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Natthanan Kanivichaporn
· November 9, 2017
Caution !!! if you are a tourist or who not plan to stay in UK for a longtime and registered for the gym month membership (caution)

We are a tourist that stay in UK for 10 days...
and we choose the gym for a great workout in UK

We get a very good help from staff to registered 1 month membership ( Staff suggest one month because is cheaper than 3 days pass in that time )

We pay by a credit card so the main question that i ask the staff is

"After one month i have to send any email or do anything to cancle my membership ?"

" Is they going to charged us automatically for the second month?"

Because as i said we just a tourist so it no need to go for 2 month membership.

And the answer from staff is

"You dont have to send any form or do anything to cancel your membership."

"The gym charged you only a month, after that you will get the email from the gym to ask that you want to extend the membership, if you dont then you just ignore that email."

I Think it is my fault

that i dont open a gym website to see a policy about cancel a membership
but it because i think "gym staff" give us a very good help

And we "belive" what gym staff told us.

It's fines that the gym can't refund a second month membership fee becuase we send a cancellation form too late.

( I just know that we have to send a cancellation form 4 days earlier due date after i got a sms form my bank that they charge me a second month this morning and looking for the information in the website )

So it fine that the gym don't refund us a fee.
46 GBP is not a big amount of money.

But i think at least the gym should train your staff to get a correct information about your gym.

So they wont miscommunicating with customer. like in this case.

and for someone who read this
dont make a mistake like i do.

Dont belive everything about the gym from what their "staff" said because it might be a "Human Error" happen.
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Ricky Hammond
· December 28, 2017
Hagley road gym - Changed ownership, decreased fees but kept them the same for existing customers (still
Costs more than other gyms by the way) customer service awful!! Wouldn’t recommend! Customer se...rvice key!!

Removed all tvs, removed all paper towel stations (very hygienic well done) � purely a tax avoidance change and cost saving excercise!! Nightmare to get in having to input a 900 digit code, parking still horrendous and
Nothing been done with all the snow and ice!!

Classes being cancelled last minute is disgusting when you’ve arranged baby sitters so you can attend these classes!! Where are
The punch bags???

All I can see was this so called refurbishment is that you’ve stripped away anything that cost money and painted the place!!!

I for one will be looking for a new gym!!!
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Michelle Loader
· November 15, 2017
I have been a member for 2.5 years, recently they have advertised a new LiveIt membership which can be added for just £4.99. Great I thought until I tried to add this to my current membership, they a...dded £20. I contacted customer services and have been going backwards and forwards with them. Totally mixed messages, firstly yes it should only be £4.99 and then secondly I was advised actually no because I don’t have the do it membership, it will actually be £20. Today I have now been told to cancel my current membership and renew. This is false advertising because unless you have the right membership it is more than £4.99. Also I find it hard to believe they treat loyal customers in this way. I am now considering leaving and joining another gym altogether See More
Chris Price
· January 4, 2018
I left a while back as a policy changed that made it difficult for me to use the multi-gym access. The gym itself is fine but if you need help or need to complain, the service is terrible. They couldn...t fix my problem but fair enough. The problem I have now is years later they still send offers on re-joining. Theres no connection to me being a disgruntled customer who left, im just on the mailing list. To text stop and cancel the spam they text you is chargeable which is a pretty disgracefull way to pinch change off people. See More
Craig Willetts
· December 16, 2017
Agree with Gary comment, see no improvement in Hagley Road gym just paying same price for less facilities and bland character who wants to stare at blank walls or mirrors at least TVs you lost track o...f time Space been removed for stretching and mat work on first floor WHY!!! sauna steam room removed all the unique selling points gone and no paper towels to clean equipment yet you talk health and safety was reason to remove sauna steam room. Cost is same yet your other gyms in area are cheaper what is the difference very disappointed will now probably give up going or look for alternative See More
Zak Small
· January 3, 2018
Lifestyle on Hagley Road was a prety good gym. Couple of niggly bits, leaks, parking etc. but it was still pretty good.
I've only been to the new lay out twice since it reopened and at the moment i'm... not convinced that its an improvement. there is all the talk of towels, sauna and tv's having being taken and there is also the lack of customer service .
I used to like coming to the gym but something is missing.
And whats with the massive PIN code for access?
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Lois Miles
· November 7, 2017
I have been a member since Saturday (it is now Tuesday)... I went on Saturday and had a positive experience, however I attempted to go again after work last night to be greeted by a sign at the entran...ce saying it was closed until 6am Wednesday!! This gym is advertised as a 24/7 gym and there was no evidence of any maintenance actually taking place.
Why would you close the gym for so long?
More importantly, why has this not been communicated to all members - I had got changed and travelled to the gym only to be disappointed. Not impressed that I am already encountering this kind of problem within days of joining. �
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Mark Lamerton
· November 20, 2017
It says on the website that Plymouth has 2 hours free parking at the civic centre , but there’s nowhere / no links in the member area that that directs you to any sort of instructions , there was once... a voucher that you could print , but all links have gone !
They also don’t allow cycles to be parked in the gym lobby are despite having plenty of room. Looks like I’m gonna have to find a gym with parking or cycle storage !
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Gary Joiner
· December 15, 2017
Thank you for all your hard work to destroy the hagley road lifestyle gym. You have done an extremely brilliant job of losing 100’s of members.

