Acting Superintendent Tonja Everest decided to drop the Rebel as the mascot for South Albany. The move came after South Albany Principal Brent Belveal spent months researching how to deal with the problematic mascot. Since the early '90s, the school has tried to rebrand, but there was a time when the school used imagery that included a Confederate flag and a Confederate soldier.

Deshaun James Swanger was arrested last April on suspicion of attacking a Denny's regular as the man sat in a booth at the restaurant near Clackamas Town Center. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said after the attack that surveillance video shows Swanger walking into the restaurant, sitting in a booth near the victim, dousing him in gasoline and using a match to ignite the fuel. Swanger pleaded guilty to attempting to murder the 69-year-old stranger.

The drowning season
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