might put out an ep of old recordings that make me cringe because apparently you need a project to get shows


I will announce something as soon as I have something to announce.

this is gonna be a thing again

wow this page is full of lies

beat me tonight is now available on the new hay ghey bandcamp, as is enter the floyd, hay ghey's first release.

15 track album

big whatever's debut beat tape is live on his bandcamp page!

15 track album

hurry up

Thu 9:00 PM EDT1982 BarGainesville, FL
25 people went

upcoming shows:
july 05 - display
july 11 - 1982
july 12 - broken shelves
july 13 - the jam...
july 19 - mars

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It probably goes something like this: Big Whatever thing this month, Young Lawyers out in March or something.

Fact: I'm not in a position to know when this thing is actually coming out. As you may know, I am susceptible to emotional chaos and turmoil, and I'm not really seeing things clearly right now. I'm sure I can still make it happen this quarter. So how about I just put it out when it's done? I might put out something different first, but, take heart. The EP you've been waiting for since 2011 is very likely to actually come out this year.

Now that the SNF joint is out, the long-awaited solo digital ep mixtape supreme debut is next on the list. It's coming out very soon. We're very serious this time. Let's put it this way. Some time this month, the official date of release will be announced. This date will be kept. I've promised six songs, and on that I will deliver.

Free mixtape by some dudes I know.

20 track album

Labelmates Snappy & Floyd will be dropping their debut full-length mixtape on December 31, aka da new yearz eeve