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Lana MeditAngel
· March 1, 2018
I had an NLP coaching session with Lorna a little while ago. She really knows her stuff! I had a giggle to myself at the time with an 'oh Yes!' moment. I knew the answer really myself but Lorna was ab...le to ask the right questions that turned my thinking around totally about a few issues, gave me clarity and I found I was able to come up with my own solutions whilst talking to her and afterwards. I was due to be interviewed Live online shortly afterwards about my own services and I found I was beaming with more confidence at that point. Definitely recommend Lorna for anyone needing a little directional help and to assist you to get clear and focused on what is truly important 😊 See More
Mariyha Iqbal
· April 1, 2018
I had my first ever Reiki session today with Lorna and was amazed by how comfortable and emotionally safe I felt. Not only did she welcome me and explain the whole process before hand but spent as muc...h time as I needed after to talk through any findings. And she was spot on!! The whole experience was more than what I could have expected and I left feeling like elevated and so much more in tune. Highly to recommend to anyone no matter what stage of your journey you're at! See More
Julia Hatch
· February 21, 2018
What a magical experience! Lorna has a very special ability to get right down to your core issues without you even realising; she's gentle, kind, incredibly intuitive and empowers you to find your own... way to solutions, rather than prescribing a 'one size fits all' remedy. I felt absolutely amazing after our session, and now have new and exciting ideas spilling out of me. If you feel stuck, in a place of overwhelm or out of balance, I compel you to speak to Lorna. It could be the best act of self-love you could ever offer yourself. Thank you Lorna x See More
Nicky Tanner
· April 3, 2018
Wow just wow! I can’t believe just how much better I feel after one Reiki session with the truly amazing Lorna. She made me feel so comfortable Lorna has an amazing gift that she uses in the most way. I’m new to distance reiki and didn’t know what to expect, Lorna explained everything and it was exactly as she had described it was the most relaxed and centred I’ve felt in a very long time. I will be having regular reiki sessions now with Lorna. See More
Lisa Brewer Nokes
· February 6, 2018
I had a remote session with Lorna (I live in the USA). This was my first experience, and I had no idea what to expect. During the session, my throat felt full. I also felt my body relax randomly durin...g the session, which was nice After the session, Lorna asked whether I was having any discomfort of an abdominal nature, I had recently had a surgery. She mentioned that some people experience cold/flu like symptoms after a session...releasing toxins. I honestly did not think that would be something I'd have to worry about. The next two days my ears felt full, my throat sore - it was quite interesting. I'm glad I had the experience! See More
Lesley Ramsden Callow
· February 22, 2018
Living in South Africa I was doubtful that a long distance healing would work, but boy was I wrong. Lorna took great care of me as this was my first reike experience. She took great care to explain th...e process, all the things that I might feel and that I would be in good hands.

During the session I felt totally safe and was receptive enough to feel the energies as she moved down my body.

