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Axyu Sohi
· July 26, 2015
What a hidden gem! A thoroughly professional, yet endearingly personal experience at your quirky work/retail space. Comfortable and suitably fitting, for the vintage pieces you have carefully curated,... which you interestingly reflect. It is a pleasure and privilege to meet someone who is passionate in words and actions about what they do, especially in a livelihood as niche as yours. I wanted to ask in-depth about your customised process of making a cake-stand (of which there is hardly any detail on this site or the etsy page), but time was not permitting.

Extra thanks for helping me, when I did not expect it at the beginning of this first visit. You have been most gracious, and I will be engaging your services again :)
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Audrey Ang
· June 25, 2014
Delicious buttery scones & full flavored chicken pies ! Love this quiant little cafe right smack in chinatown next to outram MRT. But be prepared to work out a sweat before reaching the cafe … it's o...n the 4th floor… but burning some calories before you attack the snacks will do u good! :) Once u're there - check out that retro fridge it's very cute! See More
Nian Lala
· December 26, 2015
Thank you for the safe delivery on my Tuscan teapot. Delivered all the way to the UK in only a few days and arrived in excellent condition given it was so well wrapped. Thanks.
Tan Yilin
· January 31, 2014
Absolutely GORGEOUS sausage puff and all other good stuff (e.g. scones, sugee cake and cupcakes) served using beautifully exquisite English china tableware! Helmed by a boss with an eye for details an...d a passion for perfection. A purrfect place to chillax and savour F&B made and served with love. See More
Audrey Chang
· February 22, 2014
Cute little place for awesome cakes, scones & pastries..all made with love. Worth the climb up 4 flight of stairs !
Alex Hughes
· March 6, 2014
Just had a fabulous tea, scone and sugee cake!
Xiaowen Luah
· May 14, 2014
Great tea and pie with awesome ambience.
Shirley Tay
· January 10, 2014
Best puffs pastry I ever had!
Bonnie Li
· February 20, 2014
Great scones !

[ SOLD ]

A vibrant vintage tea-for-two for ladies who prefer to make a bold statement.

Vintage Sadler earthenware teapot and English bone china tea trios in a matching pattern, at The Buttered Cat

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The British sense of quirkiness in design and style is evident in their novelty teapots. One of my favourites is Ye Daintee Ladyee, produced by Sadler pottery in the 1930s (or earlier!). The teapot shaped like a crinoline lady comes in different colours and variation, some with hand-painted faces and some without. Whenever I see one of these I marvel at how imaginative the maker was!

At The Buttered Cat

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[ SOLD ]

I wonder if late Victorian style was the earliest advent of Shabby Chic style as we know it today? These early 1900s antique china plates look so fresh and modern - who would have guessed they are a hundred years old?!

At The Buttered Cat

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The Buttered Cat
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A Brown Betty is a round belly teapot with a brown glaze known as Rockingham glaze. In the Victorian era, when tea was at its peak of popularity, tea brewed in the Brown Betty was considered excellent. This was attributed to the design of the pot which allowed the tea leaves more freedom to swirl around as the water was poured into the pot, releasing more flavour with less bitterness. (source: Wikipedia)

Vintage pink ditsy rose brown betty made by Sadler pottery, at The Buttered Cat

#vintageteapots #englishteapots #brownbetty #pinkrose #ditsyrose #afternoontea #englishtea #teaparty #古典英国茶壶 #古董英国茶壶 #英式下午茶

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Simple pleasures.

At The Buttered Cat

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The Buttered Cat
Vintage Store

A stunning orphaned Royal Albert Crown China teacup from the 1930s that deserves a new lease of life. Pairs so perfectly with this Salisbury saucer that they looked like they started life together.

At The Buttered Cat

#vintagebonechina #englishbonechina #afternoontea

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We love this unglazed terracotta planter in the form of a woman's head bust, great for planting in the sizzling hot summer!

PM The Buttered Cat for sales enquiries on this item.

#vintagelifestyle #vintagedecor #vintagehome #vintagegarden #gardening #planting #vintageliving #summer

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