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Tucker Carlson Tonight

You hear a lot in America about the "war on women," but it's men in America who are failing. We have some shocking statistics:

The signs are everywhere. If you’ a middle aged man, you probably know a peer who has killed himself in recent years. At least one. If you’re a parent, you may have noticed that your daughter’s friends seem a little more on the ball than your son’s. They get better grades. They smoke less weed. They go to more prestigious colleges. If you’re an employer, you may have noticed that your female employees show up on time, whereas the young men often don’t. And of course if you live in this country, you’ve just seen a horrifying series of mass shootings, far more than we’ve ever had. Women didn’t do that. In every case, the shooter was a man.

Something ominous is happening to men in America. Everyone who pays attention knows that. What’s odd is how rarely you hear it publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men don’t need help. They’re the patriarchy. They’re fine. More than fine.

But are they fine? Here are the numbers:

Start with the most basic, life and death. The average American man will die five years before the average American woman. One of the reasons for this is addiction. Men are more than twice as likely as women to become alcoholics. They’re also twice as likely to die of a drug OD. In New Hampshire, one of the states hit hardest by the opioid crisis, 73 percent of overdose deaths were men.

But the saddest reason for shortened life spans is suicide. Seventy-seven percent of all suicides are committed by men. The overall rate is increasing at a dramatic pace. Between 1997 and 2014, there was a 43 percent rise in suicide deaths among middle aged American men. The rates are highest among American Indian and white men, who kill themselves at about ten times the rate of Hispanic and black women.

You often hear of America’s incarceration crisis. That’s almost exclusively a male problem too. Over 90 percent of inmates are male.

These problems are complex, and they start young. Relative to girls, boys are failing in school. More girls than boys graduate high school. Considerably more go to and graduate from college. Boys account for the overwhelming majority of school discipline cases. One study found that fully one in five high school boys had been diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder, compared with just one in 11 girls. Many were medicated for it. The long term health effects of those medications aren’t fully understood, but they appear to include depression in later life.

Women decisively outnumber men in graduate school. They earn the majority of doctoral degrees. They are now the majority of new enrollees in both law and medical schools.

For men, the consequences of failing in school are profound. Between 1979-2010, working age men with only high school degrees saw their real hourly wages drop about 20 percent. Over the same period, high school educated women saw their wages rise. The decline of the industrial economy disproportionately hurt men.

There are now seven million working age American men who are no longer in the labor force. They’ve dropped out. Nearly half of them take pain medication on any given day. That’s the highest rate in the world.

Far fewer young men get married than did just a few decades ago, and fewer stay married. About one in five American children live with only their mothers. That’s double the rate in 1970. Millions more boys are growing up without fathers. Young adult men are now more likely to live with a parent than with a spouse or partner. That is not the case for young women. Single women buy their own homes at more than twice the rate of single men. More women than men now have drivers licenses.

Whenever gender differences come up in public debate, the so-called wage gap dominates the conversation. A woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That’s the statistic you’ll hear. It’s repeated everywhere. But that number compares all American men to all American women across all professions. No legitimate social scientist would consider that a valid measure. The number is both meaningless and intentionally misleading. It’s a talking point.

Once you compare men and women with similar experience working the same hours in similar jobs for the same period of time — and that’s the only way you can measure it — the gap all but disappears. In fact it may invert. One study using census data found that single women in their 20s living in metropolitan areas now earn eight percent more on average than their male counterparts. By the way, the majority of managers are now women. Women on average are scoring higher on IQ tests than men are.

Men are even falling behind physically. A recent study found that almost half of young men failed the Army's entry-level physical fitness test during basic training. Fully seventy percent of American men are overweight or obese, as compared to 59 percent of American women.

Perhaps most terrifyingly, men seem to be becoming less male. Sperm counts across the west have plummeted, down almost 60 percent since the early 1970s. Scientists don’t know why. Testosterone levels in men have also fallen precipitously. One study found that the average levels of male testosterone dropped by one percent every year after 1987. This is unrelated to age. The average 40-year-old-man in 2017 would have testosterone levels 30 percent lower than the average 40-year-old man in 1987.

There is no upside to this. Lower testosterone levels in men are associated with depression, lethargy, weight gain and decreased cognitive ability. Nothing like this has ever happened. You’d think we’d want to know what exactly is going on and how to fix it. But the media ignore the story. It’s considered a fringe topic.

