"Men past forty
Get up nights
And look out at city lights,
Wondering where they made the wrong turn
And why life is so long" - L.E. Sissman


If this is you, join us. We're breaking free.

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You can sit on the couch and watch other men do great things. Or you can get after it. Your call. #squats #manstrong

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A little outdoor workout on a Friday evening. Five-second frog press holds into five-second L-sits x 3, followed by 25 swings with a 55-lb. kettle bell. Four rounds.
Some thoughts on hypocritical parenting.
Here's a Friday evening workout that will build athleticism, strength, and muscle. Enjoy!

Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward? Here's an excerpt of my first eBook, Manhood and The Hero's Journey:

There's a reason that men are discontent, restless, disillusioned, and often depressed: it's because we're not living in accordance with our nature as men. Manhood and The Hero's Journey looks at this problem and provides solutions that you can act on immediately. Here's an excerpt from the book.

Deadlifts - 405 x 4, 385 x 4, 365 x 6. The Man Strong Blueprint works. Grab a copy and get moving today:…/the-man-strong-blueprint-a-b…/

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Yeah, sometimes grown men share the same fears and insecurities as teenage girls:

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Yeah, sometimes grown men carry the same fears and insecurities as teenage girls:

Teenage girls often follow along with the crowd because they're too scared that following their own path will leave them embarrassed and alone. Unfortunately, many grown men are the same way. We want to change our lives, but we're scared to be different, so we just keep doing what everyone else is d...

Most Have Already Quit -

If you haven't already, be sure to check out my latest series of blog posts on what we can learn from the Navy SEALs. They're a fun read, and you'll get some insight into a group of the most badass men on the plant. Click here to check them out. Enjoy.

I weigh 180 pounds - I deadlift around 450, squat around 350, and overhead press 180, while carrying a visible six-pack year-round at 44 years old while training less than four hours a week and doing little cardio. The Man Strong Blueprint works:

This 85-page eBook lays out a training program and a diet that will allow men to get strong, lose fat, gain muscle, and move better than ever before. Grab your copy today and get moving towards being the man you long to be.

My kids have seen me cry one time: at the end of Lone Survivor. Here are the lessons we can learn from those heroes:

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My kids have seen me cry one time: at end of Lone Survivor. Find out what we can learn from these heroes.

The story of Operation Red Wings almost never got told. That's because only one Navy SEAL survived that mission: Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor. His story is another example of how it's often not the most talented that achieve great things, it's the toughest.

The one factor linked to almost all health problems? Being overweight. The diet in The Man Strong Blueprint is both flexible (no prohibited foods) and sustainable (no unreasonable calorie restriction). Get your copy today:

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It’s pretty fun having three sons.

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Some weekend inspiration to live the man’s life:

“If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.” This little nugget of internet wisdom reflects the popular current notion that we should make our lives as stress-free as possible. Peace, in this instance, is promoted as the absence of stress. Stress is typically defined as the mental percept...

‪“Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so . . . .” ‬

‪Greatness rarely happens by coincidence. Make room for the spontaneous, but live intentionally. ‬

Some thoughts on hypocritical parenting.

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Even the SEALs, especially the SEALs, encounter haters. Check out my new post:

Any time you attempt to do something significant, there will be doubters, downers, and flat-out haters. If you let them, they'll give you every reason to quit, to stop pursuing your goals and dreams. While we want to seek wise counsel, we must ignore the haters, who only seek to keep us from achievi...

Still haven't picked up your copy of The Man Strong Blueprint? Here's a peek behind the curtain.

Here's an excerpt from my latest eBook, The Man Strong Blueprint: A Beginner's Guide to the Body You Need