This Cruxmas Season is extended till January 14th, 2018, ALL experiences are now $99 All the time for 5 or 6 players! This includes GIFT CARDS!
This deal is valid till January 14, 2018 @ 11:59pm
Look for our newest adventure 'Saboteur' opening in our Niagara Location!
Brantford is NOW OPEN for bookings!
Hamilton, Niagara and St. Catharines are always available for your booking pleasure!


Book now at or call 1-855-374-2789

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A few of the faces we’ve seen over the past week.

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Andie Shepherd
· November 16, 2017
We did The Factory escape room about a month ago and haven't been able to stop telling people about it! Such an awesome experience all around. The guys working were super friendly and accommodating; I... don't think I've ever had better customer service. The actual room was very challenging for our group and the puzzles were a lot more intricate and well-thought-out then I expected. Absolutely would return to do the other two rooms! See More
Alicia Marlene
· January 3, 2018
I have been to tons of escape rooms, and Crux is by far the best! So well made, and really thought out. Challenging, but also really fun! We finished with just 40 seconds to spare! Thank you for the a...mazing experience, we will be back! See More
Lynn Lapointe Middleton
· November 12, 2017
Went yesterday with my two boys aged 10 and 15. We had a great time. Love that you can get as many hints as you want or none at all. We did the jail break and escaped. It was a lot of fun to work toge...ther as a family to solve all the puzzles. Highly recommend! See More
Lynn Giovenazzo
· January 21, 2018
We did The Factory and were able to escape with only 10 secs to spare! This room only has a 40 percent success rate and we had such a great time! We will definitely be back.
Dean Mizzi
· April 6, 2017
A great place to get locked in a room with your friends, and easily accessible for Brock students since it's a quick walk from the downtown bus terminal! The staff are great and, of course, Captain is... an excellent canine brand ambassador.

I was really impressed by the quality of the puzzles and design of the Jail Break room. The way the hint system was arranged is a definite improvement over the standard "walkie-talkie to the front desk" system at other escape rooms I've played. A heads up: if you're playing Jail Break then Captain may nudge the door open and come rescue you himself... feel free to take credit for the escape if you want ;)
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Noelle Millen-Klassen
· October 30, 2017
We took our son and his friends for his 13th birthday. They had a blast! The guys working were FANTASTIC...thanks so much... we'll be back for sure!!!!
Angelica Haggert
· March 3, 2017
As an escape room operator myself, it can be hard to impress me when it comes to Escape Rooms, but The Hour was the perfect atmosphere for my partner and I to escape from! The dog, the baby and the ow...nership team were welcoming, helpful, and genuinely loved their product.

The room we did, Emma's Disappearance, was well structured, with puzzles challenging enough to keep me busy but not too challenging so as to lose my attention. The room delivered perfectly what I would have expected. Looking forward to our next visit!
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Nessie-Aly Black
· September 2, 2016
My boyfriend and I had never done something like this before other than in online games and we had to do the prison break puzzle. This was so challenging but so much fun!! The staff was awesome (and t...heir dog was adorable!) and they let us finish the rest of the puzzle even though we were past the hour (we were only there for another 59 seconds though!). We will definitely be back to try the other puzzles! See More
Heather Beaton-Liboiron
· September 18, 2016
We visited the The Hour with our 2 daughters age 13 and 10. We had a great time working together on the clues. The host let us keep working on the clues even though we went over our alotted hour sinc...e the room wasn't booked after us. They were also good at checking in to make sure we completely understood all the clues. We had a great time, an excellent family activity. The room was very well put together. We look forward to trying another room soon! See More
Brandi Kathleen
· March 27, 2017
Such an awesome time at the Hour St. Catharines! our group did the Factory room, very challenging but soooo exciting!!! Our girls had such a fun time and was a great way to communicate as a new weddin...g party! Would highly recommend this place! See More
Ashley Best
· April 26, 2016
Not only are the staff extremely welcoming, the rooms are really immersive and challenging.

