Front room harmonies as the season turns, the Brook xmas gig is drawing nearer x
An unreleased tune called "Heart". My first flip video, it's the future!
We spent last night dancing... It's getting glorious here...

Dear friends, I hope this finds you all full beam and bright lights. Unfortunately we've had a gigantic set back in Greg's treatment options this past week, as we've been told that none of the life saving immunotherapy drugs will work with his gene type. These updates were hard enough to write the first time round, but with your unlimited love and sunlit support, you've been pulling us through the storms on our journey. We are resolute, and again gathering deep winter breaths... for a new advance... We've had to raise our goal on our GoFundMe page to ensure we can get the treatment we now need more than ever. We are so so fortunate to have you all here in our melody gang to shout from the rooftops and mountains for us, and if you can take a minute to share our page again it would mean the absolute planets. Thank you all from our core, love is sent to your atoms, Aaron x

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Greg Gilbert is known to many as the singer and guitarist of the band Delays and as an artist. To me, he is my fiancée, my joint adventurer through life but most importantly, the daddy to our two baby girls Dali (3) and Bay (1). He has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that has sp...

Me and Greg waiting for Colin and Rowly. Out for a forest wander wearing all the clothes we own in the Arctic blast... Distracting ourselves from the scan this week among the stars and the trees... We'll hopefully be putting a new song up over the next couple of weeks to help soundtrack your January days... Happy New Year you wonders x

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Dear friends, I managed to do a little writing and singing today, finally finishing this song, 'An Ark'. It's very rough, I have half a voice but I thought I'd share it with you as a way to say hello, hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you everything good for the new year. On behalf of Colin, Rowly, Aaron and myself, much love xx

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Friends, I have written a new piece about my time in hospital. Writing is proving to be incredibly helpful as I go through this process, exhilarating, painful but real. Hopefully more to come, follow the link below. Much love Gregx

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Dear friends, today was scan results day, something I've come to dread. The news, whilst not perfect, wasn't as bad as it could've been: there has been some change around the tumour in my bowel but the oncologist has termed my situation as stable. It's strange to have something alien and destructive growing inside but, as I'd hoped, I get a Christmas free of chemo before restarting in the new year. The news could've been worse so I'm grateful to be amongst friends and loved ones, enjoying laughter and drinking in every second. Much love, Greg xx #cancer #cancersucks #fuckcancer #chemo #xmas #grateful #gratitude #love #beauty

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Dear friends, I have been chosen to switch on Southampton's Christmas lights this year, a humbling and surreal honour. I love the city, love Christmas and am happy to play a part - hope to see some of your faces there, this Saturday, 5pm. Much love, Greg xx…/15646507.Local_hero_Greg_Gil…/…

IT'S the task that only a local hero can perform.

Friends, this is my partner Stacey's companion piece to my recent writing about my cancer prognosis. All the emotions, darkness and connections it provoked come through so vividly. Much love, Greg xx

I didn’t know that your own life would flash before your eyes when you are told that someone you love is about to die.

Good morning all from Delays camp, this is Greg's fiancée Stacey. I thought you would be interested to read this article written by Greg about being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer for my website Beneath the Weather. It's a tough read and I'm sure even tougher to write but as with everything Greg does, it's beautiful and poignant 💜

Greg talks about the moment of being given his prognosis of stage 4 cancer and what happens in the moments after someone tells you there is nothing left to help you. Don't read without tissues, you're going to need them.

Dear friends, this was very hard to write and I had to shed several skins to relive it all but here is my piece on my cancer prognosis. As I continue to make my way through this journey, I wanted to once again thank you all for your unending support, it is truly humbling (and thank you Stacey & Beneath the Weather for sharing),
much love, Greg xxx

Greg talks about the moment of being given his prognosis of stage 4 cancer and what happens in the moments after someone tells you there is nothing left to help you. Don't read without tissues, you're going to need them.

Greg Gilbert is well enough for us to be a melody gang again this evening so we're off to lose ourselves in the forest... New album announcement soon...

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Dear friends, my partner Stacey has started a blog documenting her journey as a carer and mother, and navigating our intense journey with cancer. It's very raw and honest but also full of moments of levity. Over time, there will be various guest bloggers (including myself) each offering their own story of hope, fear, often struggle but just as often joy. Please take a look and let us know your story.
Much love, Greg xx…/

It’s a drag waiting for cancer test results when you’re stuck up a mountain in Spain.

Friends, the lovely folks at ITV have made a piece on Greg's artwork, the illness etc which will be broadcast tonight at 6pm if you want to watch. Below is a preview…/art-politics-and-convalescence-greg-g…/

November the 8th 2016 is a date seared in the mind of Greg Gilbert. It was the day he was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, at the age of 39. But, with dark humour, the lead singer of Southampton Indie band Delays tells me: 'I never thought hearing that Donald Trump had become President was t...