Nor is it a priority in the scientific research establishment. We checked and couldn’t find a single NIH-funded study on why testosterone levels are falling. We did find a study on, quote, “Pubic Hair Grooming Prevalence and Motivation Among Women in the United States.”

Those are the numbers. They paint a very clear picture: American men are failing, in body, mind and spirit. This is a crisis. Yet our leaders pretend it’s not happening. They tell us the opposite is true: Women are victims, men are oppressors. To question that assumption is to risk punishment. Even as women far outpace men in higher education, virtually every college campus supports a women’s studies department, whose core goal is to attack male power. Our politicians and business leaders internalize and amplify that message. Men are privileged. Women are oppressed. Hire and promote and reward accordingly.

That would be fine if it were true. But it’s not true. At best, it’s an outdated view of an America that no longer exists. At worst, it’s a pernicious lie.

Either way, ignoring the decline of men doesn’t help anyone. Men and women need each other. One cannot exist without the other. That’s elemental biology, but it’s also the reality each of us has lived, with our parents and siblings and friends. When men fail, all of us suffer. How did this happen? How can we fix it? We hope this series answers those questions. #Tucker Fox News

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Women do not necessarily seek a career but social approval. They would start having children again if we were to associate child rearing with social acceptance and praise.
Paradigm Shift
Passerby with an attitude decides to confront us with her liberal arguments; in which she just keeps going in circles. If a Trump supporter/conservative would have gone to the Antifa side to voice his/her opinions in this manner (or in any manner) they would have been maced, beat with a bike lock, and left for dead. At least there were a few somber moments of discussion. We need more of that, just without the finger shaking and closed ears. With David Feiner #MarchforAmerica #letstalk #nocommunismintheusa
Los Angeles County for Trump Political Debate/Santa Monica, CA Photos/editing: The Illusive Progress media
The Illusive Progress updated their cover photo.
February 13
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Genderless and hopelessly miserable. The wave of the ‘future’.

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Posted by M2M

Thom Browne challenged conventional gender norms with a strong showing of menswear skirts and a finale bride for Spring 2018.

Stay tuned for Fall/Winter 2018/19 Menswear coming to M2M on Tuesday, January 16th.

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That's it, we have officially seen EVERYTHING!

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I’m a political activist and a freelance writer. This post is for all patriots in America who have noticed or experienced the internal strife among conservatives over the last few months.

I’ve had a few experiences over the last year while attending rallies, protests, and town hall meetings in Southern California that have been discerning and unfortunate, to say the least, so I’ve decided to write a poem (posted below) as my way of working to move forward.

There have been ma...ny issues that have created a deep division among activists across the nation, yet I clearly see one situation that is to blame for throwing it ‘over the edge’ The Charlottesville, Virginia Unite the Right rally.

The Charlottesville United the Right rally made worldwide headlines due to there being a handful of ‘Alt-Right’ conservatives holding Nazi flags and wearing KKK outfits, and the tragic death of a girl who was run down during street riots. Who those Right extremists were, and why they have been nowhere to be found since that rally is a subject for another post.

However, that event caused many activists to start a campaign of disavowing anyone the media deemed ‘racist’ or a ‘Nazi’. It especially created many activists who rely on their donations to then publicly disassociate themselves from other activists that may tarnish their image, whether those activists were truly proven guilty, or not. The division grew like a virus and the entire conservative movement has suffered a huge setback.

It’s time we see that plan in Charlottesville for what it was and work to push past the stigma that was placed on conservatives. We must learn to grow a thicker skin and be able to work side by side with ANYONE who is working to fight for our Constitutional freedoms, even if we don’t believe what they do, like who they like, or even like them at all.

This is a war; not a clique or even a resource for making a living. Nothing should come before the prime goal...Making America Great Again.🇺🇸❤️💙❣️

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Ursula Yager

I’ll still stand with you.

If you believe your race has been a target of hate by my race and you feel some resentment, yet you ultimately want peace and believ...e ALL races and ethnicities deserve respect and equal opportunities,
I’ll still stand with you.

If you believe a woman holds less importance than a man in the pursuit of restoring a nation, yet you’ll still stand beside a woman, respect her, and fight to protect her beliefs as well as yours,
I’ll still stand with you.

If you have opinions about identity politics or religion that I don’t agree with, yet you’ll fight to protect the freedom for both of us to practice according to our beliefs in our homes and business’,
I’ll still stand with you.

