LOVE this! <3
Some say he's broken... others say he's just practicing his trust falls :D
Love this! <3

I wish my dad would've written this too! BOOM!

This was the last straw... 😳😳

She tried to keep this a secret... but enough was enough

Did the girl cheat or not? What do you guys think? 😲

Audrey, a single mom of three, was dying. Desperate to make sure her kids would be taken care of, Audrey asked her neighbors Tisha and Kevin to be their legal guardians. They already had 5 kids, but agreed to adopt Audrey's children.

After Audrey passed away, Tisha and Kevin arrived home and couldn't believe they saw.

They were just looking forward to an evening at home but they had no idea this was in store

I was mad with the husband at first... but now I don't know.

She hid this secret from her family... and they've just found it

Jody was heavily pregnant when she went to take a nap. The next morning, her husband Steven walked into the bedroom and could tell Jody was in labor — but she was still sleeping! That's when Steven realized the bizarre and frightening truth.

He was bullied so badly in school that he moved away and vowed never to return home.

Watch what happens when, 19 years later, he unexpectedly comes face-to-face with the former bully who made his life a living hell.

All husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends need to see this. I'm speechless

Lucy was nervous to bring her 8-month-old son to a restaurant, so when he began crying at the table, she was instantly embarrassed. That's when a twentysomething man at another table shouted, "I wish she'd shut that thing up!"

Lucy was mortified, but before she could respond, the young man's father stood up and said something that floored her.

It was her first proper restaurant meal since having her baby but she didn't expect to see this

After a blizzard hit Chicago, David and his 2-year-old daughter decided to build an igloo. They got it half-built, then David left the shovel on his front porch so they could finish it the next day. But the next day, the shovel was gone.

When the thief returned to her vehicle that evening, she certainly didn't expect David to have taught her a lesson like this!

"You pointed out every time I looked like I had gained weight. So I started eating less every day. You pointed out every single flaw I had. So I lost every bit of confidence I had."

That was then. Just wait until you see Brittaney today...

Brittaney was in a relationship with someone who pointed out her every flaw. He dictated her hairstyle, her makeup, her clothes and even her weight. She was…

Do you see it?

Wait till the camera starts rolling... wow.

Some of you will love this, some of you will find it disgusting... where do you stand?

He followed his victim into an alley and took his phone and wallet, never expecting what he would find inside it

He had no idea how to escape...

The boy cried and begged for help - he had no idea what was going to happen

I love all of these movies. How have I never noticed before?

I've seen these movies at least 10 times each... how did I miss this?