Happy Birthday, Football!!
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I’m losing control.

Podcast Wednesday! This week we're talking about secret identities. Let me tell you something, folks, you'll never guess mine!

Okay give up I'm the fat kid from stand by me

Whatever happens in Madripoor stays in Madripoor! The boys once again welcome Ryan the TBay Movie Guy, this time to talk SECRET IDENTITIES – the history of the ...alter ego, the heroes who use them, the ones who go public, the effectiveness of hiding ones' masked self, the real-life celebrities who share a civilian name with superheroes, and more!

Also! Kyle guides us in a round of Six Degrees of Batman, we dig into news about Captain Marvel and Dragon Ball Super, and then perform another dynamic Dramatic Reading of the classic comic where Superman adopted Jimmy Olsen!

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0 137: A Very Solemn Snoogans Posted on February 7, 2018 by zeroissues Whatever happens in Madripoor stays in Madripoor! The boys once again welcome Ryan the TBay Movie Guy to talk SECRET IDENTITIES – the history of the alter ego, the heroes who use them, the ones who go public, the methods and ef...

Happy Birthday, Football!!

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Posted by The Kyle Lees

After a lazy lazy post-Christmas, I am back and making space folks, spacing about and saying cute shit.

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I have had this song in my head for a day and a half, so I'm passing it on, Ringu-style.


Official video of J. Geils Band performing Freeze Frame from the album Freeze Frame. Buy It Here: Like J. Geils Band on Facebook: h...

Podcast Wednesday!

This week, we're joined by TBay Movie Guy to talk about whether or not comics are ruining movies. But first we have a really fair-and-balanced news segment, and then a warm-up fuull of stuntcasting! Then the settling whether thing is wrecking thing. We get there!

Ignore that "page not found," faithful listener! Search not, for the page, it is here!

This week we're joined by TBay Movie Guy himself to answer the question:... "are comics killing movies?" We also cast a '70s-set Masters of the Universe, and the best Batman movie ever through genderswapping. And then there's more! Listen now!

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New Podcast Day! This week we talk about the (one and only and it totally hasn't happened more than once) time that Cap gave up the shield and decided to be a different super hero. And other stuff happens too! It's a whole episode of comtent!

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Zero Issues Comic Podcast

Put on your medallion and ballgag and stop asking why, it's time for a new episode of Zero Isses!

This week, we reach into the Cursed Longbox of the Damned to p...ull out a random comic that no one kn-- it's Nomad. We're talking about a Nomad comic. Secret's ruined.

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Have y'all ever looked at The Line It Is Drawn on CBR? You should!

My podcast co-host and good good comic boy Merk has been one of their contributors for a few years, now, and has a wonderful Sandman/Peanuts mashup in this week's edition, along with a bunch of other genuinely funny art from great artists! Check it out!

This week, see our artists mash up famous comic book superheroes with famous comic strips!

The real inspiration behind Ski Ninjas Volume 2.

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Just a reminder that this happened and it was the best thing on any screen ever.

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Podcast Wednesday!

This week on Zero Issues, we try to "fix" Triathlon, the man who can Avenge three times better than you. We also listen to damn near every Ninja Turtles theme song, and make some of the Best? Best comic crossovers. With our minds!

Hey gang!! This week we try to "fix" the much-unloved former Avenger Triathalon, pitch a bunch of inevitable, ridiculous licensed property comic crossovers, and sort through a Completely Objective list of worst-to-best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme songs!!

0 134: The Human E-Meter Posted on January 17, 2018 by zeroissues This week the boys take a look at probably nobody’s favourite Avenger, Triathalon, and try to find a way to make the much-unloved character better! There are at least two really solid ideas in here, we promise! Also: We sort through...

New year, new podcast! After a record-when-we-can couple months, followed by the Holiday Halfpints, we are back to our regular recording schedule!

With that in mind, and in the spirit of going forward, we talk about 2017 a bunch. And then 2018 some, too!

Weeeee're BAAAAAaaaack!2018 has arrived and Zero Issues is BACK with more comic jibber jabber and artistic whitzy whatzat than we know what to do with! So with ...our first episode of the year we look back at the previous year with skeptical eyes and into the future with hopeful ones. We wonder why Marvel had such a PR nightmare year and why DC ate all those dogs...... or wait.... they wha? .... i dunno. Just listen. There's that and SO much more!

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0 133: I Can’t Believe DC Ate All Those Dogs Posted on January 10, 2018 by zeroissues  A new year has arrived, landed upon our doorstep like a much needed word of encouragement after a year of wtf moments. For the first episode of 2018 we do a year in review….we have to…. just to make sense...

Hey! Here's a selection of some of the really fun commission I did over Christmas for really great people!

If you'd like to be really great people, too, I am always happy to make things, so hit a boy up!

Merry Pintmas, everybody!

THIS IS IT!! The final Holiday Half Pint! Day 12 mini episode! We made it! Happy holidays everyone!

0 Zero Issues Holiday Half Pint 12: My Tum-Tums Don’t Feel So Good Posted on December 25, 2017 by zeroissues  It’s that time of the season again! HOLIDAY HALF PINTS!!! 12 mini episodes leading up to Dec 25th! Episode 12!! WE’RE HERE!! WE MADE IT! Happy Pintmas! For the big...

More episodes! Character Storm is my favourite little game that we play on Zero Issues, so why not check it out? It’s free, buddy!

HOLIDAY HALF PINT DAY 8!!!! Character storm! Kyle gives us a character name & Bry & Merk make it up from there! Oh and Bry tries to start a beef with Rob Schneider because.... well, he'll explain. Mini-episode begins NOW!

0 Zero Issues Holiday Half Pint 8-You Just Think you can Smell it Posted on December 21, 2017 by zeroissues  It’s that time of the season again! HOLIDAY HALF PINTS!!! 12 mini episodes leading up to Dec 25th! Episode 8! A game of CHARACTER STORM!!! Kyle comes up with character names and Bry &...

Hey gang! If you’re looking for last minute Christmas presents, the Octilius Group upstairs at the Country Market has lots of cool stuff from local artists! Prints, books, mugs, t-shirts, magnets, cards...uh, gum...lots! Avoid the bonkers Saturday and go today, we’re open 3:30-6:30!

2 Likes, 1 Comments - THUNDER BAY COUNTRY MARKET (@thunderbaycountrymarket) on Instagram: “Today from 3:30 - 6:30, lots of local shopping for all your last minute Christmas needs. See you…”

Hey! Heeeeeeeeey!

Over at Zero Issues Comic Podcast, we are doing our annual Holiday Halfpints, which are fifteen minute (max!) episodes leading up to the 25th. If you're like me, you forget about your advent calendar and then eat a bunch at once, so this is my way of doing that in audio format (since it's only....frig, a week until Christmas>?!).

So meeeeeeerry pintmas!

0 Zero Issues Holiday Half Pint 1-Scarf Val Kilmer or Sans Scarf? Posted on December 14, 2017 by zeroissues  It’s that time of the season again! HOLIDAY HALF PINTS!!! 12 mini episodes leading up to Dec 25th! Episode 1! It begins here. With all the talk of the possible Disney/Fox deal, we cas...