Finally got the dream setup!

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Today I present you with a compilation of the worst(?) comments we have received on youtube in the past 3 years.


Check out the world premier of slow-motion footage of Exploding Elephant Toothpaste!

For the Full Writeup on this video, check This reaction involves a variation on the 'Elephan...

Merry Christmas! Here's our Christmas special video, hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the North Pole where Santa lives! The majority of the people are in jail in a horrifying underground cave where they can't get out. Why are the po...

Check out our Halloween special where we put 4 pounds of thermite in a pumpkin!

We put some thermite into a pumpkin and this happened.

We just uploaded the trailer for our horrific zombie adventure in that lego game called Minecraft! Go check it out:

First episode coming this Saturday!

Surprise Wind Waker Speedrun livestream! First full run (hopefully)! Watch at

Wind Waker Speedrun (First Run) English Any% No Tuner

Here is a delicious photo of us at the Wii U experience in Seattle!

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Streaming more Wind Waker speedrun practice at Youtube: and Twitch:

New cooking video! In this one we make strawberry shortcake! Check it out:

Dubstep is Zeke Snider's Dubstep by Zeke Snider Royalty Free Music by

Streaming Wind Waker practice speedrun at Twitch and Youtube ^ZS

Wind Waker Speedrun Practice (No Tuner)

Jalen ate some delicious cake today!

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Streaming the Minecraft Survival Games at , join us!

Playing the new Minecraft Survival Games map live with viewers!

Also, if you want to play the minecraft survival games with us on stream tomorrow, fill this out!

Forgot to post it, but here's Episode 21 (The Finale!) of Minecraft:…

Hope you guys enjoy the finale! If you enjoyed it please leave a like, a lot of work was put into the finale :) Royalty Free Music by

Check out Minecraft Season 2 Episode 20, part 1 of the finale!…

Part 2 of the finale is going up tomorrow! If you enjoyed this episode please remember to leave a like! A lot of effort was put into the finale. Royalty Free...

Check out our new cooking video!

In this episode we cook a quick and easy skillet lasagna! Feel free to try the recipe out for yourself, and leave your results in the comments section! Royal...