First day in London included fish & chips, football and old friends. Good times, good on to Brighton! (Video featuring the Swansea away supporters.)
Eric here - Maybe you often wondered at shows "I wonder what Eric looks like with ice water poured over his head?" Well, here's my ALS Ice Bucket video to sate that need. Sure, I nominate three friends (including our tour manager and first drummer) in this video, but here, in print, I nominate / challenge ALL OF YOU. You have 24 hours. (You can of course also make donations to
Our copies of the 'Change' vinyl re-issue have arrived! Pre-Sale:

Travis here.
I am singing the album "Cure For Pain" by Morphine in its entirety, with backing band, at the knitting factory, in Williamsburg, NY, TONIGHT. Other singers are doing "first band on the moon" (cardigans) and "in the aeroplane over the sea" (neutral milk hotel.) Should be cool! Come on out...…

Eric again - I remember watching the 1999 Women's World Cup Final, we were late for a wedding, it went to overtime, then penalties, which made us even later, and later. Luckily this time I was watching with my family, running back and forth from the grill as Carli Lloyd just couldn't stop scoring. Congrats #USWNT, let's do it again in 2019!