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Breathing (Kid FictionRemix)
Dance Until My Heart Breaks (live!)

MA can be enjoyed on Spotify now, so take a moment to yourself and melt into Across the City and into your Room, released 10 years today ...…

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Across the City and into Your Room

10 years ago today Drew and I released our long laboured baby into the world Across the City and Into your Room at The Grand Pacific Blue Room in Sydney Australia. The album is precious to me, so many beautiful performances by amazing musicians, so many memories embedded in those songs.

from the album Across the city and into your Room
Download on iTunes: Download on bandcamp: **** NEW SINGLE LAUNCH: Fri JUNE 23 2012 Vanguard - Sydney **** Horses Dr...

Stanley Plaza

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Victoria & Drew recently collaborated with Royalston on his new album OCD, get your pre order here!.…/pe…/drum_and_bass/6607618.html

For all the new people who have recently liked MA... enjoy this rather sexy remix of Horses Dream of Horses (High Class Hookers Remix) by themusicofma

Listen to themusicofma / Horses Dream of Horses (High Class Hookers Remix) | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creato...

Check out this amazing video made by kids at the UNIS School in Hanoi Vietnam of our song "Horses Dream of Horses" These kids are only 13-14 years old & we're told they made it all by themselves... Incredible!!! We feel very honoured that they chose our song, the kids are definitely alright!

This story starts with two ordinary people in their daily lives, when one day, one clumsy action leads them through portals to an imaginative adventure. In this…

Royalston Remix of MA is now #3 on the trackitdown charts!

The top 10 Drum and Bass tracks on the website.
ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN! One of the best vocals we've heard for time. FOUR CUTS TO DRIVE YOU CRAZY!

Loving it!

Preview and download Sound of the Rain EP on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.

Come Monday, our friend and long time collaborator Dylan Martin AKA Royalston is releasing his new EP featuring an epically entertaining remix of If That's How You Want It To Be on Bad Taste. Well worth checking out. Woot!…/bt029-royalston-sound-…/

Baddest Drum & Bass sound from London and around the world. Official Website.

Happy new year! There is definitely something a little special about this year & not just because the kooks got it wrong about the end of the world! Of course in the end it's all about what we make of this life - it's yours & mine. Here's to a great year in 2013... Lets kick it off with a simple song to remind us about enjoying the now enjoy

This is the video for the first single off MA's debut album Across the city and into your Room. Edited by Shahane Bekarian Nun's Night Out footage shot by Sa...

Merry Christmas MA people xxx

Exciting news! The Royalston remix of "if that's how you want it to be " is set to be released very soon on an international label! Stay tuned .... Embracing the fact that you can't stop the Internet from loving what loves... Here is a rip of a rip that someone ripped of the track -enjoy

So everyone, the big news is Victoria is moving to Singapore mid oct... Crazy I know, but an opportunity came up she & her partner couldn't refuse. People keep asking "but what about MA?" MA keeps going, we just won't be playing very many live shows, Drew and Victoria are very committed to their writing team, you can expect more from them in the future. So if you want to say good bye to Victoria, she will be holding a private party at RAVEL on Friday 12th oct, MA will play its final show for now... Just for friends and hardcore MA fanz.. that means you More info to come... X