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#EscapeRoomProTip Focus on having fun. Don't worry if you don't get out of every room, worry about enjoying the time spent in the room with friends. Disconnect from life, and live the story. Merry Christmas From The Crux! #thecrux #7daysoftips

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Dave Rexworthy
· July 20, 2017
The ? Adventure is one of the far superior escape rooms around. My company team and I took on the the Saboteur room. A lot of fun and great mystery!
The ? Adventure team is great and friendly to work ...with. I will for sure be going again. See More
Haley Pierce
· August 12, 2016
I just visited the ? adventure room after eagerly awaiting it's opening- it was totally worth the wait!

First off, I love the space itself. It's located right downtown Hamilton. There's a public lot... right beside it so parking is easy. There's also a bunch of restaurants nearby so you can grab a bite before or after you play.

The space is clean and has an awesome exposed brick wall. There's a comfortable waiting area (although it is a bit small if you have a party of more than 6) and there are a few quick games you can play while you wait.

Unlike other puzzle rooms, you don't have to lock your belongings in a locker before you start the room- there is a hanging area in the room with you. I like that, although I would worry that a less scrupulous player might use a cellphone to cheat (use the flashlight, etc) however it's never fun to win by cheating!

We played the new room- the Saboteur- and I won't give anything away but it was a unique experience- really fun with lots of people!

The staff is really friendly which made us so comfortable. The experience was amazing and I can't wait to try the other room!
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Natasha Leadbeater
· March 19, 2017
My friends and I did the Sabetour room and had a great time! We managed to escape with just a few minutes remaining. Everyone managed to find a way to be useful to the team, whether that was something... like directly solving a puzzle, noticing something everyone else missed, or simply having the ability to use a lock xD

My only suggestion would be to spend less time lecturing people about not using their phones, and instead use those five minutes to provide a better/longer narrative before we embark on our adventure.
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Jeffrey Webb
· January 6, 2017
Went with a group of four and it was the first escape room opportunity for three of our group. The staff was very friendly and gave excellent instructions and upon entering the room we had an absolute... blast! Puzzles were challenging but very manageable. I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in trying out the escape room experience! See More
Donna Ellis
· March 1, 2017
Took 17 youth from our youth group. 7 grade 8's did the Parent Trap and finished just before the hour was up. 10 grade 9's did the Saboteur. Everyone had a great time. Great team building activity! It...s very well run and very organized. Clear instructions were given before entering the room and an opportunity for questions. Each room had a walkie talkie so they could ask questions if they needed a bit of help. See More
David Savelli
· April 15, 2016
Just went to 'The ? Adventure Escape Room' on Wednesday night and had a great time! Myself and two others did the Parent Trap room, and it was an absolute blast! We were able to successfully get out ...with just minutes to spare! The room (and staff - Meghan) were excellent! The Room challenged all different senses and really got you thinking! I've been to a few escape rooms now - and this is one of my favourites! I really enjoyed the creative spin on things and how the mood was set. Looking forward to trying out the 1984 room in the near future! See More
Jessica Leigh
· December 19, 2016
We went for a staff christmas party and had an awesome time! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun night out with friends. The place was well designed and staff was friendly. Thanks ag...ain for having us Mike and staff of The ? Adventure See More
Nat New
· February 11, 2017
This was my 3rd Escape Room experience and the first time at The Adventure. The room was quite challenging and the staff really nice and helpful when needed! Thanks so much for a fun and stimulatinf e...vening!! Definitely motivated to do more escape rooms!! Thank you! See More
Laura Martin
· May 30, 2016
I visited with my 4 sisters and our Mum for our annual girls week-end. We had SOOOO much fun and will definitely recommend this place to others and be back to try the other rooms. It was our first t...ime trying an escape room and it was even more fun then I thought it would be. See More
Melanie Yin
· January 7, 2017
Saboteur was phenomenol. I hadn't done any split-team games beforehand, but this one was very fun. Some of the puzzles weren't entirely intuitive and some were too easy, but the design/narrative setup... and twist ending made it worthwhile. If you can get six or more people together, I highly recommend it. Parent Trap was pretty good, but not anywhere nearly as fun as Saboteur. Staff are very courteous and fun to talk to, decor/theming is pretty good as well. See More
Julie Bursey
· January 10, 2017
I really enjoyed the experience! Partly because our group managed to escape, so we felt victorious, but also because the staff are really accommodating, and the rooms are challenging and fun.

I'd de...finitely recommend it! See More
Angela Ceccato
· March 17, 2016
Daughter and two friends just did the "Parent Trap" room. It was awesome. Best pricing of any of the escape rooms around, challenging and they had so much fun they can't stop talking (and laughing) ab...out it. Highly recommend. Looking forward to trying out the 1984 room when it's ready See More
Steve Mercer
· July 8, 2017
Great staff!!
Kept Isla amused while the other two were trying to escape
Cassandra Chapman
· August 11, 2016
The Parent Trap was a really well done escape room! It was well organized and challenging. A lot if thought went into the design. We had a really good time and look forward to trying out Saboteur when... it opens! See More
Jonathan Slade
· May 14, 2016
My friends and I did the parent trap room and we really enjoyed it! We battled to try not to use any clues unfortunately we had to give in! Very involved and fun.
Kelly Ward Lanaus
· May 12, 2016
We just took our Ranger Unit and did the Parent was awesome! Staff aka Mom was fabulous. Girls are already talking about doing the new room when it's ready...can't wait!!!
Taylor Dobson
· May 24, 2016
Being a escape room enthusiast I was going to check out this room. But seeing the whole thing on the Ti-cats Channel it was pointless! Shouldn't aloud the camera inside.
Shannon Korotash Tope
· October 14, 2016
Great night spent with friends in the Saboteur rooms. Team work is the key. Definitely recommend this to everyone.
Jonathan Topping
· December 19, 2016
Great times with friends! Totally unique experience I'd recommend for anyone.
Wren Chen
· October 23, 2016
We did the Parent Trap room and had a blast, the puzzles were well thought-out and the staff is friendly~
The Crux Escape Room Promo Video

#EscapeRoomProTip Be humble! If you are sure you have the right answer, but can't get the lock open, let someone else play with the lock. If you can't solve the puzzle, let someone else at the pieces. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Practice makes perfect. The only way to get better at escape rooms is to play more escape rooms. Google isn't going to help, and neither is sitting on the couch. #getoutthereandplay #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Ask for hints! Thats what they are there for! You aren't cheating, you're paying to have fun so don't allow your group to get frustrated because you're stuck on a puzzle. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip You probably don't have to use items more than once, so listen carefully to your game masters briefing. If items are one and done, discard used items and use whats left to guide you. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Show up ready to play. Be 10 minutes early, there's probably a waiver and you might need a washroom. Be sober, and be excited. This is supposed to be fun, but there are usually rules! #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Bring players with a different background with you. If everyone thinks the same, you'll all get stuck on the same things. Better to argue the differences than the similarities. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

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