Oh my goodness! Has it already been that long since the last Balloon Master Show? Even more of a question on the mind of many is when was the last time I posted anything. I"ve been busy with a vareity of my own endeavors that still include internet radio, wrestling, burlesque and beyond. Regardless of my facebook presence I am always out and about meeting & greeting, sharing the voice face to face, and making myself available to all.

I look forward to once again being the "Not So Normal Stiff In a Suit" while being the announcer for the 51st episode of the BMS this Friday 11 Dec at the Amazing Clowns. So "Look Out Lobsters" for another night filled with surprise, madness, mayhem, and maybe the unexpected prepared sketch.

All Guaranteed to be Uncensored, Totally Offensive & Beyond Imagination

Here is a short reel of my Ring Announcing Talents. For booking inquires please email

Hello, Hi, & How Are You!?! Once again I will be your BMS MC, and the "MC" stands for Madness & Chaos. Come on down to the Amazing Clowns on East Flamingo, conveniently located between Pecos and Sandhill, on the southside of the road, just west of 515/95/93 Highway. Plenty of parking, and enough room inside to surprise the comforts of all. Its an unbelievable array of entertainment at an affordable price. Words cannot describe this LIVE and raw, drop your jaw, off the cuff, and alittle ruff, totally uncensored show you can't help to get got up into.

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To top it all off... The delicious meaty balls of meat sprinkled with Parmesan. It's the debut of THE OOO WOPS!!! Do you like Italian dudes? Do you like food? (...Of course ya do, fatty!) Then you're gonna love the Ooo Wops! Get the first taste of Derek James (Blooze Brothers), Glitter Dick (Stagnetti's Cock), and Jesse Del Quadro (Thee Swank Bastards) as they noodle and gnaw their way into your hearts...and stomachs!
All of this, AND MORE, for the low low price of only $10!!!

It's all happening Friday, September 25th! Doors at 8:30pm, show at 9pm!!

At Amazing Clowns, 3525 E. Flamingo (Pecos/Flamingo)! Don't worry, there aren't actually clowns there. Well, except YOU!
See you there!!

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Hello, hi and how are you? I just wanted to give a heads up reminder that I will be hosting Double Down Radio live from the Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas again tomorrow evening starting at 8pm. I am still waiting to hear back on the guests that we may be having, but in the meantime don't forget to tune in at tomorrow or come on in to the Double Down Saloon and watch the show live!

Here is a fun photo from last week's show!

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If you're ready for your weekend to begin, come on down to The Double Down Saloon tonight starting at 8pm. That is when all the fun and mayhem will begin with Double Down Radio! Tonight we will be joined by comedian extraordinaire, Angie Krum and dark hoodcore band, Death in Motion!

Learn more about tonight's guests by following the links below:

Can't make it down to the live airing? Don't worry! Just head over to and listen in live on your computer!

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Can you believe it is already Friday again? I hope everyone is looking forward to a wonderful weekend. If you want to get your weekend started off with some great music and mayhem head on down to the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas. Starting at 8pm we will go live on air for Double Down Radio live from the Double Down Saloon! If you can't make it, don't worry, you can still listen to all the excitement over at If you stop in to the Double Down, grab yourself some ass juice and come say hi! See you soon!

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight I will be on the mic once again for Double Down Radio live from Double Down Saloon tonight starting at 8pm. So come on down to the Double Down Saloon located at 4640 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV. If you can't make it down, tune in at Kella Bo Bella will be joining us for the show. This band that brings the golden age of music; melding a blues/jazz vibe with a soulful poppy twist. This band is not to be missed!

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Happy Sunday to you all! Here is a fun fact about Bruce RADEL, I played a priest in DiM.'s music video, "Dias de los Muertos". You can check out the video by clicking the link below!

Death in Motion's (diM.) first music video "Dias de los Muertos" filmed/directed by: Brian Brown -- www.brianbrownphotography Editied/Produced by : Nick Kros...

Looking forward to another Friday on the mic for Double Down Radio Live from the Double Down Saloon!

Joining me today will be DJ Lucky La Rue!

Take a listen over at We'll be going live at 8pm!

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Happy Independence Day to all the fans, my friends and family! Hope all is well with everyone and you're feeling good on this 4th of July holiday weekend! Enjoy your celebration and be safe while sharing the pride of America's Birthday!

After all the fireworks settle and the smoke clears start preparing for an even bigger explosion next weekend as I make my debut as the ring announcer for 3PW! Come down to check out all the action on Saturday, July 11th for Turbulence where the Future is Now!

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Tonight you can listen to me on the mic for Double Down Radio live from the Double Down Saloon! After being away for a couple of weeks the Voice with the Face is back rocking the attack!

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Look out Lobsters its The Balloon Master 4 Year Anniversary Show! Tonight will be another night of mayhem down at Amazing Clowns! So stop on by and check out the show that leaves you wondering what the heck you just saw! I will be your host for this show that is best described as the show you bring your Grandmother too, if you want to kill her for the inheritance. Show starts a little earlier than normal so head over to the event page to find out all the details!