we didn’t mind finding it difficult to park or constan...tly fingering our way in through the entrance. We didn’t mind the fact there was only one water basin in the whole gym to fill our drinks bottle. We also didn’t mind the leaks in basement from the showers.... I really could go on about we really didn’t mind this because we knew, as a whole, this gym was best value for money around for gyms with the facilities IT had.

I’ve been a member of lifestyle hagley road since December 2014. Which I think was a month after it first opened. Today was the first time I’ve walked through those doors and felt disappointed. From what I can see for improvements you have given it some fresh paint and a clean � it did need that. For the rest of it I totally disapprove. The shop has gone. Was ideal for pre work out protein ( you have put the water up on the vending machine £1.20) or after workout. Now nothing. TVs have gone. Why? watching the tv to pass time on the treadmills or bikes was miles better than looking at walls. In fact I’d lose track of time and spend longer on them. I hated the one and only sink we had to fill our bottles. I would like that back please. You’ve put a water fountain in which we struggle to fill our bottles without spilling water on the floor. Where’s the paper towels gone? When someone has a sweat on I’d like to remove it before or after use of the machine of just been on. Punch bags I didn’t see any, have you removed them? I didn’t use them to often but my pals did and used the gym for these reasons. If you have they’ll be leaving. Top floor, turn left, in the corner were mats. What’s that room you’ve put there for? TVs have gone from top floor to. The basement the same really. Just moved things around.

What’s annoyed me the most is the steam and sauna rooms. You’ve closed it off. If your gonna close this off make use of that space. There’s so much wasted space you’ve created.

I really don’t know what I was expecting when I came back to my second home. I didn’t expect I’d be getting less value for money and I didn’t expect I was gonna be writing this review that’s for sure.

I’m totally gutted what you have done and I’m pretty sure others will be to.
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Silje Mari Stokka
· December 28, 2017
Worst customer service experience. The Gym have charged me £40.99 for the joining fee and monthly fee, after only going one day my membership was suspended. I signed up 4th November. I have been back ...and forth emailing customer service, they have yet to re-activate my membership and still have my money. This is actually ridiculous! I’m still waiting for a response to my last email See More
Olivia Davis
· November 8, 2017
Was being billed without my knowledge, although my account had been cancelled (Again, without my knowledge) after I had been away for some period. When I enquired as to why, I was given a poor respons...e of "it was not" and that my direct debit was the reason it was cancelled. Pure lies. Who knows how long I had been billed without my knowledge - I only found out because of a bank visit. Awful customer service and has really made me think about re joining. See More
Becky Houlihan
· November 15, 2017
I won 6 months membership at a Macmillan coffee morning, on claiming my prize I have had shocking service. Resulting in my membership still not working 4 weeks later. I emailed as stated to claim, cal...led into the gym 3 times spoke to the manager and called the membership line 3 times for it to be sorted which lasted 2 days. Still awaiting a response currently for when it might be resolved. I feel if they can't fulfil their donations then they shouldn't be offering them. See More
Gustas Gustas
· November 13, 2017
No point to go in the gym i you can't use it properly. I can't use half gym because there's a class with two people, or gym staff working with a clients personally. U know i payed too, and i am client... also. Only one good thing is that gym is open 24/7 disappointed See More
Tess Raghallaigh
· November 28, 2017
#thegymgroup are taking over my gym. They seem to think that more equipment (when we already have enough) will be an improvement on having sauna & steam rooms (which they are removing). Really upset! ...They say they want fitness to be more accessible, but they're making it worse: I have disability and need the sauna for my health. #profitbeforepeople See More
Ever Forward
· November 7, 2017
Absolutely terrible Gym! They are taking over Lifestyle Fitness Birmingham Trident Park and converting it to a Gym Group. They are removing the tap that is easily accessible and replacing it with a wa...ter fountains so that it takes forever to fill up a bottle and impossible to use with larger bottles. They are removing 4 Squat racks and replacing then with one, removing two smith machines and replacing them with one, removing 6 different varieties of bench presses and placing with one flat bench press. Removing all the plate loaded equipment and replacing them with pin loaded machines that are terrible to use. Matrix is a terrible brand of Gym equipment. They are replacing Dumbbells from 2kg-60kg with 2kg-40kg. They are doing this from the 9th-24th November and will completely be ruining a great gym. I heard from the workers that they are losing so many members and a lot of people will be canceling their memberships. Does it make sense to make a great gym crap? Is your aim to ruin gyms? The Gym Group sucks and stupid workers at The Gym Group say yeah the Dumbbells are light thats why you can load up on the Barbell..Does that make any sense? What if I want to use Dumbbells? I cant because they are not heavy enough. Do higher reps you say? How about no! How about you get heavier DBs. A non lifter will say load up on the barbell, one that knows nothing about muscle confusion. You are also keeping the price at £17.99 per month? Honestly I wouldnt be happy paying a pound for the shit gym it is about to become. Everyone from Lifestyle fitness Birmingham Trident park will be cancelling their memberships and you will be forced to tell on. Assholes See More
Jennifer Evans
· November 21, 2017
If you want you account plundered join this Gym. No staff on hand to discuss your problems and no monitoring of their accounts. They have now taken over Lifestyle Fitness, of which I was a member. ...In spite of cancelling my direct debit , and renewing my frozen account with the Gym Group, they still took the subscription for Lifestyle fitness and will be taking another payment for Gym Group within a week.