Thank you Lorna, an awesome healer.
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Adrienne Botti
· April 8, 2018
I had my first reiki long distance healing with Lorna. I am in the USA so that’s pretty long distance.
The reiki with Lorna’s guidance was wonderfully amazing !!! I was able to relax and release so m...uch negative energy. I felt light and refreshed afterwards. I am experiencing such a freeing feeling. If you need to remove blocks or need to release stress and anxiety from your life contact Lorna. She is not only a professional in her field but she is kind and caring during the session. I highly recommend Lorna. Honestly, this is the best gift of love to give to yourself!!! See More
Bertram Ohene-Yeboah
· November 19, 2016
A few weeks ago, I had my first Reiki treatment with Lorna. It was my first after I had my Attunement, some time ago; and I knew what I would get out of the treatment. Lorna’s approach to the session ...was very professional – starting with a relaxing chat with me over a glass of refreshing water. Any concerns or areas for special attention during the treatment would have been picked up at this stage.
With the treatment session itself, Lorna made sure I was relaxed and comfortable, and then I got onto the treatment couch and she covered me with a light blanket. The session was conducted in total silence, with me being aware of my surroundings, but at the same time, detached from any distractions such as the occasional fireworks I could hear. Time passed by very quickly, it seemed, but that was due to my being ‘in the zone’, so to speak. At the end of the session, Lorna made sure I was properly ‘grounded’ before we went into the feedback stage. I knew that whatever I’d experienced during the session would resolve itself over the next few days as the chakras realigned themselves.
In the coming days, I began to feel more energised and motivated, as the blockages cleared. My long-term health problems meant that this session was not a quick fix, but a start on the road to recovery, with each problem area of the body and mind, being gently brought into line.
I will definitely be going back for more treatment with Lorna.
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Vanessa Lozano
· September 4, 2016
Had a reiki session with lorna, she was really professional and made me feel comfortable immediately. I really enjoyed the experience, the ambience was lovely and I felt relaxed throughout. After my ...session she explained what she had done and what she had felt and asked me some questions about my lifestyle/emotions. She asked what sensations I had felt and gave me some advice to go home with. I have had reiki before so knew what was involved but I really rate lornas approach. She was bubbly, friendly and I genuinely felt that she was interested in my story also she is very passionate about reiki practice. All in all a great experience :) See More
Jessica-Amy Nash
· October 20, 2016
So last night I had my first session... I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. So.. all I can say is WOW! What an experience! It made me feel "FREE" that's the only way I could explain it anyone, you need to try it to know what I mean. But it showed me that things I thought I had forgotten about, I actually haven't, I had just pushed them to one side and forgot about them for a while, it made me realise what I was holding on to and causing myself the problems I am having. Some of this may not make sense but it only makes sense to you and you only. I have also booked me another session because I just can't get enough of it, after I had gone I wanted to go back I just can't get it out of my mind! Lorna Jayne I really can't thank you enough, what a woman! Very professional and so lovely to talk to just over all amazing! 1000000000% recommended!! Can't wait for my next session, see you very soon!! See More
Mandy Arnold
· August 21, 2016
I went to a reiki session with Lorna as I had won it, wasn't sure what to expec, all might think this is coincidental but after she had finished the session I opened my eyes and felt very ...emotional and didn't know why she explained it was normal and that my problems were in my neck area which was emotions she explained that I may feel unwell and that maybe I need to let somethings go, after a lengthy chat � i went home, the next day I had a terrible flu like symptoms runny nose stuffy head and sneezing ridiculously. Spoke to Lorna who assured me this was normal and on the Sunday it had gone but I felt lifted, calm and at peace somehow. During this week I decided to apply for a job and I got an interview, the same week someone I used to work for contacted me to ask me to work for them I decided to go and have a chat/interview and was offered the job..this came totally out of the blue not heard from this person for over 12 months so things were looking good, but I then had a nag in my head about this other job and decided to go and this week they also offered me the job and a great pay rise I honestly believe that the reiki helped me sort out my head about things I was worried about and one of them was my job and since going I have felt a different kind of calm and I will definitely be going back for another session so if you are concerned about anything just give it a go I know you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was...Thanks a million Lorna xx See More
Rachel Gough
· August 21, 2016
Had a really lovely Reiki experience, Lorna is so professional and supportive, would defo recommend trying it out. I was a bit sceptical to begin with but came out feeling very relaxed and very emotio...nal ha! Lorna helped me through it and i think it really did help. See More
Luke Morbey Bsc
· January 20, 2017
Had an initial treatment form lorna...
Must say for a emotionally tough guy (so he says) i opened up and felt very relaxed even for a first treatment!
Awesome 10 minutes sleep at least too � i never d...rift off like that infront of anyone! See More
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When you're way too excited and break the face mask......!!!! 🤸🏻‍♂️🎉 Soooooo as some of you will know and have been following my journey, I have had some huge wins lately! Firstly I managed to buy my house, I then passed my NLP course and earlier this year I passed my hypnotherapy! 🙌 Most recently, today, I'm delighted to have been offered a fantastic job which I can work alongside Lifestyle Balance! This is huge news for me! Some would say this is a step back, as I came out of perm employment 2 years ago (to set up my reiki business, qualify into fitness and take time out from the corporate world) and now I'm going back to it. But sometimes we have to take breaks in order to go forwards. And I'm so grateful for the time off I had to work on all these things! .. My vision for the future is to work for myself full time and to serve all of my lovely clients, but for now, I have some big goals and working both jobs will allow me to fulfill these. .. You so often see coaches flaunting this 'laptop lifestyle' on social media but they don't tell you the truth. We are all human, of course we want freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and to work for ourselves but it takes hard work to get there! Sometimes that's working on your own business alongside another job. I'm sharing my story with you to let you know, it's ok to have 2 x jobs as long as it's getting you the results you need and it's helping you achieve your goals. I will work for myself full time one day, and this is helping me get there! So if you have a dream you wish to pursue... do it! Nobody said it would be easy and you may have to make sacrifices, but it will be worth it in the end! I am absolutely thrilled at my achievements this year and so excited to have that financial security to invest more into lifestyle balance. 💕 I am so excited for the future!! .. #businesswoman #hardwork #determination #goals #dreams #vision #grind #motivation #gratitude #selfdevelopment #proud

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‘There is power in LOVE’ ❤️
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The Right Rev. Michael Curry gave an impassioned homily, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., invoking the power of love and its symbol as the fire that energ...