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Garrett Heaney
· January 7, 2018
One of my favorite stores in Montpelier. A wide selection of graphic novels and art books. Every truly cool kid's dream spot to stop in and shop around.
Kyle Stridsberg
May 30, 2013
All the best books both new and old as well as comic books and all the best games form magic the gathering to heroclix and D'N'D a truly grate store
Christa Wells
· March 5, 2016
A happy place of exciting games, comics, graphic novels and unique vintage/used and new books!
Stephen McArthur
· June 20, 2014
Fascinating collections, eclectic, offbeat, some rarities and oddities mixed with mainstream, fiction and non-fiction esoterica, then add in graphic novels and kinda cool place!
Ryan Lockwood
· May 3, 2017
An out of the way bookstore full of geeky surprises. I can't wait to go back!
Lucio Cornejo
· January 12, 2017
This place is paradise. It has comics, manga, cooking books, music books, Magic The Gathering and more.
Jon Dutil
· November 10, 2014
Great place to pick up the newest Heroclix expansions!
Will Cole
· August 24, 2015
Great bookstore. Now they sell individual magic cards!
Matthew Manghi
· August 9, 2014
Sweet little eclectic bookshop.

Wow, Dominaria prerelease is coming right up! For the last FNM before Dominaria launch, we think we ahould just chill out and relax with a nice Modern event!

Entry is $8, event starts at 7:00 P.M.

We are running prerelease events all weekend!! Midnight tonight, 6:00 Saturday, and 4:00 Sunday.


At all of our prerelease events this weekend we will be giving away awesome promos and door prizes - your name gets entered for every event you play in, and on sunday we will be giving away a box of Rivals of Ixalan! So come play in all three events for a greater chance to win!

All events are $25.00

Today is also the last day to preorder a box of Dominaria to pick up at any of our Prerelease events! Each box comes with a special promo legendary creature that is not available in any other Dominaria product!

Boxes are $115.00 and tax.

This is going to be an awesome weekend! Let's celebrate Magic rich past, its promising future, and the amazing community it has created! See you at prerelease!

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Dominaria starts tonight at Midnight! Play for new cards and for the door prizes. Someone will win a booster box of Rivals of Ixalan Sunday night.