If you don’t like some of my friends, and I don’t like some of yours, but you love your country and want to protect it from foreign invaders who have the intent to replace our Constitutional Republic with the laws of Islam or communism,
I’ll still stand with you.

If you don’t like much about me at all, and I don’t like much about you, yet you’re willing to set that aside for a time and let the one, most important thing we have in common hold us together while we fight to protect the greatest country on earth,
I’ll always stand with you.

- Ursula Yager

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Ursula Yager

The Right has a ridiculously unfair amount of pressure dumped into the party as a whole due to the media propaganda/ stigma accusing anyone who is conservative ...or libertarian of being racist and/or a bigot.

It’s rather brilliant that the Left chose to use such a tactic against the Right. They obviously understand that the average conservative has morals and thinks ethically; and therefore would rather stand as a liberal/democrat (closet conservative, or stay on the Right yet simply virtue signal the movement into the ground) than be labeled a bigot/ homophobe/ racist/ etc.

The Left does not have the constant PC hurdles to overcome just to exist as a political ideology, even though they’re obviously crossing moralistic red lines like no ones business. Why? Because they invented PC. Their quintessential Politically Correct ‘Red Flag Manual for Smearing Conservatives’ is designed with a very narrow set of standards that only includes conservative values as it’s sole focus. They can literally stand for the rights of pedophiles and Satan worshipping and MSM is silent.

For the Left, standing up for their unethical, absent-minded, genderless debauchery is a cake walk. This double standard has caused far too many on the Right to become serial ‘virtue signalers’ as a way (from their perspective) to ‘redeem’ the Right/cleanse the party as a whole from wrong doing. However, it’s an exercise in futility and has been the main source of infighting among conservatives- weakening the structure of the movement from within.

Yes, we are a party made up of morals, yet if we allow our moral code to disavow hard working activists just to save face against those who don’t even know what morals ARE, we’re making a huge mistake.

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So, that must mean that American women are welcomed to travel to a country controlled by Sharia Law and kill 8 men who beat their wives because they aren’t used to seeing men oppressing women? Think about it.

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Anti Islam - Australia

Muslim who sexually assaulted 8 women in Australia gets no jail time because JUDGE says he's not used to girls in bikinis

Slap a ‘socially acceptable’ label on it and it negates the idea that the behavior stems from an unstable mind and therefore the need for therapy is dismissed and any argument against the behavior is even considered oppressive and bigoted.
This is the world we are leaving our children and grandchildren. The actual, real ones who are in need of role models yet are looking ‘up to’ this disaster of an ‘adult’.

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Posted by Extreme Love
Living As An Adult Baby
Latest Episode
Extreme Love added a new episode.

As an ‘adult baby’, 21-year-old Jess likes to wear nappies, drink from sippy cups and ‘regress’ back to her infancy 🍼👶

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Posted by Patriotic Dad
Patriotic Dad

Fox News points out the issues with Trudeau’s plans for returning ISIS Terrorists

Trudeau isn’t showing up well internationally......

Check out some commentary ...I did on the subject for The Post Millennial at…/

Like and Share, and Follow Patriotic Dad and The Post Millennial

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This makes absolutely no sense other than to simply push a specific political agenda. Have the California schools been teaching the sexual preferences of heterosexuals and therefore not given the sexual preferences of LGBT equal focus? No, because specific sexual desire is irrelevant in science (and even sex-ed) courses when learning of the physical biology of a man and a woman, how pregnancy occurs, and how babies are formed.

Sexual desire falls under the precedent of psychology, which is not a grade school, middle school, or even high school prerequisite. It’s an elective course for someone who is looking toward majoring in sociology or psyche while in college.

My children will not be forced to listen to biased, liberal teachings regarding the triggering of a person’s lust for someone, no matter what the gender. All they need to know is what body parts do. All the rest is based on the fleeting process of feelings and therefore unrelentingly subjective depending on who wrote the ‘curriculum’.

With that understanding, how would the philosophy of sexual preference be FAIRLY taught in public schools? It would have to be rightfully taught from both philosophical sides of the spectrum. In other words, it would have to be explained as thought of as normal and even liberating to pro-LGBT minded people, and equally explained as morally unacceptable for the remaining (majority of the population) due to the opposite ideology that bodies were created a specific way for a reason; which would then begin to naturally touch on religious and spiritual teachings and beliefs, and the next thing you know your biology class is studying the Bible, new age philosophy, and chakras.

