Here’s To The People! The Secret behind Verge’s Success.

Verge team has XVGNinja doing marketing, but the hidden strength of Verge all along is the community that rallies behind it. The support from the people, keeping everyone else up to date with any updates. No other coin has such enthusiastic community.

Odds are, you're only 50% of the time right when trading cryptocurrencies.

Most of us are new to cryptocurrencies or starting our crypto journey. Possibly unsure of what to do and probably in need of some trading advice. So where do we start?
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With all the FUD claiming ban on crypto, this sheds new light on the world's direction towards it

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CNBC Crypto

The world's biggest financial leaders are talking crypto. Here's what they had to say.

Besides the SEC, IMF and G20 looking towards welcoming Crypto. Short video worth a watch! Mass adoption soon?

Just this week, cryptocurrency was acknowledged at various events. The recent Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) gave the crypto market a boost of 80 billion dollars in one day. More good news, please.

Whichever way the cryptocurrency market swings right now, are we afraid of losing out?

What makes cryptocurrency so volatile? Cryptocurrency welcomed Millenials, new and inexperienced traders come in wanting to ride the uptrend with limited knowledge of what they are really investing in. So at the first sign of heavy losses, people sell. Everyone has a threshold to mitigate their loss...

TRON: Fear Of Uncertainty, Weak Hands Fold Too Soon?

Still Holding TRON?

You might be thinking: "Meh, I don't have any use for TRON so it's probably bad." Heard or used Alibaba when they started? Probably not. Look where they are right now.

VeChain: The End of Counterfeiting? Sign Us Up!

There's a huge potential and we're certain VeChain and the coin is in its infancy stage and it's bound to stay around for the long run.

Government Regulations. Wraith Protocol, You're Up.

How can they tax you if they can't trace your transactions? If this trend to tax cryptocurrencies are adopted by other governments, we may see a huge influx of interest for privacy coins.

With Bitcoin, it gave us all a voice. You think cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay for good?

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain both have their place in history and hopefully, go down as two of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind.

What keeps Verge going strong? The strength and support of the community.

In the crypto market filled with up and coming coins and ICOs with funds backed by corporations, Verge stands alone back by nothing except the support of the community.

Could NEO Coin Be The ONE In 2018? Can’t Wait To Find Out!

A platform which provides Smart Contracts, DApps(Decentralized Applications) and (ICOs). Simply put it, NEO is the Ethereum of the East. It's pretty much like when you owned a LEGO platform and you started building a nice lovely city on top of it.

Still thinking whether to HODL your TRON? Here's What No One is Saying

If TRON was such a terrible project, why are people still buying it even when everyone is selling? For someone to be able to sell their coins, someone else must want to buy it.

The hidden gem of Alt Coins.

With TRONIX surpassing even Bitcoin on Twitter in the start of 2018, it looks like it can only climb from here on out. Bitcoin can take a backseat in 2018.

Ever wondered what these 3 jargons mean in the crypto scene?

FOMO, FUD and HODL are common terms used to in the cryptocurrency world. Every crypto trader should know what these jargons are to know what the cryptocurrency community are talking about when they refer to a coin.

The rise in decentralized digital entertainment

With TRON's huge development team working on improving the blockchain technology, they have been attracting companies to work on their platform for to create their own digital currencies.

If you value privacy in transactions, this is the coin to get.

Verge Currency is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday use. It improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining personal privacy...

Guide: Learn how to setup your Binance Account

On Binance, you cannot purchase Cryptocurrency with fiat currency. But you can transfer Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency available on the exchange (the most commonly traded ones being Bitcoin and Ethereum). On Binance, you can trade Bitcoin for other altcoins. To get coins into Binance, you can�...