During practice yesterday, we sampled some of ourselves...

Tag us if you have any pictures from the show.


Thanks Zeno's! Another great show!

Sets 1 and 2 are history. If you hurry down to Zeno's right now, you can still catch the 3rd set...

T-minus 15 minutes until the storm hits Zeno's... are you ready?

Mmmmm. That Peach Pie sure tastes good...

One last practice session before we tear the roof off of Zeno's tomorrow night....

You can't walk a straight line girl, if you're wearin' crooked shoes.

There's a storm coming... are you prepared? Will you be ready?

Check, check, check. Is this thing on?

Noreaster is good to your earhole.

Just updated the calendar and website for March 4th. Who's coming? Oh, and also -- only 46 people "like" us. Unacceptable. Get to work, funky minions... make Stubby proud.

Afterthought: if you were at Zeno's last night bearing witness to The Storm, and you took any pictures, please feel free to post them here or tag The Big Nor'Easter.

had a great time last night. Thanks to Zeno's for having us once more, and extra thanks to all of you awesome people who came out!