Hello to everyone... I've been away from the stage and my show for a couple of weeks now dealing with some medical issues... I am extremely happy to announce that my show will be up and running start this Wednesday. I am so eager to be back in front of an audience again. I also want to thank all my friends and family who have stood by me and at times pushed me forward to seek treatment and answers. I also want to extend a special thank you to the theater family and friends from Sleuths Mystery Dinner theater. Thank you Sandy and Gary, JD, and especially James and Jessy. Thank you all. Your love and support definitely gave me the strength to push forward. THANK YOU ALL.

Just about ready to head into the theater for another evening of magic and laughs (hopefully). Excited to see and meet all the new friends of the show and would love to see some old friends as well. Hope to see you all there. Warmest Regards Magic Boy.

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A little late but happy Thanksgiving to everyone! For those of you who work with me at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater I eagerly await our "Holiday Party" when I'll finally get to meet you all and more importantly perform for you and more importantly share the love and warmth of theater with my new "theater family".... Love you all and I look forward to seeing you all this week. Love, Magic Boy!

Special thanks to everyone who has supported Jensen Magic at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater... has decided we are a "popular" Orlando event... YAY. And we are adding several shows per week very soon. Thank you again.

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My assistant for the night Nelson the third from ATL...

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Just getting home after another show with an audience that was amazing. AND to Nelson (the third) my little assistant friend... Thank you for choosing to spend your 11th birthday with are quite the gentleman and a great assistant. Message me anytime my new friend...

Home again after a great evening at the theater. WHat an absolutely amazing audience tonight. I hope they had at least half the fun I had for that hour plus...Thank you again to everyone that came out to the show. I gave you my soul as a performer and you graciously accepted it. There is no better feeling than that to an artist.

Just home from the theater. Tonight I had the pleasure to perform for a young and aspiring magician. It was truly my pleasure to have you as our guest Andrew. Have a safe trip back to Canada and I look forward to sitting in your audience one day. Warmest Regards Magic Boy.

Just so you know Kirsten I was trying to call you last night to say 3 things...first thank you and your friends for coming to the show ...second ...I absolutely loved your shirt last night ...very sharp ...third and most importantly I am really happy that you got to see me at my normal wit, pace, improvisation and oh yeah magic...that's very important to me because I felt as if the first show you saw I was more than "off" it was to me and the people I truly care to perform fo...r disappointing. UNACCEPTABLE At my level...finally there are all types of laughter and responses to my patter and my magic BUT hearing you laugh and knowing for that hour you were sincerely entertained after all these years that sound that joy that pride holds a very special place in my heart. I love hearing that laugh from both you and D. I love you princess ...and now you don't have to hesitate or be afraid to bring friends to the show. Love Papa Bear... And a sincere thank you to EVERYONE who attended last, the audience, are at least half the magic in every performance. Thank you and please leave good comments everywhere ...facebook, Groupon, travel sites...I truly would appreciate it and I hope to see you all again soon.

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Heading to the theater for tonight's performance! For tickets and additional information for Jensen Magic call 407-790-1591. See you there!

Magic Boy and Mini Magic Boy. The Fedora Mafia.

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The FINAL preview night for Jensen Magic's brand new magic show will be taking place this Sunday, August 11th at SLEUTH'S MYSTERY THEATER in Orlando! Come and celebrate the launch of Orlando's brand new, one and only, cabaret-style magic production. To reserve your free seats and for any additional information call 407-790-1591. See you there!

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"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment." -Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

"Behind" the scenes at Jensen Magic...and YES that PARTICULAR STRAP is as uncomfortable as it looks...The sacrifices I make for my art. Ha ha ha...

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Less than 3 hours until JENSEN MAGIC hits the stage. If you would like to experience a completely new and unique style of cabaret magic, contact the theater box office at Sleuth's Mystery Theater's in Orlando at (407) 363-1985 for tickets and additional details. See you there!

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Heading to the theater... Hope to see you all there. For those of you who can not make it or are too far to make the show I will be posting a live shot or two from the show later tonight. Wish me luck... I need all the word of mouth I can get for my Jensen Magic facebook page so please pass it along to all your friends and ask them to like it. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS.

Jensen Magic is Pete Jensen. Influenced by the great masters of magic, Pete Jensen has fused his love of magic and theater to create a total theatrical experience.