This freaking SATURDAY Haters! Do you have your tickets yet? We have them for you for just $15! 12 bands for $15! $20 at the door so hit us up! Aside from The Hate, here are a few other bands that are on the bill and it is a stacked one!! Apathy Syndrome Blue Felix Dead Horse Trauma Screaming For Silence Absolute Power Headliners - Born of Osiris!! Go to the Carnival of Razors page for the whole list! All ages and all day at Val-Air Ballroom in Des Moines! See you Saturday!

Writing is coming along great, can't wait to get on the road again & see all you Haters!

Time to start sharing music from another band close to us. Ok, it is us! Check out "Waste" from our CD "Outside the Walls". A live favorite, for those who haven't seen us live. More older tunes to share as we hope you all do the same as we lead up to new music and eventually, our next CD. Check this out and share away!
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Christina Close Jones
· November 2, 2017
Every single show I've been to over many years of being a hate fan has been an amazing time. Something about the way their music revives my soul and sets my spirit free!! I'm always feeling the vibe a...nd the lyrics and feeling some of the same ways and screaming and jumping and moshing and headbanging, releasing all the pent up feelings and then....ahhh, relax and Chris is drunk and needs a ride home. But I'm seriously balanced after a hate show. Their music truely mends me in some sort of way. Damn, that was deep. See More
John Harper
· October 17, 2017
Pure, hardcore and melodic riffs guaranteed to get you hooked. Great vocals, Charles is a perfect vocalist. This band is mind blowing good!!! All the best.
Sarah Jeremy Merchant
· October 8, 2017
I love section hate. Amazing music. Not normally into that kind but i love it
Jimmy Kleingartner
· November 12, 2017
These guys frigging rock. Check em out when you have a chance. You won't regret it.
Shawn Knox
· October 8, 2017
Awesome band and some of the nicest guys I ever met!
William Christy
· January 9, 2017
Section Hate is one the best bands out there. Their sound is killer. They are a complete, tight band that have gone out there and busted their chops. When you get the chance to see them live, do so yo...u will not be disappointed and you will walk away a Hater for life. See More
Hazzard Heather
· July 9, 2017
�. These guys always bring their "A" Game . ���
Shelby Kerpowski
· October 7, 2016
Musically phenomenonal, real lyrics, groove metalish beats... and they're just a great bunch of guys, that I now call my friends.
Jeffrey Guynn
· December 23, 2016
Metal,the way it should be! These guys always put on a great show!
Richard Todd Morrow
· March 2, 2017
These guys are always on target!!! They should be under contract.
Brian Mccsrtney
· November 30, 2016
The digigidgdy dig dig outchya minddddah. BRUNO..........

What a killer show to start off the New Year!

Bringing in the New Year with a jam! Tightening up for recording! Hope Christopher Chrisman can help bring these songs to life soon!


-6 isn't just the current temp here. "-6" is also a the title of a song on our future CD. Getting songs polished up to record next month along with some big show announcements also coming soon!

Coming out swinging in 2018 so hope our Haters are ready.

Last minute Christmas gift idea? $15 each and we have some in stock. If we do we may just be able to help you out! Hit us up!

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Sharing many bands we are privileged to say we shared the stage with in 2017, this one needs no help getting support. They are the hardest working Iowa machine right now and deserve every bit of success they get.
If you haven't heard of Dead Horse Trauma then crawl out from under your rock and check these guys out! They pour every bit of themselves into their live performances and leave you wanting more! Huge things coming for them in the coming year so if you are not a fan already, check out their page and get to know them! Hopefully more shows await us with our brothers in DHT in the near future!

Check out our brothers and sister in Veritas! Killer live band who made a huge splash in '17! Can't wait to see what the new year holds for this band!!

Veritas = Truth

So let's keep it going with sharing bands we have played with in 2017 and definitely feel you should check out!
Let's go right into our brothers in Patient Zero! Holy shit you have got to check these boys out! Our Des Moines brothers are great guys who know how to throw down! Check them out, like their page and share with everyone! Big things coming next year from these guys we can feel it!

Wait til 2018 & the new songs coming out!

Second band from Des Moines is a brutal force in the scene lead by our Brother Tim Sirianni Jr. on vocals! ABSOLUTE POWER is exactly what the name says! These guys are always ready to throw down and take you right into the pit each and every time! Check out their page and share away. Expect new brutality from these guys as they are planning new music in 2018!

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weekend! Here are a couple more bands we think you should check out! Both of these next 2 bands are killer Des Moines scene bands! First up is Further South! These boys have a heavy southern rock vibe that is very unique. Great guys and a killer band you just need to hear live. Check out their page, like it and share the hell out of it. These guys deserve some love and be looking for them in 2018 to be making some noise!

All the way from Australia, October Rage brings their style of heavy music and energy to our Midwest stages! We have had the pleasure of playing with these guys a couple times and they are awesome! Great music and great people!
Check their page put, give them a like and share away! Try and catch them before they head back home till next summer if you can!

Here are a couple more bands to check out on your lazy Sunday! Entering the 10th year of The Hate in various forms, we have shared the stage with many awesome local and national acts! 2017 was no different! Again we reflect and a couple more of those who we feel deserve your time to check out!

As for You is a killer band from Des Moines who we have shared a bond with for a LONG time! These guys are one of the best live bands around and never give you less than 100% of themselves on stage, and in their music! Like their page and share the hell out of these guys! Again, get your ass to an AFY show is the best advice we can give you!