

Russia confirms weather weaponry when
they threaten Japan with another tsunami.
Video proof.
Raise your consciousness and get out of the matrix.

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Russia, confirms that weather weaponry exists and that the Japan tsunami was created using these weapons. America, Russia, and China are believed to all possess these weapons of mass destruction.