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Jack Estes
May 25, 2012
Dan is The Man for my Mac!

Just a heads up, APFS might still have a few bugs...

This week we reported to Apple a serious flaw in macOS that can lead to data loss when using an APFS-formatted disk image. Until Apple issues a macOS update that resolves this problem, we're dropping support for APFS-formatted disk images.

Multiple product deprecations in one release? That’s sooo Apple!

Last summer, the Rocket Yard ran a 7-part series on macOS Server and how it could be used to provide a variety of services — calendar, contacts, mail, messages and so on — to small busi…

A friendly reminder, as the original retina MacBookPro full charge capacities have eroded over time, sticking to integrated video can give you a substantially longer battery session. gfxCardStatus is an essential tool that is still unbelievably free (though it certainly deserves your donation!)

Add iStatMenus (which is also amazingly still priced at $10 for black friday) and you are golden to keep your low-impact MBP sessions running as long as possible:

Easily get 8 hours of use—or more—by forcing OS X to use integrated graphics.

Some morning lulz.

Is Apple's new iMac Pro, with a starting price at $4,999, overpriced? It depends.

Finally, KRACK and Broadpwn fixes for Airport routers. It's about bloody time.

[Update: Apple’s release notes detail that these updates include fixes for the KRACK and Broadpwn vulnerabilities.] Apple has today released firmware updates for its AirPort devices, includin…


Purposefully not running High Sierra so I cant confirm first hand, but if true, this is a serious ruh ro Apple!

Glad they're not leaving EC and Sierra users unpatched. Also note Apple finally observing TLS 1.0 EOL.

On the same day that Apple patched it's front-line operating systems for the KRACK Wi-Fi attack vector, the company has also reached back a bit, and issued security updates for Sierra and El Capitan to fix the problem.

Well __that__ settles that, then!

Cook responded to a customer e-mail to say that the Mac mini still has a future.

Some big changes coming with High Sierra's new APFS filesystem. Some incompatibilities may ultimately get third party patches, but before you upgrade a single drive SSD Mac to 10.13, consider you won't be able to share AFS, mount from bootcamp, or even device mount 10.13 drives on older systems. Worth a read, as is the original tech note.

For freelance techs like myself, it probably means our diagnostic Macs/boot drives will need to be High Sierra if we fix new systems. Not sure I care for that requirement.

Thanks to sharp-eyed Rocket Yard commenter Chris pointing us to an Apple support document, we now have a bit more information on macOS High Sierra, Apple File System, and how it all works…
In light of the latest Bluetooth-related security meltdown, a friendly PSA.

"Despite rising Mac sales, Apple's financial situation remained dire. The company needed more income. After being informed of IBM's hundreds of millions in yearly patent revenue, CEO Steve Jobs authorized a change in FireWire's licensing policy. Apple would now charge a fee of $1 per port. (So if a device has two ports, that's $2 per unit.) The consumer electronics industry was outraged."

"Show us that it's being adopted in the industry, and we'll put it in.”

I know I've whined about Apple a lot the last while. But it's good to be reminded why we're not on the dark side.

I have always been extremely careful when handling my smartphones over the years. My wife… not so much. Sure I have dropped my phones a few times over the years, but I have yet to shatter a s…

Nice helpful article.

Four new Wi-Fi devices put an end to ugly boxes and spotty service

I find it utterly weird that this has actually become necessary.

OWC today announced the OWC DEC, the first-ever expansion solution designed specifically for the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro. The OWC DEC is the finishing touch to a MacBook Pro, allowing users to take …

Nice and timely!

Follow these tips to improve the maintenance of your passwords, devices and tech infrastructure. Also, shop smarter and reduce waste in 2017.
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