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For the last 24 hours I have been trying to find the words that truly express my thankfulness and gratitude to all of you that humored my fantasy to be Gwen Ste...fani for a day!

I am so overwhelmed with pride and love that I can barely articulate the honor I feel for all of you trusting me and my ridiculous idea to put on a celebrity impersonation Burlesque show, so cleverly named, CelebriTease.

I apologize a I am unable to tag anyone in this post directly. If you can tag people in the comments, please do!

Stephanie, thank you for running the door for me and giving me one less thing to worry about as I tried to take on way more than I should have. Having your willingness to help was a great relief and I thank you.

DJ Dirty Ears, thank you so much for saving me at the last minute. You stepped up in a way I could never imagine. From what you brought to the show as a dj to helping with after show clean up. I am so grateful for what you did for me/CelebriTease without having to be asked. I thank you!

Ben and Wayne. Thank you both for documenting the show! Without you two being there I might think my dream for this show was just that; a dream. I now know this really happened!

Jeffrey Xerxes Brice! Thank you for not slapping me when I asked you to play Bieber and actually saying yes to it! Even more so thank you for sticking it through when another greater opportunity came your way. Mostly thank you for staying "just 2 more minutes" longer.

Kitschy Koo thank you for having the same fantasy as me. Knowing that you wanted to be Katy Perry as much as I wanted to be Gwen Stefani really made me want to get the show from idea to reality!

Scarlett Letter, I can't thank you enough for making the drive from Los Angeles (Ventura) on the hottest day of the Vegas year to be in my wee little show. You have always been a wonderful being and I am so happy to call you my friend! Thank you.

Penni Piper, you killed it! Thank you for coming in so late into the game and hitting a home run. When we brain stormed ideas at the bar I could never have imagined that what you did on stage could have topped our ideas and yet, you did just that! Thank you for doing all you did!

Jp Nomi Malone. Seriously! Thank you for being my pitch hitter so late in the game! I am in awe of you. You are truly a gift! Thank you, thank you for helping me have a successful show!

Morgane Latouche, what can I say that is more than what I have already expressed to you! You have found the perfect balance of professionalism and fun making what I do a dream come true!

Jack O'Hartz, I can't thank you for giving a girl what she needs! Making it last a few minutes longer... You turned my very basic directions into a crowd pleasing routine and I could not be more proud of what you did up there! Thank you.

Karla Joy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me give you the suggestion to play Christina Hendricks and just going for it no questions asked! You really made magic happen with the details of the pen necklace and the Secretary song!

I would like to thank Cha Cha Velour as well. While she is no longer part of our glittery stage, because of her blessing and push she helped me get the stage to live out my fantasy. Thank you.

To my dear friend and co-producer, Ricardo Montalbum. Thank you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for not judging me through my mistakes in this venture. Thank you for taking part in the show with your talent for prose. Thank you for the extra you've given me.

Last, but definitely not least, thank you to my host extraordinaire, Bruce RADEL. You were a dream host working harder than I've given you credit for. Thank you for your support, for your patience as I shopped at Joann's, for helping me flyer, for being there through the stress, panic, doubt, tears, delusions, cussing, cursing, fighting, and all the negative stuff too. Without you I don't know if I would have survived this!

A quick thank you to my sponsors; Houdini Publishing, Bachelor Pad Magazine, SparkleLux, Arthelia's Attic, and Darkbloom Imagery (yes, I just thanked myself). You helped bring the magic to life.

This was truly a humbling and inspiring experience for me. The show was better than I could have hoped for! While this was my fantasy and my cast and crew made it a reality, it wouldn't have meant a thing without those that came out to see a live entertainment Burlesque show! To the fans and friends that support not just me, but Burlesque, thank you! For the many new faces we saw in the crowd, thank you for taking a chance on your night's entertainment with CelebriTease!

One last thing before I say good-bye. I will be casting for the second annual CelebriTease: The Hollywood Exposed Burlesque Show in 6 months so get your ideas and acts ready! I am looking forward to making the show even bigger and better than it was! If that's possible!

Goodnight and thank you!

~Lolita Haze
The Nymphet of Burlesque

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Lolita Haze and Bruce RADEL will be chatting up CelebriTease on Rocking Comedy Show today at 4pm!

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Today on The Rocking Comedy Show at 3:00pm we have the very talented Zac Hilon coming in to perform, did you know Radio Vegaswas the first to play a Zac Hilon in the states? It's True!! Also on the show today we have Lolita Haze The Nymphet of Burlesque talking about her new show CelebriTease. Also on the show Bobby Masi is back from NYC and we also have Robbie Komrs. Plus big shout out to Strip N Dip Chicken Strips for sponsoring the show today. We go LIVE at 3:00pm on, TuneIn for you mobile users and iTunes Radio under alternative rock!

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