This is a short film I made with GoFundMe about my campaign to raise money for Greg's treatment. A heartfelt thank you isn't enough but this film is a small start 💜

X Stacey

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When a desperate fiancée asked for help for her musician husband-to-be, her plea went viral. Find out what happened next...

Update on Greg's heath from his fiancée Stacey. Happy Sunday everyone,enjoy the sun,wherever you are 💜

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Stacey Heale is with Greg Gilbert.

Feeling just ok is seriously underrated.

Yesterday,I felt ok for the first time in 7 months. We found out that Greg has responded better than expected to the c...hemo that was supposed to just extend his life. From the scans,the tumours in both his bowel and lungs looks like mostly scar tissue and he has been given a 3 month break from treatment.

This is the best possible result we could have expected from the treatment,something we didn't even plan for because it seemed so impossible. However,cancer is incredibly complicated to understand so it's important to say - Greg is not cancer free,in remission or anything like that. Our oncologist was very clear that something will start to grow again in this time,whether that is the tumours already there or somewhere new in his body.

BUT that's not now. If I have learnt anything at all over the past 7 months,it's that NOW is all any of us has. And for now,we are going to LIVE,not just exist.

Oh and sleep with my favourite child 🐩

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Friends, here's an update from Greg's fiancee Stacey on his progress and the fundraising campaign. Much love, we're Delays xxx

Stacey Heale is with Greg Gilbert and Aaron Gilbert.

Hello from over here

I’ve been very quiet of late but wanted to update you on our situation.

Greg is still undergoing chemotherapy and has two sessions left. Wh...en this is done, he will have a CT scan to see if the treatment has had any effect. We know that chemo will not be a cure and whatever happens next depends totally on these results. Because of this, we have been able to do very little except wait. We have our fingers crossed that the results will show that Greg will become a candidate for bowel surgery and that we can then look at specialist laser surgery for his lungs. We have yet to spend any of the money we have raised but this next phase of treatments will need to be done privately as they are not available on the NHS.

The chemotherapy treatment has left Greg very weak and extremely fatigued but he seems to have gained energy for producing art. He is using this to cope with the treatment and processing a lot of difficult emotions – you can see his convalescence drawings on Instagram at Greggilbert_artist.

I’ve also wanted to update you on our fundraising for Greg’s treatment. Outside of my GoFundMe campaign, there have been lots of events for Give4Greg over the past 4 months and personal donations sent straight to me. I have added these as a one off donation for £40,574 so the overall total now stands at £204,000. THIS BLOWS MY MIND! I can’t thank you all enough but have shouted out to the amazing venues, events and magical humans involved in such fantastic contributions this year in the comment section of the donation, please do have a look (I’m so terrified of doing this in case I forget something, please do let me know if I have!). A massive thank you to all the people who have given individual donations to us personally, there are far too many people to name but your generosity is overwhelming.

We are working with Fight For Lives on our next big fundraising event for Give4Greg – a football tournament at Saints grounds, St Mary’s Stadium on Friday 26th May. If you would like the chance to play, get involved or come to the after party at Café Grand, Southampton, please follow this link:

To be so close to our target in 4 months is humbling. I know the current climate in the world is shaky and sometimes that can make it hard to engage in more difficult subjects but I would appreciate you sharing our campaign again. Any more ideas for fundraising events are very appreciated. As well as raising the money for Greg’s life saving treatments, I am dedicated to generating greater awareness of the difficulty in accessing cancer treatments. This isn’t just about us, it’s about all of us and our families.


x Stacey

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Stacey Heale has posted a new update!

Happy Saturday melody gang... I just wanted to keep you all posted on what we're upto and what's happening next on this roller coaster we've found ourselves riding... We haven't been sleeping in the gaps in between, and we're currently in the middle of compiling an album of rarities; including unreleased versions of songs, unseen footage and some new tracks to add to your days... We're hoping to have it all together for you over the next month, with all proceeds going towards Greg's fund. Thank you all from the core of our atoms for your infinite love and support, you are serotonin. Aaron x

A Wonderful donation to the Auction - last hours now !!

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Scouting For Girls


Win this guitar and piece of SFG history. Auction ends Wednesday and all proceeds to the Give for Greg Gilbert campaign.

Prize includes this £600 guitar which has been used to write and record many Scouting for Girls songs over the last decade. Also includes meet and greet soundcheck tickets for the next time we tour.

Please check out the justgiving page and the auction at

Many more amazing items available from Coldplay and Mumford and Sons.

Roy x

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