The Fetals played many shows with Brian Stubbs over the years. He was an excellent musician, and an even better human being. All of us Fetals wish to extend heartfelt condolences to the Stubbs family. If possible, please donate to his funeral expenses so the burden of laying him to rest doesn't fully have to fall on his family. We shall see you again in Valhalla brother!

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian, as his friends and family very well knew, was an incredibly brilliant and talented person. He was so well versed and his unique views could keep you in conversation for hours. His musical skills were unprecedented. Not only was he an amazing bassist, but hearing him explain what you were h...

Grab yourself a copy of the Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation Vol 2. It features a version of The Lime Pit Awaits performed by the original Fetals line up. The best part is it's only $3 for some of the best underground metal you'll find today. Matter of fact you should then go pick up a copy of Vol 1 as well. That should get you nice and excited for Vol 3 being released in the future.

With a bittersweet combination of sadness at his loss mixed with pride in what he started, the Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation Vol 2 is available now.


We're on an awesome compilation in memory of a die hard metal fan. Grab yourself a copy of this!!!

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Sam Unterberger

Thank you all for your patience, but we at BDMSDCC are extatically proud to announce that the Andrew Blum Memorial Compilation Vol 2 will released digitally on June 24th! This is the current confirmed track listing, with the potential possibility for a couple of late additions. Order thru the bandcamp site, or through the official website to take part in the community of musicians/artists/industry professionals In the extreme metal community, to help keep Andrew Blum's vision going for years to come. (Links in comments) Too many ppl/bands involved and interested for me to tag, so PLEASE TAG AND SHARE with all interested people, bands, Pages and groups. Spam the sh!t out of this!

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In case anyone didn't know, a couple of our members have moved onto a band called Abortion Survivor and they have released a few demo tracks to melt your soul. Go take a listen and give their page a like!

Just because you're dead that doesn't mean it's over. Matter of fact, the fun's just beginning. Enjoy our next demo song release Abuse of Corpse.

Abuse Of Corpse (Demo) by Abortion Survivor, Metal music from Philadelphia, PA on ReverbNation

In 2012 we were searching for a new vocalist. Mathew K. moved to Philadelphia from Denver to fill that role. We had already recorded "The Lime Pit Awaits" and just needed him to lay down the vocals. Doing so forever made him a Fetal.

You can download the song for free by entering in $0 and an email address. If you've never heard Mat's brutal death metal vocals, do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Rest in Peace brother. We shall meet again in the Halls of Valhalla.

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If it wasn't for being the opening act we never would have built a fan base to become the headliner. Fuck Wendy's for not supporting those who are trying to get ahead. If you've been the opening act share this message with Wendy's. Let them know we don't appreciate advertising to skip our set in lieu of their food.

Jay Fetal

I've boycotted Wendy's. I keep hearing this radio ad where they say it's a good call skipping the opening band at a concert to go to Wendy's. I cannot express... how much that ad irritates me. I've been in the opening band far too many times and it's that exact attitude that makes it hard for artists to get ahead. So you know what, I'm starting a campaign. That campaign is it's a good idea to boycott a company that doesn't support musicians because they are the opening act. Fuck you Wendy's.

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Normally we would have something witty to say honoring the passing of a great musician who might have influenced us. To say that Dave Brockie and GWAR has influenced us would vastly understate the impact they had on the musicians we are today. We simply would not be who we are if Dave Brockie had never graced this earth with his presence. Dave influenced our lyrics and antics as much as the rest of the band influenced our musical styling and writing. We consider him a hero. The world truly got a little less bright for The Fetals today. #RIPDaveBrockie You will be missed, but you will not be forgotten.

Did you know? Our engineer Brian Ritrovato did all the vocal arranging in Interlube. The song was written as an instrumental outro for The Object Of My Infection. We wanted to make give it a track of its own on the album so we decided to create clips that would set the mood. We recorded scripted conversations that we "thought" would be fitting for the vocal layout. Brian took tons of these conversations and spent hours cutting and pasting them into the song that ultimately ended up on Conceived To Destroy. Enjoy!

The Fetals | Metal | Philadelphia, PA

Music lost a legend and a pioneer today. #RIPLouReed

(Reuters) - Lou Reed, whose band the Velvet Underground became one of the most influential in rock by fusing art and music in 1960s' New York through its collaboration with artist Andy Warhol, died on

We're down at The Rusty Nail in Ardmore getting a practice in before we play a very special event on Friday night. Come on down, have a listen, drink some beer, and watch some football.

The Fetals is with Jay Fetal and Kevin Michael.
May 16, 2013

Laying down drum tracks for EATR.

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Just because we were spawned rather than born, doesn't mean we don't appreciate all the mother's out there. After all there would be no one to annihilate on this planet if it weren't for all you mothers. So, Happy Mother's Day! Keep reproducing so we can keep destroying!!

I guarantee you find at least a dozen songs you like. If not, come find me so I can slap some metal sense into you.

Sociopathic Sound started as a Philadelphia-based web project in June 2012, but it’s about to transition into a record label, with plans not only to sign bands for new releases but also to re-issue previous works on vinyl or as digitally remastered releases. Since opening the doors last year, Socio...

Something we can agree with. If the forces of metal ever combined like Voltron the universe would be annihilated. Don't you agree?

Thanks for inspiring us Jeff Hanneman.


Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home. Hannema...n was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed.

Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 - 2013)

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The Fetals is with Jay Fetal and Kevin Michael.
April 19, 2013

The 2nd Trimester has begun!

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When we aren't out brutalizing the world with metal, we watch good ole' fashion sports entertainment! Who's going to be watching WrestleMania tonight? Are you for The Rock or John Cena to take the WWE title?

Complete coverage of WrestleMania 29, which takes place April 7, 2013, at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.