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Finance Friday: Critiquing The 15-Year Home Loan

'For some time I have been wondering if I should consider getting a 15-year mortgage, as I do not want to be burdened with a mortgage in addition to condominium fees. Assessing how and when to consider such a change is confusing to me. I would appreciate your advice on the advantages and disadvantag...

How to Find New HOA Board Members

Many homeowners association boards ask us how they can get more people involved in their community’s HOA management. The inherent issue is that an HOA board is pulling from a group of people who already lead busy lives. Serving on the board is a volunteer position with no pay and no huge incentive,…

4 Factors Keeping Millennials From Owning a Home

As the largest group of first-time home buyers, millennials face daunting challenges in owning a home. Some of those hiccups are beyond their control.

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Your Homeowners Association’s Governing Documents: Please Don’t Call Them Bylaws!

Your Homeowners Association’s Governing Documents: Please Don’t Call Them Bylaws! Posted on March 6, 2016December 5, 2016 Zac MoretzPosted in board of directors, bylaws, community association, condominium, HOA, homeowners association, restrictive covenants, terminology Our HOA Ninjas here at Moretz…

What To Do When You Are Bankrupt and Want to Buy A Home

It is no doubt that bankruptcy leaves a drastic impact, but it does not mean the life will not move forward. Nowadays, a large number of companies as...

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What's Involved, and What It Means - So You Want to be a Board Member?

I wish someone had told me the nuances of trying to cultivate a community while also trying to manage a business,” said Pat Burke, the current president of the Fieldstondale co-op in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, when asked what he wished someone had told him when he joined his co-op board 12…

Mortgages: When You Are In Financial Trouble

We have owned our house for many years, and currently owe several months of mortgage payments. The equity in our house is somewhere in the neighborhood of $80-$90,000, but since I lost my job recently, I can neither make the mortgage payments nor do I want to move somewhere else. I have heard about…

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7 Risks of Being a Self-Managed Homeowners Association

An HOA board may put the homeowners association at risk if it tries to self-manage all the components that are part of the Association.

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The good, the bad and the ugly of owning rental properties

We purchased our first rental property about six years ago – a single family home located a few blocks from our first house. The same family has rented this property for the last six years. And, to be honest, we just got lucky with them. They are incredible people and renters – they take care of …|By NewlyWoodwards

Wills and Relatives In Real Estate - Avoiding A Family Feud

My wife and I own a house as 'Tenants by the Entirety.' This is the second marriage for both of us, and we have children from the prior marriages. We have agreed that when one of us dies, the survivor will have the right to stay in the house as long as he or she lives, but when the survivor dies, ha...

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