MINOR UPDATE: due to a scheduling conflict, Biniam Bizuneh will not be able to appear at the next Happening on 3/28. However, in his stead will appear the fantastic EDDIE MAULDIN. You can find Eddie and his fantastic cartoons on instagram @eddiemauldin and also next week at 9:00 on our fine program!

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Our amazing poster, as always by Ashley Snively.

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Look at this amazing light box display at the Two Roads Theater. I can’t imagine a better home for The Happening and I hope we’re there for a long time. Please come out to our first show on 11/29 at 9:00 and make sure that happens. We’ve got Emily Heller, Brent Weinbach, Jason Saenz, and the MacBlakes. It’s going to be a heck of a show.

AWW YISS NEW SHOW AMAZING LINEUP. How could you not come to this, especially with Hampton Yount, Matthew Broussard, Ashley Barnhill, and Biniam Bizuneh all involved? Two Roads Theater, 9:00, 3/28, $10!!

Well, this is it. The last HAPPENING ever (until the next one on 4/10. I know, I lied, get over it). We've got such an unbelievable lineup for y'all I can't believe it. Some of your favorite performers from all walks of life. Also, I'll probably be doing something stupid, so look forward to that. Here's our crew this week:

ASHLEY BARNHILL (@midnight) ...

Is there any chance you're going to see a more high quality lineup anywhere that night? I doubt it. Two Roads Theater, $10, 3/28.

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Holy smokes folks we're back with two new shows!! We're back at our regular Two Roads Theater on 3/28 at 9:00, but we're also going to be at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe on 4/10 at 10:00. Not only that, but the show at the Lyric Hyperion is going to be FREE. Please please come out!!

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Holy crap thank you so much to everyone who came out last night!! Special thanks to Matt Braunger, Bil Dwyer, Erica Rhodes, and the one and only goddamn Buddy Cole for making this one of my treasured memories. We’re on the lookout for a new venue, so watch this space for updates. Thanks for all the support and we’ll be back soon!!

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WE ARE ON TONIGHT PEOPLES. 9:00, Two Roads Theater, all these fine ass performers. I can't believe it myself, but it's true. Please please please let me get what I want (which is for you to come to the show).

Holy crap, we're doing this tomorrow. Are you going to be there? If not, why? Are you some kind of crazy person? This is an amazing lineup, and it's only for $10. Two Roads Theater, TOMORROW WEDNESDAY at 9:00. Be there!!

WE ARE BACK MOTHERFUCKERS WITH THE BEST DANG LINEUP AROUND. MATT BRAUNGER, SCOTT THOMPSON, BIL DWYER, ANDY KINDLER, ERICA RHODES AND MORE. It's so good I can't believe my name is on it. Please come out next Wednesday and support. Two Roads Theater, $10.

Oh you better believe we're back with OUR BEST LINEUP EVER. I know, we've had some unbelievable lineups, but this one is something else. People with multiple specials that you know and love, oh, and a GODDAMN KID IN THE HALL. Here we are:

SCOTT THOMPSON (The Kids in the Hall)
ANDY KINDLER (Comedy Central)...
BIL DWYER (Comedy Central)
ERICA RHODES (@midnight)

Please come out. It's only $10, and can you get this quality kind of show anywhere in the world for that price? You cannot. Two Roads Theater, $10, 2/28.

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Hello friends, but due to (lack of) popular demand, the show this Wednesday is CANCELLED. We are also ending our weekly run at the Two Roads effective immediately. However, we will be back there on 2/28 with maybe the best lineup we’ve ever had. We’re also on the lookout for a 2nd venue, so if you have any interest please reach out. We’ll see you soon!!

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If you didn't come to THE HAPPENING last night (and most of you didn't), you missed this EXCEPTIONALLY good girl as our co-host. Also, Nick Turner, Nick Vatterott, and Ari Mannis, but look at this baby!! We're back next week with Brent Sullivan, Robby Hoffman, and Jimmy Callaway!! Please come out, 2/7 at 9:00 at the Two Roads Theater.

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Hello #happgang (the nickname I just thought of for our non-existent fanbase). We're back in 9 hours, and we're going to have the time of our lives (🎶and I owe it all to you🎶). This is a lineup, and also there will be a dog co-hosting the show with me. Her name is Sally and she loves kisses. Please come out! Two Roads Theater, 9:00, $10.

JUST UNDER THREE HOURS DAWGS AND DAWGETTES. It's the goddang HAPPENING. Two Roads Theater, 9:00, and it's the newest and hippest thing.