I advise everyone to check their bank account regularly and if possible find another Gym. This, however, could be a problem because the Gym Group appears to be snatching up all the smaller gyms.
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Mark Smith
· January 9, 2018
I went down to sign my 15 yr old daughter up to the gym on Sunday and was told to put all my personal details into the screen right by the entrance where people are passing by and can see everything ...that you are putting personal information in like my bank details and after all that i had to go bk on monday as it would not let us proceed past her name and age only to be told that as she is only 15 she can not use the gym i think that considering there is so much emphasis on kids not being healthy that she can not join the gym the reason I was given was because the gym is becoming a 24 hr gym well I think this is a very poor reason for not letting under 16s using the gym when they could just a time restriction on the hrs that they can use the gym instead of discriminating under 16s for age See More
Kelvin Campbell
· December 18, 2017
HAGLEY ROAD, BIRMINGHAM: I joined the Hagley Road gym before it got brought by the Gym Group. It used to have a warm and friendly feel to it but was recently closed for 2 weeks while they renovated. ...The gym reopened on Friday 15th December and I attended on Monday 18th December.

By renovate they meant paint and take things out as that's all I can see that has been done. All the tv's have been taken out from 2 floors so there is no longer a distraction for you while exercising. Which I found usefully.

Before the Gym Group took over there was a Sauna, Steam room and a Aromatherapy room, however only the sauna ever worked consistently with the steam room working a couple days per week and and the Aromatherapy room worked once in over 12 months.

With the renovations they have closed all 3 and they are no longer available to members. The Sauna was my main reason for joining in the first place. The new paint job makes the place look cheap as you can see it's been rushed.

So they have painted (poorly) and taken away facilities but are still charging the same. Shrinkflation at it's best. If you want a gym with machines then it's ok. Any extras then I wouldn't bother.
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Holly Baker
· December 11, 2017
Ok so this is on no reflection the single Wembley branch of the gym group, this is just about the entire operations of this place.
So you’re taking over Wembley Park which for starters I am dreading b...ecause your equipment is age old MATRIX, which anyone who knows decent gym kit KNOWS is a pile of rubbish.
You have minimal free weights which leads to over crowding and LOTS including me of angry lifters. Cheap weights obviously. A floor like a bouncy castle - understandably to protect the floor from weights- but this is cheap shit, it’s so obvious.
Oh, you hold classes during peak time but there isn’t a studio so you hold them in the ONLY mat area. Are you mad? I’m stretching on the floor. As in, the hard cold floor near the entrance.
Your equipment may be ‘new’ - but it’s cheap shit. And NOT a place I would ever recommend, decent trainers who enjoy weights can’t do jack shit here. There’s no space.
Also - Wembley Park - please don’t make it follow this basic layout, don’t remove the gymnastics cage and replace with nothing. This place is honestly one of the worst I’ve ever been in. It’s cheap and poorly thought out.
Not much else to say, other than I’m not happy you’ve taken over a decent gym. Old, but decent. With actual decent equipment. Proper lifting stuff.

Thanks for that.
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Claire Mellor
· December 9, 2017
Paid upfront for a month of PT, straight away the guy tried to have our first session be about 20 minutes long, turns out that he shouldn’t be doing PT as was supposed to be on shift. Fast forward a f...ew more bad sessions and then he was texting another PT who was also with a client but in the same area of the gym, they were laughing away and sniggering. Finally, I get a call from him to tell me that I need to pick a different session as he’s given it to someone else (even though it was all communicated in text, so he couldn’t have forgotten). I’ve paid for more sessions than I got and the ones I did have were a joke. I’ve emailed customer services repeatedly and still no refund. See More

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