I recently went to a room in Mississauga and I realized how much effort the people at the hour put into games. The comparison between the two companies was dumbfounding. The hour sets the bar high for expectations of what a good escape room should be like. See More
Robyn Liza
· May 22, 2017
We had a blast and the staff who work there are so lovely!! We had a family emergency come up the day of our booking and they happily accommodated our last minute change! Amazing customer service! 😀
Stephanie Robinson
· October 16, 2016
We did the Jail room Saturday Night with 3 couples!!! None of us had ever been to an escape room before. We had so much fun! A great way to work together or not and figure your way out of handcuffs in... the dark. Can't wait to go back and try another room!!! See More
Justtina Jacklyn
· June 8, 2016
The Hour was so fun! Completed the pirate room and attempted the jail break lol.
This is the first place I've ever been to for escape rooms. I'm worried that my expectations are too high now and escape rooms won't measure up.
I love that they ask for your feedback to keep improving.
Highly recommended!
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Jodi VanEgmond
· December 13, 2016
Visited The Hour with a group of 10 friends (Ages 19-22) for my birthday. For most of us it was our first experience at an escape room. The staff were really friendly and accommodating. The boys did t...he Jail Break Scenario, and the girls did the Emma's Disappearance Scenario. Emma's Disappearance was impressively complex, and really fun at the same time. We escaped with around 15 minutes to spare using one clue, and the boys something similar. Really fun! We all agreed we'd love to come again and try the other scenarios. 5/5 recommend!!! See More
Shari Stafford
· January 15, 2017
Fantastic time at The Hour once again. Have been there and done 2 of there rooms and can't wait to do the other 2. Staff are great and really friendly, highly recommend this to everyone. Fun way to ge...t to know ppl on a different level :) See More
Jessica Kramer
· October 16, 2016
We came yesterday for my friends birthday and did The Lost Ones. It was my first time doing an escape room. I had such a great time!!! We made it out with 15 minutes to spare!! I can't wait to try the... other rooms. See More
Sabina Gross
· October 20, 2016
Tonight was our first time trying an escape room, and we already can't wait to go back! This outside-the-box activity is a fantastic idea, run by great, friendly people. Definitely something to try!
Sandra Poehlman O'Hearn
· May 22, 2017
Had a great time, staff is amazing. Had our cousins get together here and we had a great and wonderful time.
Susan Reid
· November 15, 2015
Extremely challenging and creepy room (The Lost Ones). Needless to say, we didn't make it out in time, but had a lot of fun trying. The staff is amazing, friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back do the other rooms! See More
Lindsay Janzen
· January 2, 2017
This was so amazingly fun!! I HIGHLY recommend it! It was challenging and so fun. We loved it so much we went back 3 hours later to do another room, and are planning our next one!! Great place and owners ! LOVE IT! � See More
Emily Lumsden
· February 10, 2017
The people who work here are amazing, and just so fun to chat with. Their rooms are so creative, and I love how they incorporated their doors into the designs!! Ps Captain Jack is amazing�
Andrew Mitchell
· February 16, 2017
It was our first time there and man what a great experience . Definitely heading back to try the other rooms and the axe throwing . Such a great time .
Dawn Small
· February 26, 2017
This is our 4th time at the Hour, and we have had a great time every time!!! They have been very accommodating for our large groups and rowdy behaviour ;)
Allison Wintle
· November 6, 2016
Enjoyed a great night here as a team building night for my daughter's volleyball team. All the girls had a blast and the parents had a great time in their rooms as well. Can't wait to go back!
Miriam MacLaren
· July 12, 2015
Tons of fun! Can't go wrong with this! The people running it are wonderful! The puzzles are just hard enough, but not impossible. Very well done. Thanks for an awesome afternoon!
Tammy DiPietro
· April 23, 2016
We had an amazing time for my daughter's 12th birthday party. Everyone at The Hour was extremely accommodating and friendly. I can't wait to return to try the other rooms! We did the Mutiny at the Hou...r. Really fun and challenging. See More
Geocacher Steve
· February 17, 2017
We celebrated my Surrogate daughters 15th birthday party here with 5 of us. It was great. The birthday girl is very smart and figured a lot of things out. The staff was fantastic and I plan to retur...n again. I highly recommend this to anybody See More
Chris Abercrombie
· March 5, 2017
I went this morning with some friends. All 5 of us had a BLAST doing the escape room and we can't wait to go back. Looking forward to a saucy pirate photo! Wonderful time.
Sarah Trotman
· November 27, 2016
Yay for being the 100th 5 star review haha. Loved my visit earlier this year, very friendly and accommodating staff. We really enjoyed our first escape room experience!
Nikki Byanski
· May 1, 2017
We are Escape Room owners from Michigan. We did two rooms yesterday...Mutiny and The Factory. We had a great time. The aesthetics were clean and the game play was enjoyable. Good time was had.
Megan Fournier
· February 15, 2017
My fiancé and I loved The Lost Ones! Such a great room. Challenging for sure, we made it out with 6:07 left! Can't wait to come back for Mutiny At The Hour!
Rob Leveille
· January 24, 2016
I've done dozens of escape rooms and The Hour is absolutely one of my favourites. They keep getting better with every room. Super nice folks with very clever game brains.
Madeleine Baylor
· January 30, 2017
Had an incredible time and the people are lovely. Still waiting on the pic of my boyfriend and I to pop up though!
Amy Farnham
· November 11, 2016
I've been twice and loved every minute of it. Well planned and thought out. The staff is very good as well.
Dawn Edmunds
· April 7, 2017
Very fun and engaging. Staff friendly and welcoming. The dog is the best.
Minnie Ball
· May 2, 2016
As a family we have done every room. Great time & great staff! Would highly recommend!
Maria Stevens
· January 20, 2017
We made it a family outing and really enjoyed it! Everyone is already planning another visit. Was a lot of fun!
Matt Granville
· May 29, 2016
Probably the best escape room experience in the Niagara Region. Awesome staff too.
Jess Rowdon
· October 16, 2016
We did this with coworkers and it was fantastic!! Wonderful employees and a great team building event! Highly recommend it!
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Edna Vid
Edna Vid

#EscapeRoomProTip Focus on having fun. Don't worry if you don't get out of every room, worry about enjoying the time spent in the room with friends. Disconnect from life, and live the story. Merry Christmas From The Crux! #thecrux #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Be humble! If you are sure you have the right answer, but can't get the lock open, let someone else play with the lock. If you can't solve the puzzle, let someone else at the pieces. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Practice makes perfect. The only way to get better at escape rooms is to play more escape rooms. Google isn't going to help, and neither is sitting on the couch. #getoutthereandplay #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Ask for hints! Thats what they are there for! You aren't cheating, you're paying to have fun so don't allow your group to get frustrated because you're stuck on a puzzle. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip You probably don't have to use items more than once, so listen carefully to your game masters briefing. If items are one and done, discard used items and use whats left to guide you. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Show up ready to play. Be 10 minutes early, there's probably a waiver and you might need a washroom. Be sober, and be excited. This is supposed to be fun, but there are usually rules! #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips

#EscapeRoomProTip Bring players with a different background with you. If everyone thinks the same, you'll all get stuck on the same things. Better to argue the differences than the similarities. #5locations #escape #thecrux #thisisfun #7daysoftips