Of course, equal philosophical coverage will not be the agenda. In fact, it’s an
opportunity to create another way to design the heterosexual or morally-focused person as simply...a hateful bigot.

This is a diabolical can of worms best left alone because when schools start dictating a their own, biased moral code to this degree you’re going to get a few too many conservative mothers on the rampage and ready for an all-out ‘bloody battle to the death’...and I am one of them.

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The Federalist Papers

Fox News: LGBT History Mandatory in California, Parents Cannot Opt Their Children Out

What do you think abut this and the fact parents have no control?

Pat Chappell

Education in Universities are becoming a dangerous place for society. Fresno State professor to pay $17,000 after erasing students’ anti-abortion messages

A Fresno State professor will pay $17,000 and undergo First Amendment training after he erased students’ anti-abortion chalk messages on campus.
Ursula Yager

Christians have always been the most persecuted religious group in the world, and 2017 hit a historical record high. Most tragic of this is the hypocrisy in the... media regarding terms such as ‘Islamaphobia’ while ‘Christianphobia’ is beyond moot. This is the case even with the UN; with whom cultural protections of western societies should be eminent, yet we rarely see or hear of their efforts to protect the rights of Christians all over the west as well as in the Middle East and North Korea. The sad truth, and biblical prophecy is that Christians will ultimately continue to be left to protect themselves just as history has continued to dictate for thousands of years.

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Islamic extremism now has a rival, according to 2017 World Watch List.

This is unreal. However, it perfectly represents the manipulation tactics of the elite and what they are willing to (and have continued to) do in order to control the behavior of the masses as a way to benefit their agenda. Don’t ever do something just because it is what is considered ‘normal’ if it isn’t right for you. Stay an individual, and trust only in your own, good conscience.

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Posted by Life Story
Life Story

The diamond conspiracy explained in 3 minutes!

*IMPORTANT* As you guys all know Facebook has changed its algorithms and it is very hard for us to make videos on a regular basis...To keep us going I request you guys to please subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel here:

Makes you wonder what those ‘ruby slippers’ were really about in The Wizard of Oz. There have been several interpretations over the years of its many, hidden meanings. The most popular was that the silver slippers (they were changed to ruby when tv went to technicolor) and the yellow brick road represented the pull between silver and gold as preferred currency of the times. However, if that was true, why would the entire plot of the story be allowed to change by making the si...lver slippers red...simply to improve aesthetics? The Wizard of Oz is a movie that was made specifically with many political undertones and hidden allegorical meanings. It seems to me to be quite fitting that the reason for the change from silver to red would be linked to a much more significant, and even brazen reason; satanic, child sacrifice. It seems more possible than not, as it has been a method used often by the Illuminati elite to secretly place their ritualistic, metaphorical symbols as the main visual of a movie.

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John Miranda


No one doing research upon #PedoGate gets any enjoyment from it. The information you find can only be described as incomprehensible to with empathy. You quickly understand that is the difference, the difference between us and them, they have no empathy.

The mystery of the red shoes I always found puzzling. Was it a sign that they thought of themselves as royalty? On equal standing with the Pope perhaps? What was the secret? The red shoes represent the blood of the innocent. It is known that some members of the Satanic Pedophile Syndicates even have their red shoes made from the skin of babies.

There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Hampstead, England. There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in London. There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Brussels, Belgium. There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Hollywood. There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Washington DC. There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate at the Vatican.

There are hundreds, most likely thousands of these Syndicates world wide. They are an active plague upon humanity and it is time that we all shined the light upon them. Expose every last one of them. Human trafficking & CPS (Child Protective Services) are the number one & two sources for the children they torture, rape, sacrifice and cannibalize.

John Miranda

Pedophiles and child traffickers wear the red shoes to show each other what they are... Traffickers / handlers put red shoes on available children. In the Hampstead case the siblings said their abusers made shoes from the skin of dead children.

L.R. Lodbrock

We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness. The horror! The horror!

Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

#PodestaEmails #SpiritCooking #Wikileaks

Did I mention that the Vatican has a SATANIC PEDOPHILE SYNDICATE in this post? I think I did...…/2nd-in-…/

SGT REPORT with Sarah Westall:


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